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231054 tn?1264545344 think i ovulated today, because I have had very watery mucus for a few days w/ovulation pain, then a sudden change in mucus
1033736 tn?1264005094 Obviously questioning ovulation since I started monitoring my cervix & mucus. Just thought I'd give it a shot.
1439825 tn?1296492285 When I wiped I had blood in the paper and some mucus this has never happened I am worried. I should be getting ready to O so confused ????
Avatar f tn had the same discharge that no one can seem to explain and it amuses me how people would jump to stating that it's ovulation mucus when it isn't. ovulation mucus is EGG WHITE texture. I ovulated a week ago and had the egg white mucus.
463595 tn?1333997222 it was not spoting but one time i wipe and the mucus had some blood in it
Avatar n tn have stomach cramps since 1 pm, mucus looks like blood in it , no diahrrea
Avatar f tn As you approach ovulation, your cervical mucus will increase. First, there will be a moistness or stickiness to the mucus, as well as a white or cream-colored appearance. During Ovulation: At ovulation, the quantity of mucus will increase greatly and the appearance will resemble "egg whites", often semitransparent. The texture will become increasingly slippery and 'stretchable'. This is your most fertile time.
Avatar n tn appropriate mucus for impending ovulation
549176 tn?1288528391 As ovulation approaches, your cervical mucus changes in amount and consistency. When you’re not ovulating, cervical mucus may appear sticky or creamy, or may be entirely absent. As ovulation approaches, cervical mucus become more abundant, takes on a watery to raw-egg-white-like consistency, and stretches up to an inch or more between your fingers.
906115 tn?1344200509 I had lots of pink mucus tonught when I went to the bathroom.
Avatar f tn nov 14th and 15th was the peak of mucus content nov 16 hardly anything at all nov 17 started out dry but by evening was very watery..
Avatar f tn blood in my oral mucus after OS with james, as pain with gum bleeding after OS a couple of weeks ago.
1328343 tn?1313854499 I think to day was definalty my overlation day seen I had lots of sticky mucus.
2093372 tn?1473257954 Changes In Cervical Mucus and What They Indicate We are hesitant to become intimate with the less appealing parts of natural bodily functions, but changes in cervical mucus can be one of the greatest clues to determining when ovulation is about to occur. Cervical mucus is a natural secretion of the cervical glands designed to moisten and protect the cervix. The nature of the discharge changes with the various phases of your menstrual cycle.
Avatar n tn Not even enough blood to spot my undies, just a bit of bloody mucus nearly every time I went pee. Made me wonder: is this ovulation? Or just leftover blood from my period 2 weeks ago? (And quieter, hopeful and dread at the same time: "Or am I pregnant?) But this isn't the first time I've had bloody cervical mucus (CM) ... most likely nothing out of the ordinary. (I'm writing this several days later, so I'm not sure this is the EXACT day when it started.
Avatar n tn cervical mucus indicative of impending ovulation around 8-9 p.m.
1211118 tn?1366759953 well i thought i ovulated saturday well then i was still having egg white cm sunday so then i moved it to sunday,well i took a couple of o test and the lines were super light as you can see on the pics,well then yesterday something told me to take another test just to see what it looked like and guess what lmao it was the same color as the other line or maybe darker,well i took that as i would be ovulating today or tomorrow well then today had the ovulation pains it even hurt in my monkey lol so
1654484 tn?1334240836 Had a thick mucus and severe breast tenderness. Mucus was egg-like consistency and stretchy. Also had ovulation pain on the right side first followed by the left side a couple of hours later.
1654484 tn?1334240836 Not sure when I ovulated but I think it might have been two days ago when I was swimming in the cervical mucus. Yesterday I had some cervical mucus but it wasn't that much so I dont know. My husband suspects that I either ovulated yesterday or the day before even without me saying anything. In any case, I thought I wanted to wait a couple more months to have a baby but my body feels ready. I don't know.
1328343 tn?1313854499 Going by the mucus I'd have thought today was my ovulation day but not always right and I still getting ahng all this.
Avatar n tn had lots of cervical mucus with blood in it on cycle day 13 and assumed it was ovulation. however had loads more cervical mucus the following week and had a positive ovulation test on cycle day 23. Could i have ovulated twice?
Avatar f tn jan 08 is gone and i noticed that i didn't ovulate. Normally I notice the cervical mucus but nothing. I hope we are preg.
Avatar f tn jan 08 is gone and i noticed that i didn't ovulate. Normally I notice the cervical mucus but nothing. I hope we are preg.
Avatar f tn Ovulation predicted for Fri or Sat, CD 20 or 21. First egg white mucus today. Watery on CD 13, technically watery mucus counts as fertile.
627670 tn?1317021747 Big ovuılation cramps today and a lot of mucus. But the cramps are now on my left side (no tube). So im not very happy and really down.
1230936 tn?1384267689 and said some woman getting off from BC might have signs of fertile mucus and no ovulation. My husband and I are trying to avoid pregnancy until I get a full red AF..ugh. Does egg white happen before ovulation or during? and PS i'm probably not or going to ovulate since I ended BC in December-but juuuuust in case:) PSS the time change might have messed up my temps a little..they actually might be a little higher then whats on the chart.
1434731 tn?1382722384 We shal see in the next few days!
1096807 tn?1324571166 Having light spotting today. AF not due for another 2 weeks and I am a bit concerned. Not feeling at all PMT'ish. Wondering if it is related to ovulation or whether this month will be another right-off!