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1091198 tn?1256877872 picked up the report from the imaging center, I'm in shock, my ultra sound report noted 2 nodules on the right breast one at 10 oclock other at 3 with one having accentuated vasularities..mri says there is nothing remarkable about the right breast but shows a nodule on left breast at 10 or 11 oclock 4.5cm from nipple..this ultra sound report is totally different from the mri, the mri dr says additional imaging evaluation needed & suggest another ultrasound.....
Avatar f tn I just went for my annual mammo the first of February and the results were they found an area of concern in my right breast that needed further evaluation. I went for the second mammo and again the same results. When I called the doctor they informed me the radiologist recommended I have an MRI. Is this a normal procedure? I've always heard that they perform a biopsy to determine if it's cancerous or not. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn 1 year ago I had a infected cyst on right breast but never had to egt a MRI to detect it?
Avatar f tn I went for my annual mammo the first of Febuary, the results showed an area of concern in my right breast. I went back for the second mammo in my right breast with the same results. Now the radiologist has recommended an MRI. Is this a normal procedure? Most women I've know have biopsies not MRI's. Should I be concerned or is my anxiety probably all for nothing?
Avatar n tn MRI report indicates"there is enhancing lesion 0.7X0.3X0.5 in the right breast at 9-10 oclock meddile depth.This nodule shows rapid washout enhancement cureve.Recommendation right upper breast ultrasound". There is an ovalshaped enhancing nodule in the Lt breast UOQ measuring 0.4x0.2x0.2. Thisnodule is of high signal intensity on inversion recovery images. This nodule is most likely suggestive of a bagnin appearing intramammary lymph node.
Avatar f tn It came back as a benign Fibroadenoma. Follow up every 6 months to monitor. I am to have a breast MRI done at the end of this month. Were not sure if my insurance will even cover this, but with my history thinking this is worth it. Any input would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn The use of MRI in breast cancer has primarily been in planning for breast conservation surgery. Although it has been used to attempt to identify breast cancers, it is not foolproof and has a reasonable incidence of both false positive and false negative results. It is not good as a screening test. It's too expensive, too hard to do, and not accurate enough. In other words, there's no evidence that this will prove more accurate than the MRI. You should discuss this with your doctor.
Avatar n tn below are the results of my breast MRi(7/04) i had a prior lumpectomy to the left breast 5/2/03 i already had chemo (6/03-8/03) radiation (9/03-11/03) There is susceptibilty artifact in both breasts compatible with prior surgery. Evaluation of the left breast demonstrates a large fluid collection/cyst laterally measuring 6.6 cm in AP diameter, 3.3 cm in craniocaudal extent and approximately 3.3 cm in transverse diameter. It contains a blood fluid level posteriorly.
Avatar f tn My next question-is it always necessary to have a breast MRI before a hollow core biopsy that would leave markers. The surgeon seems to believe that this is the only way to go and I'm not sure. I had planned on having the biopsy today but it has been canceled until I have a MRI. The not-knowing if this is cancer or not is the scariest part of this entire thing!
Avatar f tn Is a breast MRI like a regular MRI, i.e., to you have to be in the "tunnel"? I am very claustrophobic and need to know in advance if I need to schedule the MRI at a center than has open MRI's. If anyone who has had this procedure could tell me what to expect, I would be very grateful. The more details, the better. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn I'm including a website with a complete explanation of the Breast MRI .... hope it will answer all your questions. A contrast material may (but not always) be used; you would need to ask about that before your procedure if you object to it being used. http://www.radiologyinfo.org/en/info.cfm?
Avatar f tn My Oncologist now says I should have MRI assisted biopsy( suggested by the MRI Radiologist). My question is why? The MRI, which is a new test that results in many false-postitives, needed to be confirmed by the Ultrasound. Why go back to the MRI and do multiple samples? I'm inclined to get second and third opinions. Please advise.
Avatar f tn You are right...we are not doctors but you know,even breast specialists cannot answer your question regarding tumors being benign or not. Without the benefit of a biopsy and pathological analysis of the specimen it's not possible to obtain a correct diagnosis. Thanks for your blessings...We all need them! Blessings to you too.
Avatar n tn What are the implications of the following MRI report on patient with breast cancer and (one year post treatment) visual field defect and focal muscle weakness - extra-orbital muscles and ? neck muscles)??
Avatar f tn Evaluation of the right breast is complicated by some motion artifact over the anterior breast. This leads to double skin sign on the subtracted images and some opacity on the MIP images anteriorly. There are punctate foci and some curvilinear bands anteriorly in the right breast that are color coded for washout on the CAD images but this is most likely a spurious finding related to the motion artifact.
