Blood in mucus from throat and nose

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Avatar n tn hello sir, my concern is that i have found streaks of blood in mucus that comes from nose (or throat-i am not sure). i am very concerned about this. i have mucus coming into my throat almost daily but without blood. i have never found blood streaks in mucus before this. last month i had an x-ray of my sinuses and a head CT done which were perfectly normal. i did have a headache two days back which stayed for 24 hours but resolved after taking medicines. i am very scared. PLS HELP.
Avatar n tn This morning my nose felt stuffed, when I blew my nose I found think, close to solid, mucus and blood had come out of my nose. I don't know if its coming from my nose or my throat but this has never happened before and I am every concerned. I do not know if this is serious or just some kind of infection. Please help.
Avatar f tn blow it out what I get is mucus all covered in blood, like literately, the whole thing is just red and sticky. I'm rather worried, please advice! Thanks! Ezann.
Avatar n tn I have been sick since marh 2006- february 2007 It started out with excessive mucus in throat with nausea and dizziness I have seen a general doctor,gastrointestine doctor,and an allergist and they keep going aroung gastroenterology doctor found h pylory in the edonoscopy and i got the treatment done but he sent me to an allergist for mucus and dizziness.
Avatar f tn I have suffered from excess mucus which lodges in my throat for about 3+ years now. It causes me fatigue, and it interferes with daily life, e.g. coughing up mucus all day into sink, tissues, etc. It has not let up, except for about 2 days. I have gone to approximately six doctors and no one has determined the cause nor does anyone have any ideas. I have had a car load of tests run, e.g.
Avatar n tn Chemicals in cigarettes cause a yellow brown tint to mucous. If this is persistent, SEE AN ENT EARS NOSE THROAT DOCTOR. They may order a chest xray or CT and should do a culture and sensitivity of your sputum. All of this testing should give you an answer. So make an appt with ENT doctor right away to make sure its not something serious. Dont delay.
Avatar n tn I only blower my nose once and I saw a blood streak in my mucus but I also have a throat infection and vertigo
Avatar n tn This could be reflux but it could also be some type of respiratory disease, especially of the nose and sinuses. It could also be a tumor in the hypopharynx (posterior to the nose). These tumors can be notoriously "silent" for a long time. You should see an ENT doctor to have a thorough exam of your nose, throat and sinuses. He would probably also order a CT of your sinuses.
Avatar n tn whenever i suck out mucus i find some blood in it and a couple of times when i blow my nose i see some blood too... i have been suffering from runny nose and i have been also coughing for like about 2 weeks and i have only used otrivin for the runny nose... what could be wrong with me?
Avatar f tn after concentrating on trying to get it out of my throat i can eventually work it out and spit it up, deep breaths from my nose and then out my mouth help to get it up. It is the size of a pea, is green and sumtimes has bits of yellow and small bits of blood in it. Its a hard little lump but the inside is still squishy it has no smell. when i eventually spit it up my throat feels better and doesn't burn as much but this is annoying because i go thru this everyday, its GROSS! please help!
Avatar m tn This morning, after blowing a little bit, I noticed there was a fair amount of blood in it. I don't feel as though I have a fever, and most of the sinus headache I had a few days ago is gone. I don't feel the pain and tenderness that most people associate with sinus infections. It's just consistent stuffiness and large amounts of this intense, yellow junk in my nose, along with the teeth thing.
Avatar f tn Off and on I notice streaks of blood in the mucus in my throat. I have allergies and always have post nasal drip. The mucus is clear, not discolored so I don't think it's an infection. I don't smoke or drink. Can allergies cause blood in your mucus? I don't have the money to go to an ENT and my reg doctor told me he doesn't know. Oh, also, when I notice the blood, I haven't had a bloody nose or picked my nose or anything.
Avatar n tn It is hard and very encrusted every morning and during the day with something that may be a mix of blood/scabs and mucus and I have a lot of dried snot during the day as well. It is sore to the touch on the outside of my nose. Sometimes it is very dry and sometimes it is running clear and I have been sneezing a bit. I also have a drip down the back of my throat and asthma.
Avatar n tn If it's just flecks of blood it could be that your sinuses are irritated and/or very dry, Blowing your nose too hard can rupture the tiny blood vessels in your nose, drips down your throat and it gets coughed up with the stagnant mucus in the morning. Try a humidifier in your bedroom if your climate is dry, or use Ocean Spray during the day, wait a few minutes then blow your nose gently. If you're coughing up more than a half cup of blood see your doctor asap.
