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Avatar f tn Ok so my tubes are tied but i have been using red clover fertility capsules to try to help heal my tubes an im pretty sure i ovulated this month i found blood in my cervical mucus today an i have been having sex with dbf every other night i wondering has this happened to anyone else an did u get pregnant
Avatar f tn I also have a slight feeling of like pleasure in my whole vaginal area, kindda like its getting a lot of blood flow to it. Does this sound like ovulation could be happening now or in the near future? If so when do I need to BD, we BD both in the morning and before bed yesterday and before that on sunday the 31st.
Avatar f tn Hence this spotting which has occurred in the ovulation window can indicate ovulation. This can be confirmed by ovulation detection kits. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn please tell the changes of the cerival mucus.i also want to know that if mucus is not seen on the underwear is there any thing wrong??????????????????????????
Avatar f tn Pink would indicate a little tiny bit of blood mixed with discharge and the brown would be old blood. I would say that in general, you never know when you are ovulating and you are on day 9 of your cycle and it gets easier to get pregnant on that day and for the next 11 days if you were to have what women have as the 'average' cycle----- but it is hard to say exactly what is going on with you.
Avatar f tn I would go and purchase this and start to try to track your ovulation. In the meantime start keeping track of your cycles - mark them on the calendar each month and keep notes of the amt of days in between. Set up an appt with a Gyno and bring all this info with you so that they can get a good baseline to try and determine the problem. They may put you on Metformin (to help ovulate) or Clomid. Prior that they will probably do an ultrasound and other tests to be sure of your problem.
1767573 tn?1313714508 ovulation usually occurs mid cycle if u have natural regular cycles. but if uv been on BC for so long ur body may take a some time to return back to its normal status.
1101132 tn?1263783902 On day 17 I had a crazy large amount of cervical mucus and then on day 18 I had less but more clear and I had a tiny tinge of blood in it, but no more blood since then. What do you ladies think? Another question....When using the OPK's, I find that when I first start taking them I get no 2nd pink line, then every day I take another the 2nd line gradually gets a little darker or stays as dark at the one priod until I get my final positive darker line. does that make sense?
1274559 tn?1284135818 how do you know if your pregnant . and can sperm stay in me if i was ovulating heavy a day after ?
1129232 tn?1360803958 then this morning i had a HUGE glob of stretchy cervical mucus tinged with blood. (sorry if TMI). I then did an OPK this afternoon and it was negative. I mean REALLY negative - just a hint of a 2nd line if that. Has anyone had this happen before? i haven't seen any more CM since that glob this morning. do you think this means ovulation? it seem so early and why would I have CM like that if I'm not ovulating for maybe 5 more days? i guess I'll just start bding (just in case) anyway.
Avatar f tn I am very confused by this....If your mucus has turned back to a white creamy mucus then either you didno ovulate or you just missed it. Also remember there were 5 weeks in last month. On the other hand the crampls could me a sign that you are bout to have your cycle...
1731533 tn?1310156138 Which is now 4-5 days late. I went to the toilet and had some mucus with some blood in, light in color, and when went back to check it had stopped, with maybe a little darker (older blood). I have been getting loads of other pregnancy symptoms and even my dr thinks i could be pregnant. could this be delayed impatation bleeding?
Avatar f tn Im experiencing the same thing bt i read that a sign of early pregnancy is increase in cervical mucus or wat ur seeing as discharge so gud luck to both of us
494669 tn?1275366075 do you know where you are at in your cycle? Are you post ovulation? I guess my only advice is to take a preg. test in about 10-14 days.
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex for the first time on the 11th day of my cycle, the following day when I wiped there was ocassionally streaks of dark red/pink blood in my cervical mucus; and the following day I have been getting dark brown discharge.
Avatar f tn I noticed blood in my cervical mucus for the first time ever. It was also a pinkish color, and then I had some with brown blood in it. I have never experienced anything like this.
Avatar n tn Could this be ovulation spotting? I've never had it before has anybody else ever had it? There is streaks of blood in a mucuosy discharge.
Avatar n tn Dear All ladies, today, i've got cervical mucus(like egg white) with blood..later on i checked whether it was my period..but nothing on pants..does anybody knows what's that bloody cervical mucus means..?i've used opk,alas it was i ovulating?as some says (some internet forums) it indicates super fertile, isn't it true?
Avatar n tn I had trace blood in the urine, but the culture was negative, so I don't have a UTI. So her feeling was that yes, it is altogether possible that this pain is ovulation pain...especially since it came on at the same time of a change in my cervical mucus to abundant/egg white consistency. But she had to rule out the UTI to be safe. Of course, every woman is different so she couldn't tell me with absolute certainty that this is what it is.
Avatar f tn progressive increase in cervical mucus Ovulation: abundant cervical mucus peri-ovulation mucus consistency: -raw egg white like consistency -low viscosity mucus (thread-like consistency) optimal for sperm migration and survival post-ovulation (progesterone surge): thick, rubbery, non-stretchy mucus hostile environment for sperm I hope this expla
Avatar f tn i was on clomid and progesterone pills and took an opk and blood test in Feb. and actually I did ovulate. I also used the clearblue easy opk. it's actually accurate.
Avatar n tn I did take an HPT today which was negative. Also, after DH and I bd'd on 02/19, I had mucus twinged with blood, which usually does not happen. Sorry so long, but could I actually be pregnant???
Avatar n tn I usually have very obvious cervicle mucus during ovulation and can feel that I am ovulating(they feel like very light period cramps). This time I did not get any cervicle mucus but I did feel the cramps. Is it normal to not have the cervicle mucus? Could this possibly mean that we were successful?
Avatar f tn I am trying to conceive and just bought an ovulation kit. However, I started spotting on Feb. 3 and continued to only spot for 8 days. Also, at some points throughout each day, there wasn't anything at all. Now all day today, the 11th, I had nothing, but now at 8:30pm I am spotting again. How am I supposed to know when to start testing for ovulation if I don't know if this is even a real period? I've had NO blood flow at all. Today was the actual day I should have started my period.
Avatar n tn I have had painful ovulation just in the course of normal cycles. Not every time but on occasion I will know positivly the day I o'ed because of the pain. For me it starts on one side a little sharp and then eventually I am having pains like bad menstral cramps. It lasts for a couple hours usually. Theres a special word for it, Mitzelsmirk or thats not right but its something like that.
1325698 tn?1274989917 This past month, I had cramping for 4 days, was really turned on during those days, and had one spot of blood on the 5th day early in the morning, and that was it. This was two and a half weeks ago. I have been convinced that this is what it is (I then had mild cramping for 1 and a half days, with a spot of blood 9 days later). Was just wondering if this sounds like what any one else has experienced during ovulation.
Avatar f tn Hi, Ovulation is sometimes accompanied by little cramps, the cramps will be more in case of induced multiple ovulation, coz of the multiple follicles growing in one place. Are you taking any tablets to induce ovulation? How is your cylce?
Avatar f tn your aswer realy help. me too i had no cervix mucus during my ovulation day in this cycle but i,m 99percent sure i.m pregnant.tmorrow i ,m going to comfirm it with blood test. baby dust to u all....
Avatar n tn I am a virgin (aged 30 - am Christian) but if I make myself sexually aroused afterwards I get brown blood in my discharge. Lately I have noticed I can also have new blood ( much more red !) spotting. This has been going on for about three months. Sometimes I get shooting pain down there like I`ve pulled a muscle or something. It can be really really uncomfortable. I have also had a dry and swollen vagina at times which can cause day to day discomfort.