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Avatar f tn Thanks for the advice! I was reading online about some home remedies like Vinegar and tea tree oild. Does anyone know if its normal for it to burn? I a very small amount of Tea Tree oil on the area and its quite uncomfortable right now. Normally warts that you find on your hands and stuff don't burn when you treat them so I'm second guessing what this may be? Has anyone else experienced burning when doing a home remedy?
Avatar f tn s still enough to make me feel self concious. I was wondering if anyone knew any home remedies to help clear it up?
Avatar f tn Im in desperate need of some home remedies that will take care of the acne on my forehead. It is so embarrassing and annoying! I am used to using astringent and other topical ointments from my dermatologist but since becomming pregnant ive stopped since some products can be dangerous. Ive asked this question before but have yet been successful at getting rid of it.. any suggestions would help greatly! Currently i am using clean and clear for sensitive skin.
Avatar f tn just started treatment 5 days ago (it already feels like forever). I have many symptoms, but the latest and greatest is my skin is so sensitive!! I have a rash on my torso, but it's not so much itchy as incredibly sensitive. Trying to dress for work everyday is awful, does anyone have any good tips on managing this?? Is everyone else working through their treatment?
Avatar f tn Dont use scented stuff on.
Avatar f tn I stopped using my nightly washes bc of the chemicals. I currently use clean n clear for sensitive skin and cera ve lotion. I need something stronger but safe! Im willing to mix random things up at home if anyone has any good suggestions! Thank u!
Avatar f tn ve tried removing the hair and it relieved it for a while but then it just got itchier when the hair started growing back. I Dont have STDs, my skin is generally sensitive, and I do rub the area to make the itch go away. I just need at home remedies since my health insurance is processing.
1546631 tn?1321643204 Anyway, I have a website about everything to save money, and I want to do a post about home remedies for headaches. If you are interested in offering up a tip, I'd love to hear it so I can put it in the post! I know we all have tons of ideas for this one :-). Thank you!!
1362236 tn?1277701267 Jade may have some kind of allergy to something inside. You mentioned your yard but unless it's some sort of pesticide or fertilizer or something you've put on the soil for the grass or garden....if she is scratching in the soil to go to the bathroom, then she could transfer whatever is in the soil or grass to her skin, just a shot in the dark. We've used Frontline Plus the last few yrs and haven't had a flea problem and no itching/scratching.
Avatar m tn Tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar or baking soda. But these home remedies depend on each individuals. If your skin is sensitive, dilute them with water before applying.
Avatar m tn so the skin on your penis is peeling? if this isn't better by monday, see your provider for a proper exam. odds are this is just from the medication on your sensitive skin and it will get better.
Avatar f tn Over the last week or so I have had painful sensitive skin around my abdomen. Even my clothes touching the area is painful. I have not experienced this before, however I had shingles as a child but there is nothing to see on my skin and I don't feel unwell. I'm experiencing menapausal symptoms and was wondering if a change in hormones could be the cause.
Avatar m tn They normally are caused by hitting the area without the skin breaking to cause bleeding. There are probably home remedies, but, if it isn't gone within the week then I would first ask your doctor for something, you do not want to get any infections.
480331 tn?1310403529 Eggs aren't dairy, you know. Best way to tell if it's dairy is to stop feeding dairy products and see what happens. As for your question, "home" remedies differ depending on what is wrong, so you still need a diagnosis. You need to see a doctor and probably a dermatologist to see what's up, and then you can investigate alternative remedies -- nobody forces you to do what the doctor prescribes.
Avatar f tn They have the common sense things like do not pick, washed twice a day, if you have oily hair wash everyday,rinse with warm water, and avoid some medications and over the counter products because they can be harmful to the baby. I have not found any home remedies on how to treat acne naturally. About the only thing that I have found is coconut oil but I do not know where to get it.
5265722 tn?1402523832 That is great to hear!!! I still have a hard mass, lumps and abscesses. My skin does get dry often and peels but mine, and yours too, is probably just dead skin. After all it's gone through, the skin dies, we get new skin often anyway right? I think you should still use the gauze if its open and oozing. With wounds, of any kind, I always hear that it's good to keep it clean and dry.
Avatar f tn Sinus congestion and pressure. Is there any home remedies I can do to get rid of it? Or medicine suggestions?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know any home remedies for round ligament pain. The dr I saw today says Tylenol doesn't help. I hear warm baths, stretching, heating pads, and girlie so far. Any others?
Avatar f tn Is there any home remedies for heart burn i have it constantly and dont think i can cope another 16 weeks with it