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1564087 tn?1308951118 You'd have to find out the specifics of your diagnosis as hallucinations can occur in bipolar with psychotic features (and schizoaffective disorder such as I have) and there are many subtypes of bipolar and hallucinations and psychosis can occur in some. If you have concerns about the side effects of Seroquel it would be essential to speak to your psychiatrist and discuss what other medication might not be unsafe to take as regards heart disease.
Avatar n tn If you were prescribed an antipsychotic and have started to experience hallucinations then you should inform your doctor and they decide what to do within their discretion. For full information on the side effect of any medication you can look up the medication website or P.D.R. (Physician's Desk Reference) and discuss the information with your psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn THey found that only a small fraction of the drug was removed with each dialysis treatment. And yes, it can cause hallucinations, especially when it's withdrawn too quickly or if there's too much in the body. On the other hand, dopamine and dopamine like drugs can also cause hallucinations. This can be treated with decreasing the med or adding an antipsychotic medication such as Seroquel or Olanzapine. In your father in law's case, talk to his renal doc to make sure that amantadine is ok.
403156 tn?1290153618 I have been diagnosed as BP II for almost 3 years and have never experienced hallucinations until now. I feel like I see things in my peripheral vision that are really not there. I have also occasionally heard things as well. Mood wise, I feel very stable. So this is completely alarming. I was put on a medication for a heart arrhythmia and it said a rare side effect was hallucinations - so that is a possible explanation. Does anyone experience this while seemingly stable?
Avatar f tn I have a friend whose mother has Parkinson's and she is being given Seroquel as a sleeping pill and I was told even by my psychiatrist that its "the wrong medication". Since all known anti-psychotics with the exception of Clozaril will eventually cause tardive dyskinesia they will worsen Parkinson's in the long run but the effect can be masked while it is occuring and should not be given for assistance with sleeping for this reason.
1039200 tn?1314915608 This drug has been a complete godsend for mania, insomnia, agitation and hallucinations, but I'm left with depression, no sex drive, intrusive thoughts and the paranoia has now returned. I also struggle with a racing heartbeat after taking it. I have become a recluse, and wonder if the outcome actually outweighs the problem in the first place. I am torn between insisting on changing medication, trying an antidepressant (which last time sent me into mania), or ditching it altogether.
Avatar n tn She is still having hallucinations, etc. When she last visited us (joint legal custody and visitation) while she began talking and saying things that did not make sense, we lowered her dosage to 50 mg. and the next day the same not knowing what to do. Took her to ER and they did not do anything but take her vital signs which appeared to be normal. Could the drop in 50 mg cause further damage or is she having an acute reaction to the medicine and should be taken off gradually.
Avatar n tn I have taken resperital and numerous of other meds. right now I am on seroquel, Effexor, Clonazepam, and Lamictal. The Lamictal is for the seizures and bipolar. I have better days then I use to but it is still pretty bad. I feel it is important to have the relationship with your Dr if you want to stop a medicine. It could be harmfull just to stop it all at once. I know about weight gain I have gained all most 100 lbs. Please be carefull.
607502 tn?1288251140 I think my pdoc is trying to cover all bases as she has me on cymbalta, seroquel xr, lamictal and lithium. I just don't sleep on a normal basis and seroquel didn't change that, but seroquel xr at first was great! helped my mood and let me sleep. Now...I'm getting depressed again with hallucinations, am gaining alot of weight and can't wake up for many hours in the morning. I was at the upper limit of Cymbalta before and it wasn't bad at all cutting over from cymbalta to seroquel.
Avatar n tn coincidentally ended up being referred (i'd asked for a second opinion) to two psychiatrists and i was put on seroquel. since probably mid-october 2007 have been on 800mg/seroquel/day, taken at night, though i do play around with my dosage sometimes to help w/my being able to wake up etc. there is a possibility that i'm schitzoaffective, but not really sure.
Avatar n tn lack of coordination, in and out of conciousness, hallucinations) This all transpired within about a 24-36hr. period. All of which placed me in ICU, intebated and on life support for 3 days. My question is...have any of these "syptoms"/ reactions been reported as a result of taking Seroquel?
Avatar m tn yesterday i was in the car with my mom and i started thinking imagine if everything started melting and i started imagining everything melting, also today in the morning when i woke up i looked over at my brother and i thought i saw him smiling like a crazy person. are these intrusive thoughts caused by my fear of going crazy?? or are these hallucinations and i really am going crazy??please respond i am really freakin out....
1039200 tn?1314915608 The 'hypnogogia starts when I am sitting up in bed and I am to be able to move about the house when the hypnopomia happens - the hallucinations follow me and I can see them even when I close my eyes. They also last minutes rather than seconds. Is this normal? I have also been diagnosed with a mental disorder and am currently on seroquel 500mg. Just curious! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1356694'>Seeing Spiders</a>.
Avatar n tn I had the same issue when I took one by accident which makes me suspect that this medication might actually be the type of drug that a street addict might wish to get their hands on, After all, I do not have experience with any other drugs and do not even take aspirin so I literally felt like I was going crazy, had a headache and my body was itching like an allergic reaction, This also caused hallucinations for which I had to actually lay down and rest it was that bad.
Avatar m tn I am now not taking street drugs very often and have had my diagnosis. What i don't understand is why i have been given seroquel (on 400mg right now) since everywhere i look i see it is for Bipolar I and i have never been manic enough to have hallucinations or psychosis. Unfortunately i don't get to see my psychiatrist for 1 more month to ask them so I'm asking here. The second question is about its effect on me, I'm not really sure it is really working.
