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1274271 tn?1453265765 i think i may be slowly loosing my mucus plug, or was it just from my exam the ob did? well yesterday i noticed some slimy brown discharge, didnt know what to make of it except that maybe it was part of the mucus plug? correct me if im wrong. baby has good movements and i just had an ultrasound so i know everything is ok with him. Now my discharge is slightly brown, what does this mean? anyone?
Avatar f tn Has anyone lost their mucus plug but not had blood in it? It just looks like yellow snot (sorry tmi) on my pantiliner, not usual discharge.
Avatar f tn Not all mucus plug has blood in it, sometimes it has blood in it other times it can be pinkish, or just white clear.
Avatar f tn Like a little bit of blood in the plug? Or blood trickling out?
Avatar f tn .. Just wanted to know if its necessary for the mucus plug to come with blood? , sorry for my way of saying it...
Avatar f tn It can be red (like bloody), green (like mucus), it can be brown (like dry blood), and clear. All should have blood in them, or if not in them, then you should at least have blood after you wipe again. Mine was brown and i had blood once i wiped again. My doctor said its completely normal.
Avatar f tn The plug is a little blood tinged.
Avatar f tn Does the mucus plug have to have blood on it or it can just be clear like boogers? Sorry ftm and im curious cus everytime i go use the bathroom and i wipe i get this gooey kinda thing .
Avatar f tn I just lost my mucus plug!! And have been having cramps, tightening, slight lower back pain this morning also pressure... jw when did you ladies loose yours and when did u go in to labour im 39 weeks 2 days.
Avatar f tn First time i lost mine a couple times, but the one time it had blood in it i went into labour the same day. Good luck mumma.
2515342 tn?1347084237 Can your mucus plug come out with no blood? This is my second baby and with the first baby there was blood.
Avatar f tn Does your mucus plug always have to have blood...
Avatar f tn Wondering if I lost my mucus plug I am 37 weeks went to the bathroom and twice thick jelly like on toilet paler quite a bu6.just. Clear but no blood…. Sorry if its TMI!
Avatar f tn I was worried because i was told theres usually blood in iy and i dont have any and its coming out a little at a time since yesterday... Anyone else have this???
Avatar f tn If it hasn't got blood in it its not your plug its probably just discharge .
Avatar f tn I've been losing my mucus plug for the past two weeks, but now it has blood in it. Should I go the er??
Avatar f tn So I just checked on Google what a mucus plug looked like And it's this glob discharge that kinda looks green to me, I get those all the time. Is that normal? I heard your mucus plug is suppose to have blood on it but maybe everyone is differenT right.
Avatar f tn It usually shouldn't be much blood, just mucus mixed with some blood. If you bleed a lot I'd contact doctor. Also sounds like you're in early labour. Good luck!
7649778 tn?1401298201 I think that's discharge. I lost my mucus plug & it had blood in it & with my last it also had blood.
5951558 tn?1396984575 I went to the bathroom I wiped n seen a lot of discharge with brown blood in it. (Gross) assuming I've lost my mucus plug! I'm due tomorrow! I'm hoping I go in labor tonight or in the morning! Wish me luck plz!!!
7678269 tn?1397865982 So I slowly Last some at 35 weeks then it stopped then at 38 weeks it started coming mOre in chunks and this morning at 39+1 it had bright red blood in it does this mean it fully came out now?
Avatar f tn I got up this morning, went to the bathroom and notice what looked like some blood in my underwear but I don't wipe anything. Is that my mucus plug? How long after you lose it do you go into labor? Sorry I'm a FTM and clueless.
Avatar f tn You can call labor and delivery to make sure but I'm going through the same. I'm losing my mucus plug little by little but there hasn't been any blood in mine yet. But I would call and double check with the hospital just to make sure.
Avatar f tn No, your mucus plug doesn't not always have blood in it. It looks like a huge blob of snot. (Sorry to be so gross) it sometimes has blood sometimes doesn't with my son it was clear, with my daughter it looked like almost all blood but my midwife also kind of helped that part along at my apt.