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809366 tn?1238753181 I took seroquel as ordered by dr. for two years. recently too amoxicillin for era infection. One month later my heart is having issues. All this is new from sicne the ant-biotic seroquel combination. Does this subside?
605458 tn?1539232408 OK. The embarrassing side effect we all dread to talk about..."sexual side effects". OK. I am trying to determine if my recent 'problem' is related to meds or to stress. I used to take regular Seroquel with no sexual side effects. I was recently changed to Seroquel XR and the side effects are so different than regular Seroquel, and one of them is sexual side effects. Anyone else?
Avatar f tn I do have short term memory loss but no more rapid, racing scattered thoughts. I have shaking in one hand. All in all this medication is the best I have had in a long time and though I get backward thoughts and ideas of saying things that are really hurtful and inapropriate, I am able to calmly keep from saying them. Relationships with both daughters much better.
585414 tn?1288944902 ), doing passive aggressive or hostile pranks (in the past), self medicating with natural remedies (in the past), drinking large amounts of caffeinated beverages (in the past), overstating my important/thinking I could "change the world", unable to concentrate on tasks but becoming obssessed with something unimportant. Right now I am to the point where I can spot this and catch it before it gets worse. Can you? What happens with you? Can you stop it? And could you learn?
Avatar n tn Seroquel is dangerous too, as it is primarily used as an antipyschotic in humans and is unsuitable for dogs (one effect being an increased risk of cataract in dogs). In short therefore, do not use these drugs for your dogs. If possible, take them out for a good walk or run, and this will almost certainly calm them for the rest of the day.
Avatar f tn if you are taking seroquel Some other common side effects (occurring in 2 to 10 percent of people taking the drug) included: •Indigestion or heartburn •Nausea •Vomiting •Increased appetite •Lethargy •Nasal congestion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
605458 tn?1539232408 Still, it is VERY uncomfortable. I am taking the Seroquel at 2230, and then I get in the tub, which is the beginning of my bedtime routine. It works out for me just fine, nurse practictioner lady! I don't mind sleeping for about 6 hours, then getting up early to feed & potty the dogs and going back to bed again for a few hours. She seemed to think the interrupted sleep was an issue. Partly why she wanted me to take the Seroquel at 8pm, I think not!
447130 tn?1225474466 I would be very cautious with Seroquel. I started at 25 mgs. and increased to 800 mgs. in 3 years time. I had to keep increasing the dose because it started to become ineffective. I quit 6 months ago and have not slept more than 4 hours a night since then. I could handle the first week of withdrawal, but the sleep problem is too much. I have found others to agree that their sleep is totally messed up. No matter what I try, and I have tried everything trust me, I can't sleep well.
605458 tn?1539232408 Xanax was supposed to be used for insomnia and the occasional anxiety from social situations, but today, and for a few days recently, I have been using it to sort of weigh myself down to keep the irritability at bay. I get to where I am slamming things with my fists and yelling at the dogs. I don't want to ruin something or be so mean to the dog that I end up depressed and feeling guilty.
518117 tn?1429279873 i took seroquel briefly. and i consider it one of the worse drugs i have ever taken in my life. serozone, prozac and depakote being the other 3 worse ones that i have taken. no wonder he is not functioning. i am still on xanax. my doctor was afraid to swith me from xanax to valium. says i am still on too much xanax, just to switch over. i finally told my doctor monday about this with todd. my doctor is such a sweetheart.
1920626 tn?1322663912 Christmas Day was the worst one ever in my whole life. Spent it by myself. with my dogs and thoughts of my Father who died 7 mths ago. I am on Cymbalta and Seroquel. Not working for me at all. I am gaining weight. don't want to go any where. I am in pain and can't stand being in my own skin. My head doc is on vac. He referred me to a pain spec.but I can't get in to see him til Mar. I see my fam. dr. in 2 days, she doesn't know what to do with me.
605458 tn?1539232408 Got to shelter and there were a lot of cars in the lot which meant lots of people which means I immediately became very anxious and no Xanax on me. Chest tight, holding breath, have to think to breath, just went in, said hi as I past and went straight for my jobs - working with dogs, it always calms me & I was able to relax some & interact more. The weather went from rainy to stormy. Storm phobia set in. My weather radio isn't working like it should.
Avatar f tn I've never been an angry person, nor have I really ever have I ever blasted people or my dogs. I yell at my dogs, have no patience, basically more irritability that I'm not able to control .I'm Bipolar,with mixed states, rapid cycling and have been in the last couple of months, hypomanic. I started the med going on 3 weeks ago, and this week has been awful, my moods swinging between irritability and sluggishness. Do you have any insight?
654560 tn?1331858181 Well this afternoon he attempted sucide for the third time in 3 years.I don't know how much more my family can take, sometimes as much as I love him I sometimes whish he would be successful to put a end to his misery.
585414 tn?1288944902 But what I didn't realize is aspects of the poem showed what was going on with me. In a positive sense as I had started Seroquel I was able to relate to people and could understand their feelings. The poem was reaching out to someone for the first time. And it was "real world", unlike the psychotic poems I had written before. The atypicals such as Seroquel were proving to help people with schizoaffective and schizophrenia with "negative symptoms" (relating to people).