Avatar n tn had thick green mucus with blood coming out of my nose and big wads of green mucus in my throat. After it all cleared, my head and face hurt real bad. I think it was because my sinuses were raw from all the mucus. However, it did eventually pass. But since then, it seems I am prone to this, as I have experienced two more bouts, not quite as intensive as the first, but pretty bad. I did not lose my sense of taste on the last two though.
Avatar n tn These vessels lie very close to the top of the mucous membrane lining in the nose and sinuses, and the blood can come from the lining in either of them. Besides this nosebleeds can be caused by low humidity or by drying of the catarrh and lining of nose. Check the humidity in your house, and increase it to the normal range. Keep the heat low (60-64 degrees) in your bedroom.Avoid hard blowing of the nose and use a humidifier.Also use saline nasal sprays or decongestants(for few days only).
Avatar n tn I am just concerned with the blood, but only happens when I pull it up from that spot in my throat near my nose. Not coughing and not regular spitting. Should also note that I do suck mucus from my nose to spit out of my mouth fairly regularly before this but have tried to stop when I got this cold but it just feels blocked for a long period without me doing it.
Avatar m tn He examined the CT and put a camera up my nose to look in my sinus and throat. I was told there was nothing sinister but noted secretions on my tonsils. He noted that my tonsils were not swollen however and did not see it as an issue. I was told to continue using Avamys and put on a short course of Cortisone tablets which did nothing. I have since stopped the Avamys as I started to get some blood in my nose which my GP told me was the nasal spray.
Avatar m tn Week later chest pain is better, now spitting out pink and very small amount of red blood. No cough, just snorting from my nose and clearing my throat when I spit. I can't afford to go back to the ER or Urgent care as my health insurance does't take effect until Dec 1 and I have already had these tests without ins. Concerns are lung cancer.
Avatar n tn I mean, never in my life have I undergone such an intense medical testing routine. Yet this case is way too painful with localization in Ear, Nose and Throat and it is going on for way too long if you ask me. I have been trying to find a ID physician for a while now, they all seem to be fixated on Herpes type 6 antibody titres found in saliva and blood. I have spent so much time and money that I am already getting sick of myself.
Avatar m tn Hives can be brought on by exposure to physical exposures, such as exposure to cold temperatures. Mucous “throat” discharge arises from the nose and/or sinuses. The best example is allergic rhinitis (allergy of the mucous membranes of the nose) and this can occur in response to a variety of allergens, the most notorious probably ragweed.
Avatar n tn so, this cough, and the bloody mucus just started, and my throat's never hurt worse...i don't really know what's going on..
Avatar f tn I have been getting very light headed bunged up and tired, and today the green mucus had blood in it. I know it's probably all the nose blowing. Also I feel very like I will pass out and have had reoccuring sore throats. Does anyone else suffer from this and is blood normal?
Avatar m tn But now I am getting blood everyday in my my mucus while spitting, esp in mornings. It seems to be from nose, there was a little blood in my nostrils too some days back. I can even feel something at the back of my throat. I am really worried about this.
Avatar f tn i have muccos coming out from my throat stuff like yellow,white, black like ash from my throat i cough and let it out yellow muccos and black stuff come out i have put it in a clear bottle to see for myself what it looks like i feel sometimes that iam choking and it feels like its constanly their something is their and it doesnt want to come out i have seen DR and had a chest and lungs ct scan and everything was clear i have stopped smoking for two yrs yesterday which was on the 2nd of Nov 201
728309 tn?1367536920 Bend your head over the bowl and cover your had and bowl with a towel. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Do this for 10 minutes. If you can, do this 4 times a day with a duration of 10 minutes each time. You can buy tablets that will dry up the mucus, but these are not suitable for people who suffer from high blood pressure. A nasal spray can also be used short term to unblock the passages.
Avatar m tn if the blood is in your throat, it can be that at night as you're lying flat on your back the mucous is pooling in your throat. Maybe the blood is coming from your throat? You know, before I had my sinus surgery, I had a lot of mucous coming out of my nose and going down the back of my throat. The infected mucous irritated my throat so bad, that my adenoids were quite swollen. The ENT thought at first that was where the problem lies, and booked me in for surgery to get theme removed.
Avatar n tn Hi, recently I have been spitting out blood-tinged mucus, which I believe is draining from the back of my nose. It's generally no more than a drop or two of blood. It first happened a few months ago but cleared up on its own. It has started happening again recently and has been much more frequent, around 8 times over the past 2 weeks, and I often have a taste of blood in my mouth. I have tried decongestant spray and saline spray, neither seems to help.