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Avatar f tn He did say after checking numbers next week we may look into rescue drugs for the anemia. So questions is, will dropping the ribavirin reduce my chances of responding? I'm 1A by the way. Treatment has been okay, thanks to this board I have known what to expect for sides and drink mega amounts of water. I am a single mom, work two jobs (no days off) and have one 17 year old, one 21 year old living at home.
Avatar f tn Hi my first time on here I am starting my peg-intron an ribavirin on saturday. When I take the 4 pills in the morning how are the sides? I am suppose to work?
188500 tn?1207368551 Ribavirin can make you feel "shaky and speedy". We often joke about "ribarage" but it seems a very real condition for many of us during treatment. It's been defined in many different ways but for me it was a loss of emotional control where I often literally "snapped" at times -- shouting at people in traffic, throwing a fit in a doctors office after waiting too long, hanging up on someone on the phone. Stuff I just didn't do before treatment and haven't done since.
476246 tn?1418874514 I know I'm posting terribly much today, but my brain is hyperactive and quite clear today, so I'm trying to use it while it lasts. Dosage Ribavirin 1000mg Considering that I have read that the sx of Riba can be agitating and might make it difficult for you to sleep, would it make sense to take it. Deb_c430 mentions on another thread, if I may quote, that if she takes her riba to late it does cause more agitation and sleeplessness.
Avatar n tn BTW I also had more less fatigue intially on treatment and I attribute that to the stimulant effect of the ribavirin. Of course, later my anemia and other complications cancelled that out in spades. Again -- and some others will disagree -- treat primarily to stop or regress liver damage. As to the other stuff, you may feel better post tx, you may not.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, ribavirin can cause hemolytic anemia; his is due to the premature destruction of red blood cells. The choices are either dose reduction of ribavirin, or intervention with Procrit (or other Epo formulas).
683231 tn?1467326617 For those who have taken riba in the past and experienced anemia on treatment do you remember about how long it took for your anemia to resolve and HGB and related blood counts to return to normal levels? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Bill, I was told years ago that I had pernicious anemia and now I'm testing postive for anemia too. My anemia levels were HCG 11.2 low and RBC 4.02 low which isn't horrible but low. I keep thinking that the tests must be coming in soon!
Avatar n tn I am concerned about possible anemia from the ribavirin. I know there must be more tests done, and as this is only my first week on treatment, I really wont know anything until later. But as this is a great place to learn from the real experts, I would like to have my P's and Q's together before I get to the doctor.Again, this is my first week, 10 hours following my first Peg inj. I became pretty feverish, to the point of destruction, but I made it through.
Avatar f tn The current polymerase inhibitor class drugs Teleprevir and Boceprevir both include interferon and ribavirin; it’s primarily the riba that is responsible for hemolytic anemia we experience. Not all of us get anemia so badly that it requires intervention; I don’t have an exact number, but I suppose approximately 30% require dose reduction or Procrit to manage. A call to the treating doctor himself is probably in order; explain your problem to him directly to give him the opportunity to respond.
Avatar f tn Hallo dear forum brothers and sisters, I am 3 month post treatment, from 48 weeks, Interferon- Riba. Some days I feel fine some not. I worry a little; I had bad anemia during 48 weeks. De doctor did not treat it so I went throght 48 weeks most of the time lying in bed. OK, I am still alive. I have to chek on virus this month, by the way. The question Can anemia cause permanent damage? Can I still expect problems which are developed later, after the Pega-Riba treatment?
Avatar n tn There is a medication that is available that may be helpful in treating anemia in patients taking Ribavirin. Your physician might want to use it if he/she thinks it could benefit you. The study will not provide or pay for this medication." As far as any other drugs the study will pay for them. That's what I was told when I signed the consent form. I have been reading on here for months, and did introduce myself a while back, but haven't posted...
Avatar n tn Hi GK, It’s good to hear he received a transfusion. Most doctors consider intervention for ribavirin-induced hemolytic anemia at around 10.0 g/dL. Many will consider transfusion at 8.5, so your husband was well overdue. Keep in mind that the end-point for hemolytic anemia is cardiac failure; this is something that is can be a serious issue, obviously. Intervention can consist of dose reduction, dose cessation, Rx with Procrit, Epogen, and Aranesp. These are all forms of human epoetin.
1995824 tn?1330382649 Well, definItely have anemia and boy is it a kicker! I went to the doctor yesterday and had an interesting conversation. Although I also had my blood drawn yesterday, I won't get that back until Monday. My Hmg from last week was 9.4 and I certainly expect this week's to be lower as I did not reduce my ribavarin until Thursday.