13506861 tn?1430257025 This is acompanied by a vague but consistent agitaion and slight derealization. Im on lamictal...i was given seroquel to sleep, but its a little much. Im a bit paranoid by the dogs..its hard to take care of them let alone myself. I dont know how im going to interact with my roomate today. She is bipolar as well but she does not understand me very well. She is very angry and self jusified and mostly i am guided by my emotions.
Avatar f tn Instead, last year some Canadian scientists discovered that an anti-epilepsy drug, Depakene which is also called Valporic Acid (I think that's how it's spelled), stops the plaques that form in the brain which leads to dementia. In addition, it should help him sleep better. That particular medicine will sometimes deplete Folic Acid in the body, so he should have that as a supplement. VPA also goes by several other trade names.
Avatar n tn Slow process, takes time... I'm not a doctor, but I had PTSD in the past from a catastrophic earth quick in my city in Romania were I saw dismembered dead bodies, heads, arms, organs. The memories were embedded trough my brain and all my 6 senses send alarm responses to trigger stimuli which normally shouldn't bothered a regular person. I was a mess!!!
4810971 tn?1359480360 I am 15, and I have Bipolar disorder and OCD, so I get depressed a lot, too, but nothing like this. At night, she will sit on the couch with her head in her hands, and will stare at nothing for hours, no matter how much we try and talk to her, and we eventually give up. This happens every night, no matter what. She is very stressed constantly; she has us 3 kids, and has to go to the bus stop six times a day. (We live on the top of a massive, isolated hill.
Avatar f tn I worked up my dosage to 3 mg nightly and suddenly in early September 2010, it stopped working. Taking a higher dosage made things actually worse. I just couldn't fall sleep anymore. I would lay in bed with my eyes closed but wide awake. Little did I know about Lorazepam withdrawal! I was given Lunesta, which did not work, 25mg Seroquel which worked a little bit for a few days if taken along with 15mg Tamazepam. Then it ' too, stopped working.
Avatar n tn I am in a daze. Life feels fuzzy. My memory is poor. I can barely concentrate enough to write this. I want to be normal, but I am not quite sure what "normal" means anymore. I feel like I have been over-medicated, poorly diagnosed and victimized as a patient. I feel like I have reached my breaking point with the symptoms and issues discussed and the constant adjustment to new medications.
Avatar n tn Hello everybody after 20 years of hepatitis c genome 1b, i will start a treatment in february. my doctor did not like the treatment before. not sure it is the only reason. So, new to this interesting web site, i am a little lost in reading your correspondence. Plus I am not a native english speaker... I figured out that "sides" means "side effects", like "sx", but this is about all. Can anyone take the time to built a little dictionnary ? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I don't care, then I over care. I feel alone, then I want to be alone. I understand we have to remember that the ones around us are not in our "skins". I am down, but not so deep to be in a fetal position. I am lonely, though both our kids and their families have moved back in with us for awhile and it's been since December. I don't feel apart of my own home or with friends. Long time intimate friends two of them yes the rest no.
605458 tn?1539232408 As I've said there is the Medicaid Buy in for Working People with Disabilities. It is in almost all states. You can work as little as an hour a month and qualify. But you'd still be eligible for SSDI if you work under the limit (google There are other options as well. As I said your local independent living center could give more specific in person advice.
Avatar f tn My answer in times like these used to be stret drugs but they are completely out of the question and I highly doubt anhyone here would recommend them (ha ha). Maybe I'm looking for reassurance that there's a chance for me. I'm terrified of being ill from the treatment, when i read different posts about (God bless them) people for whom treatment didnl't work I freak out. Any advice would be so appreciated. I hope I'mi in the right community.
1325865 tn?1275125008 My psychiatrist has refused to treat my Bipolar II illness. He refilled my antidepressants, but refuses to give me a mood stabilizer. He knows I can't get an appt with another doctor any time soon. I've tried all docs on my insurance; got an appt in Sept; asked for a cancelation or "urgent" work-in, without luck; gave me appt with different doc in almost 3 weeks. Moods cycling; hypomanic 6/23-24; 44 hr. without sleep. Now very depressed.
506273 tn?1260142381 As a result of the fear, the person endures certain social situations in extreme distress or may avoid them altogether. In addition, people with social anxiety disorder often suffer "anticipatory" anxiety -- the fear of a situation before it even happens -- for days or weeks before the event. In many cases, the person is aware that the fear is unreasonable, yet is unable to overcome it. The most effective therapy currently available is cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT).
458139 tn?1334627036 You can look online to look for therapist in your area if you have an hmo you have to contact behavioral health hotline if you have an hmo most of them dont require a prior authorization you can request a dr thats near you group therapy helps too it did for me i went for months i was part of a county mental health center for years in the past 6 years i take depekote 500mg in morning and 500mg at night seroquel 200mg it also helps with my insomia and cymbalta for depression 30mg it made me n
775793 tn?1245464085 00 in the afternoon. I don't even sleep the majority of the time. I just lay there hiding from the world. I have just been diagnoised with bipolar type I for the last year. I went misdiagnoised for over 10 years. It just keeps getting worse. I tried staying on a schedule but i just keep myself indoors isolated from everyone. is there hope in having a normal functioning day.