358304 tn?1409713092 My anxiety is very bad right now and I need sleep. SOOO sleep deprived. Hopefully this seroquel xr 50mg will help with insomnia, anxiety and appetite soon.
Avatar f tn They give her seroquel, but it doesn't seem to touch the hallucinations. she also has parkinsons and the parkinsons meds can cause hallucinations, but I am not sure they cause full blown movies 24/7. She also has Hep C, so maybe her liver is starting to take a dive as well. i'm just not sure what to do, all i know is that she wants me to take her and all the kids she thinks live in the nursing home with no arms out so we can buy them coats for the winter.
Avatar f tn Hi. I've been on Seroquel and then Seroquel XR for about two years now. I was initially prescribed it for bipolar mania, and the resultant insomnia. I have had panic attacks before prior to taking Seroquel, however never constantly, and never for no reason at all. I would have a panic attack after a traumatic event, or when I smoked pot as a teenager, but otherwise I never had them.
Avatar m tn 0 mg at night, and seroquel 450mg. After the addition of seroquel I started having classical music in my head that I could hear when I was hospitalized I asked several people if they heard what I did and they did not. However when I came home from the hospital I didn't have anymore auditory hallucinations. Seroquel helped me a lot with my ocd and gave me a lot of functioning ability. My adverse affects are sleep walking, night sweats and shaking hands until I eat something sweet.
Avatar f tn in 3rd grade my mind created another identity to shield me from how cruel the entire school was to me everyone hated me everyone always hated me i would get made fun of and shoved pushed to the ground even though the only thing to make fun of me for was...i love horses its my life i cant live with out them many times the only reason i didnt kill myself was it wouldnt be fair to my horse he might get abused again i cant let that happen i have to stay alive until he dies then i can kill myself...
Avatar m tn We usually gave him 7 days and they quit, like ricart said dont let that post scare you, she was not on the meds THAT long, my cousin was on morphine for almost 7 yrs do to endometriosis that spread through all her organs and she did have some problems, hallucinations etc... when she quit. She is fine now, batteling breast cancer but thats another story. Have faith the Dr's will figure it out.
202665 tn?1248810333 Recently stopped Cymbalta and started takig Seroquel XR (300 mg). I'm nearing the 10 day mark for my body to handle the drug better, but am having some issues that I can't determine if they are side effects of either going off Cymbalta or the Seroquel. Problems I'm having on a dily basis are: . Extremely lathargic - almost to the point of not being able to function. I take the dose at night . Very "achey". My joints and bones just the extreme at times. .
5243927 tn?1365515275 Not good to even try to stop an Antidepressant, especially seroquel, without medical supervision. Very dangerous. Many WD symptoms related to withdrawal and its recommended to go on a long very careful taper under a doctor's direction. I've never been down that road but have a friend who has. There are a few on here who know way more than I do on this subject. I hope see your post and offer you some better informed info. Stay safe.
202665 tn?1248810333 I'm switching from 90mg Cymbalta, 50mg Trazadone, and 10mg Ambien to initially 200mg of Seroquel and increasing the Lithium to 1200mg. I'm wondering if folks have found Seroquel to be better/worse and if any withdrawal was noticed in changing.
Avatar f tn I have cronic insomnia and my phychiatrist put me on seroquel for this pregnancy. I am 33 weeks and have been using seroquel during the whole pregnancy. I am extremely nervous if I am doing any harm to my little new baby girl. I am having panic attacks this week just thinking about it. I just hope for the best to all our babies.
Avatar n tn Needless to mention that sunlight exposure and sugar variations will not cause hallucinations and hearing voices in your head :) If risperadol works for you, you should continue taking it. It sounds like your main problem currently is falling asleep and staying asleep, and afterwards waking up on time. If that's the case you can add something at night for sleeping. Valium might be a bit too strong, so you might want to try something like ativan (lorazepam) first.
Avatar m tn 0 mg at night, and seroquel 450mg. After the addition of seroquel I started having classical music in my head that I could hear when I was hospitalized I asked several people if they heard what I did and they did not. However when I came home from the hospital I didn't have anymore auditory hallucinations. Seroquel helped me a lot with my ocd and gave me a lot of functioning ability. My adverse affects are sleep walking, night sweats and shaking hands until I eat something sweet.
Avatar f tn You are on some of the best anxiety meds you can be on and I am not saying that you don't have severe anxiety but I have met a lot of people on Remeron, Klonopin, and Seroquel (usually not at the same time) and although all of them are great for anxiety, some of it is cognitive. What has been going on in your life recently that has changed which made you want to start smoking marijuana?
1220343 tn?1318996917 I have added both people who requested, thanks! Anyway, I recently went off my Seroquel 100mg, which was my only hope for sleeping, and my dr. replaced it with Trazodone 100mg. It helped me sleep when I took it years ago, but now it is doing nothing, even when I (maybe stupidly) attempted to take 1.5 pills.
Avatar m tn Only after many suicide attempts and hallucinations did we find out all the antidepressants and antipsychotics, and anti seizure meds including all the ones you are taking I was on were causing it! I was taking about 14 pills a day when they cut me off most of them because of my heart. It was a blessing in disguise. The only med I take now is Lamictal 400 mg a day (it has to be built up slowly) It's one you haven't mentioned which kind of amazes me.