Avatar f tn If you are on triple therapy for genotype 1 and undetectable then your doc is following AASLD protocol for anemia management Anemia developed among recipients of both PIs. Hemoglobin decreases below 10 g/dL (grade 2 toxicity) occurred in 49% of patients who received a BOC regimen compared to 29% of those who received the SOC regimen, whereas 9% had a hemoglobin decline of <8.5 g/dL (grade 3 toxicity).
Avatar f tn com/hepatitis-c/hepatitis-c-topics/hcv-treatment/3583-easl-ribavirin-dose-reduction-and-epo-both-work-for-managing-anemia-in-patients- Reducing the dose of ribavirin and adding erythropoietin are both good options for managing anemia in hepatitis C patients treated with boceprevir (Victrelis) triple therapy, according to study findings presented at the 47th International Liver Congress (EASL 2012) this week in Barcelona.
Avatar n tn I am on treatment with PEGASYS & Ribavirin. I am genotype 1b in week 32 of 48. I began treatment with a viral load of 10,100,000 and went to 784 by week 4. Undetectable at week 12. When I started treatment I weighed 165 and was put on 1,000 mg/day of Ribavirin. At week 32 I weight 140 and my hemoglobin is at 9.9. My doctor wants me to lower my Ribavirin to 800 mg/day. I am hesitant in doing this. I do not want a viral breakthrough. What are your thoughts on reducing Ribavirin?
Avatar m tn The biggest problem some people intially have with ribavirin is anemia. And the best way to handle anemia is not to reduce riba dose, but to take a drug called Procrit. Unfortunatly, many doctors wait too long to intervene with Procrit. This not only can dramatically lower quality of life on treatment, but it can put the entire treatment at risk due to the possiblity of riba discontinuance or dose reduction.
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever increased their Ribavirin gradually? Like on an every other day basis and if so did this way work better? Dr wants me to increase back to 5 a day am on 4 now.
1148619 tn?1332014584 Studies with Victrelis showed the patient was given weight-based ribavirin (600-1400 mg/day orally divided twice daily. At 114 lbs 800 mg of ribavirin would be in range but if you tolerate 1000 mg that it all the better and at this point I don't think you're being over prescribed. It's important to get that viral load down during the first 4 weeks and ribavirin stops the virus from replicating.
Avatar n tn My understanding is that Ribavirin is most important in the later stage of tx. I believe GI.PA has articulated this position on several occasions.
Avatar m tn High Ribavirin? I am thinking about trying tx in a clinical trial with high riba. (about two times normal). It seems like a lot of people here who did clear with SOC had more side effects than those who did not clear. I had few side effects but also did not clear. Maybe its the riba I thought jmjm530 cleared using lots of Riba? Anyone else do this or have thoughts?
Avatar f tn I am starting triple treatment soon. I treated in 2008 and I took 1000 mg ribavirin a day and 180 ug of pegasys injection once per week – I reached UND at week 16, but stopped tx because I did not want to treat for 72 wks with low odds and I decided to wait for new PI. Now my (new) doctor is going to treat me with PI and wants to only give me 800 mg of ribavirin a day (I will be taking pegasys and incivek).
Avatar f tn Am I the only one on here taking 1,200 mgs of ribavirin, who is going thru Triple Tx? I keep noticing people mentioning lower dosages. I have heard of smaller people taking less, and I am 5'9'', 160 pounds, but I think my Doctor is prescribing this same amount for most of the people in my home group, that I've talked to.
Avatar m tn http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ribavirin Pharmacokinetics Ribavirin is absorbed from the GI tract probably by nucleoside transporters. Absorption is about 45%, and this is modestly increased (to about 75%) by a fatty meal. Once in the plasma, ribavirin is transported through the cell membrane also by nucleoside transporters. Ribavirin is widely distributed in all tissues, including the CSF and brain.
Avatar m tn The only difference is my treatment is that for the last 2 weeks I switched to a differenr Ribavirin brand. First 40 weeks I took Ribasphere (Ribavirin Capsules) made by DSM Pharmaceuticals, Greenville, NC The label indicates that each capsule contains Ribavirin, USP - 200mg For the last two weeks I started to take Ribavirin Tablets, made by Sandoz, Princeton, NJ Each film -coated tablet contains :Ribavirin 200 mg My question: Could it possibly be any difference between the two?
Avatar f tn when i started tx, i weighed 167 pounds, so my doctor prescribed 1200mg of ribavirin. now i have lost weight down to 142 pounds. should i dose reduce? i have been really sick from the ribavirin. i only have 7 more shots to go out of 48 (genotype 1a, high viral load, had it 18 years). should i just suck it up and finish at 1200 or reduce? the anemia has gotten pretty bad, and i've been miserable.