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Avatar f tn s still enough to make me feel self concious. I was wondering if anyone knew any home remedies to help clear it up?
630047 tn?1289248521 Ok, I don't know how many of us are battling with head colds this winter....But I am....And I'm losing this battle.....Anyone out there have and home rememdies they want to share?
Avatar f tn Wash with a nice mild soap, and get a little bit (15-30 minutes) of sunshine) on your face daily - the lesser amount if you have very fair skin. Be sure not to use any sun screen unless you have to, and be careful not to use sunscreen with PABA, which causes blemishes.
Avatar f tn They have the common sense things like do not pick, washed twice a day, if you have oily hair wash everyday,rinse with warm water, and avoid some medications and over the counter products because they can be harmful to the baby. I have not found any home remedies on how to treat acne naturally. About the only thing that I have found is coconut oil but I do not know where to get it.
658901 tn?1403814634 One of my younger cats (1 year old) decided he wants some attention and started to have diarrhea, I know its not the change of food since I havent changed it, I think it may be because he went in the garbage... Either way I was wondering if there was a remedie to help him slow down in the diarrhea, his lil butt is turning red so I know his start to have some pain. Is there something I can give him to help?
5265722 tn?1402523832 That is great to hear!!! I still have a hard mass, lumps and abscesses. My skin does get dry often and peels but mine, and yours too, is probably just dead skin. After all it's gone through, the skin dies, we get new skin often anyway right? I think you should still use the gauze if its open and oozing. With wounds, of any kind, I always hear that it's good to keep it clean and dry.
6706619 tn?1391316843 Does anyone have any home remedies or anything that will make my skin less oily? Ever since pregnancy my skin has gone crazy, I tried better make-up (improved a bit) but my skin is still oily without it. It wasnt this bad til I hit this last trimester =;( ugh I'm 29weeks Saturday.
Avatar f tn re skin is sensitive to the lemon juice, dilute with a little water before adding the sugar. This helps to even skin tone, exfoliate dead skin cells, get rid of black heads, and reduce acne...
Avatar n tn I have recently used an at home recipe for waxing. The recipe contained brown sugar lemon juice and water. I waxed around my chin area and upper lip. After waxing within the 3 days after I developed red bumps in those areas. I am not sure if you can consider it rosacea or not. I have had acne prone skin for my whole life but recently got over it, so I am not stressed and worried as my skin is no longer clear. The bumps are very close together and feel very rough, they are also quite sore.
Avatar f tn i want to provide a picture of that burnt skin .. so that yu can exactly have an idea how it is and what to apply,, i hav already consulted a grafting surgeon , he said after lokkin at it that after grafting it is possible to become even worse, and another dermatologist prescribed hexilac ointment for that but after me using that on tha scar for two months the area has become fairer and when again stopped after a month its normal,, but i want the scar to be disappeared .
Avatar f tn s been through the light box treatment, and several creams and now humira, nothing seems to be clearing. Does anyone have any suggestions for any home remedies to help with it. Also, does dryer sheets affect psoriasis? I use alot of dryer sheets. thank you.
Avatar n tn I get acid reflux several times a month....its usually will last about a week and then its ok for a week or so...sometimes I don't have it for months and then its back. Anyway, I don't take meds except an occasional pepcid, which usually doesn't work. I have heard about home remedies such as apple cider vinegar (which sometimes works, but not always) Does anyone know anything else. I hate to take prescription drugs if I don't have to.
3430705 tn?1347400934 I personally use Olive Oil. Here are some good remedies with directions to use them.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know any home remedies for round ligament pain. The dr I saw today says Tylenol doesn't help. I hear warm baths, stretching, heating pads, and girlie so far. Any others?
Avatar m tn If the sore throat is from a virus, there are several at home "remedies" you can try - they won't "cure" the virus that is causing the sore throat, but will make the throat feel better so you're not so miserable - hot tea with honey or lemon (or both), gargling with warm salt water, popsicles. Stick with easy to swallow foods such as applesauce, scrambled eggs, jello - avoid spicy or highly acidic foods.
Avatar f tn I stopped using my nightly washes bc of the chemicals. I currently use clean n clear for sensitive skin and cera ve lotion. I need something stronger but safe! Im willing to mix random things up at home if anyone has any good suggestions! Thank u!
Avatar f tn I just went to the washroom and whatever skin tag/wart that may be on my perineum is bleeding since I applied the tea tree oil.......I have no clue!
Avatar f tn Does anybody know any home remedies I can use for them to stop biting us ?? I used mouth wash and baby oil but that didn't work either.
Avatar m tn Ther are treatments available to lighten skin for which you will have to consult a cosmetic dermatologist. Medications which you could use are Hydroquinone 2-4%, applied to the tanned areas .Also use a sunscreen with SPF of about 15 when you are out.This will help in reducing the extent of tanning. Home solutions do tend to improve the skin color as they act as mild bleaching agents-espacially the lemon juice.
Avatar n tn I have tried everything from over the counter drugs, such as clean and clear, to home remedies like basil tea and such. some of these solutions have worked for a couple weeks and just when problems seem solved they appear the next morning either on my for-head chin or cheeks or somewhere where they are most noticeable. My question is what can I do to permanently erase this acne factor off of my stress list and work towards a more clean blemishless, scarless, zitless facial surface.