Avatar n tn Had a screening MRI yesterday due to ALH and density, family history. My dr. called and said I had a linear (non-mass?) enhancement on the right breast and said I need a mri biopsy. I am so scared and I didn't ask more questions. What are chances it could be benign vs dcis?
Avatar f tn 5 mm oval shaped nodule in my right breast, this was done on 4/29/2011 the MRI states that the oval shaped smoothly marginated enhancing nodule is 11 mm, why is there such a change if they think it is Benign? that is 9.
Avatar n tn Recently had MRI baseline due to prior history. All clear on mammo's. MRI came back with right breast showing markedly aysymmetric nodular and somewhat confluent enhancement. Was called back for ultrasound and nothing was found. I now need to go and have an MRI clip placement followed by wire localization and excisional biopsy. I've read that breast MRI's quite often show false positive results. What are the chances that my current situation fall into that category? Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn Had recent MRI biopsy right breast. Finding is benign show proliferative fibrocystic change with adenosis, focal sclering adenosis, usual intraductal hyperlasia. Small focus with a pseudocribriform pattern, composed of two cells and lacking true cribform appearance. please explain findings, chance of another bc? Should I have another mastectomy to stop any stress?
Avatar f tn With mammogram, ultrsound, biopsy I have just been diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer, left breast, with onne anxillary node involvd as well. Breast surgeon really wanted a bilateral breast MRI, but despite hard efforts I could not assume the posiiton due to physical limitations. I am having a PET next week. Will that show what the breast MRI would have? Will it show lymph node problems?
Avatar f tn I had an MRI done today after being diagnosed with invasive carcinoma on my left breast. The doctor wanted to be sure it had not spread. I am very nervous waiting for the results. I have a very small non-palpable mass that is about 1 cm. The doctor feels the cancer has not spread......What do you think?
Avatar f tn i need help reading my breast mri findings: breasts demonstrate a pattern of mild background glandularity and enhancement. in the left breast 11 o clock there is a rim enhancing masss that meas 2.4cm ap by 1.6 transv. by 1.9 cm craniocaudal. this mass demonst rapid uptake and washout kinetics on the time intensity curve , and correspinds to pts known malignancy.
Avatar f tn But there's an enhancement shown in the MRI in my right breast. They re-did the ultrasound and see nothing. I have a biopsy in a few days. I am FREAKING out and so panicked that I have a fever now. Has anyone has a similiar experience? Are enhancements usually nothing?
Avatar n tn Concerned about my Breast MRI results. Here is what it says: In the central 4 o'clock axis of the right breast diffusely within glandular tisse there is non masslike enhancement that extends over approximately 2 cm in craniocaudal extent, 3 cm in anteroposterior extent. This enhancement demonstrates progressive delayed enhancement kinetics type 1 curve. What does that mean? Dr is ordering a needle biopsy but should I just get the whole thing taken out?
Avatar n tn This year the radiologist was concerned that the ultrasound isn't showing everything due to the large amounts of cysts and the density of the right breast. She recommended that I should have a breast MRI next year. My gyne said that the report shows 2 areas of concern and that the radiologist recommends an MRI this year. He also said that an MRI will show a lot of stuff that might freak me out but could also show something that needs to be taken care of.
Avatar m tn I was doing a self exam (first one in over a year) and felt a lump in my right breast at the 11oclock position. It's about the size and shape of a hot tamale candy. Oblong. It's a very noticeable lump and I'm not sure how I'm just now feeling it. It's painless and moveable. I called my Dr right away. In 2010 my OB referred me to a breast surgeon to have my pain checked out and then ordered a mammo. So I called the breast surgeon's office directly this time around.
Avatar n tn Each test, mammogram, sonogram and MRI have a role in the identification of early breast cancer. Based on the interpretation of results, each can increase or decrease the suspicion of breast cancer. If there is suspicion, the only way to know for certain whether this is benign or malignant, is to biopsy. We cannot speculate on the probability of this being malignant and without knowing this information, cannot comment on treatment.
Avatar f tn Dr. recommended a sonogram which showed dialated ducts, a complex cyst at 10 o clock in right breast and a cluster of cyst at 3 o clock in left breast. Dr.recommended a M.R.I. saying it is the only test left to do that would show everything without question. Well my question is, is it SAFE to have a breast M.R.I. done?
Avatar n tn 4 cm of focus of rapid pathologic enhancement in the inner lower quadrant of the right breast means? I now have to have a biopsy, and nobody really tells me what this means.