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7678269 tn?1397865982 So I slowly Last some at 35 weeks then it stopped then at 38 weeks it started coming mOre in chunks and this morning at 39+1 it had bright red blood in it does this mean it fully came out now?
Avatar f tn For my first I went to the bathroom pulled my pants down and seen what looked like a large and thick part of discharge with a red streak of blood in sounds gross I know!
Avatar f tn It can be red (like bloody), green (like mucus), it can be brown (like dry blood), and clear. All should have blood in them, or if not in them, then you should at least have blood after you wipe again. Mine was brown and i had blood once i wiped again. My doctor said its completely normal.
Avatar f tn You can call labor and delivery to make sure but I'm going through the same. I'm losing my mucus plug little by little but there hasn't been any blood in mine yet. But I would call and double check with the hospital just to make sure.
Avatar f tn How can I tell when I'm losing my mucus plug? I have been having so much discharge lately that is snotty yellow and sometimes tinted green or brown maybe a tint of red? Doesn't really have a bad smell but it's cousin lost hers slowly I might be doing the same?
Avatar f tn It gets more and more as you get further along in pregnancy. Usually a mucus plug looks like a boogie with different colors like yellow or green with blood in it. With my daughter I lost my mucus plug around my 39th week. It looked like a big bloody slimey boogie and it came in big heaping piles everytime I went to the bathroom and wiped after peeing.
Avatar f tn It looks like boogers its really gross. It could have tint of red or a darker blood and it is blood. Not every women has a bloody show.
Avatar n tn Its mucous. .. its slimy n stretchy... it sometimes comes with pink/red blood... u can lose it over days or weeks...
Avatar f tn Today when i wiped i had a boogery looking thing on the toilet paper but it had absolutely no blood and it was a yellowish clear color..... Was this my mucus plug? If so does it mean labor is near? How soon after passing ur mucus plug did u ladys go into labor??
Avatar f tn can someone tell me what the signs of passing the mucus plug are? Is there blood or just greenish mucus color.
Avatar f tn when you lose your mucus plug does there have to be blood in it for labor to be soon
7164243 tn?1388721774 I'm 38 weeks and just got my first sign of mucus plug. There was no blood on it so I almost didn't notice it. Do you girls think that I'll have my baby soon, or how dose the whole mucus plug thing work.
Avatar n tn Today, I started losing blood clots the size of quarters (red and black), and have blood in my underwear (brownish-red), no mucus. I was examined at the hospital, and the baby is fine. I'm still worried. Is this the normal "bloody show" associated with loss of the mucus plug? The doctor said that my cervix is probably bleeding from my last exam, but it's not getting better and I'm worried.
Avatar f tn ) from what I know and from my own opinion that does not sound like the mucus plug mine looked like a red clot in my pants that came everytime I went to the loo sorry tmi!! Are you in pain at all??
10946054 tn?1417111717 the bloody show is a part of the mucous plug. its just blood in the mucous, though not every woman will have blood within it. you can lose it and not go into labor for weeks or it can be not too far away. mine looked like really thick snot. with red/brown bits to it. kinda like a sneeze in a way. lol best of luck. even if it is your plug not something tp worry about unless other signs of labor are present as well.
Avatar f tn I freaked out because I have never heard of a mucus plug being thin like period blood is. But my doctor assured me it was my plug and even fit me in that morning to check me and set my mind at ease. I was 4 days away from my due date at that point and ended up having contractions right after which turned into labor and the very next day I had my daughter.
Avatar f tn Well yesterday afternoon I went to the bathroom and there was a glob of white/cream colored snot looking discharge (mucus plug?). When I wiped there was a small tiny streak of red/pink blood maybe a cm long. I know the blood wasn't from my exam because I stopped bleeding Saturday and haven't since.
2066536 tn?1354245204 Bloody show is bright red. If your contractions become regular and last for at least a minute in length...then call L&D. Contractions typically feel a lot more intense than braxton hicks. You are almost there! Hang in there!
Avatar f tn It can be different colors but uf it is pink tinged or red from blood in it labor is probably pretty close u can lose it early on though and it means nothing as it replenishs itself.
Avatar n tn I heard/read that the mucus plug is kinda red but this was not. Was that just normal discharge clumped together from pushing my bowels out? (It is normal for me to have discharge as I have had much of it this pregnancy...but have not seen them clumped like this before.... Sorry TMI...but just concerned. This is my 2pregnancy in 2 yrs and I did not lose my plug with the first.
3112782 tn?1345135416 I am 39w 2d and my partner and I had sex and after I went to the bathroom, when I wiped it was like mucus like with some brownish/red blood, not tons but enough to notice..Im not sure if it was my mucus plug or if it was mine/his *** with some blood from the sensitivity of the cervix . I have bled before after sex due to the cervix being sensitive during pregnancy but Im just not sure if it was my mucus plug or the other thing. What do you guys think?
4874331 tn?1361470485 Yep ur still ok it can b a bit red sometimes and normal 2 have a bit of blood in there 2 x
8171031 tn?1399331234 My midwife discribed it as a a bloody mucus discharge. (Pink in colour, or red tinged mucus) even if you get it, it does nt mean your going to go in labour, it could be weeks before you actually go into labour after loosing your mucus plug.
1654035 tn?1332428778 When you lose your mucus plug, or start losing pieces of it, it is usually a certain color or does that vary. I might have lost some today but it wasnt pink/red like I thought it usually contained, it was more yellow in color and not looking the same as the CM I have been getting towards the end of this pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Has anyone lost their mucus plug but hasn't had blood in it? Mine just looks like yellow snot (sorry tmi) but its definitely not normal discharge.
Avatar n tn has anyone in here lost they mucus plug if so how long after did you go into labor ???
741741 tn?1294287610 Oh, what if the blood is old... you know brownish?? (TMI I know) I did have a little blood in it but not red! I am still loosing it. I thought I lost it all on Saturday but I am still loosing some.... I have an app. on thursday so I thought I could prob. wait till then.