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7678269 tn?1397865982 So I slowly Last some at 35 weeks then it stopped then at 38 weeks it started coming mOre in chunks and this morning at 39+1 it had bright red blood in it does this mean it fully came out now?
Avatar f tn You can call labor and delivery to make sure but I'm going through the same. I'm losing my mucus plug little by little but there hasn't been any blood in mine yet. But I would call and double check with the hospital just to make sure.
2066536 tn?1354245204 Bloody show is bright red. If your contractions become regular and last for at least a minute in length...then call L&D. Contractions typically feel a lot more intense than braxton hicks. You are almost there! Hang in there!
Avatar f tn I freaked out because I have never heard of a mucus plug being thin like period blood is. But my doctor assured me it was my plug and even fit me in that morning to check me and set my mind at ease. I was 4 days away from my due date at that point and ended up having contractions right after which turned into labor and the very next day I had my daughter.
Avatar n tn Today, I started losing blood clots the size of quarters (red and black), and have blood in my underwear (brownish-red), no mucus. I was examined at the hospital, and the baby is fine. I'm still worried. Is this the normal "bloody show" associated with loss of the mucus plug? The doctor said that my cervix is probably bleeding from my last exam, but it's not getting better and I'm worried.
Avatar f tn With my first I lost mine at 39 weeks, it was like clear discharge w/ just a bit of bright red blood. That same day I had an exam and my doc made me bleed even more and I stained my shorts -_- lol. Anyway my doc decided to have me induced cus i was like 2cm dialated so I guess my doc thought baby was ready? Idk but I've read the plug doesn't give a good time frame. Now with my second I'll be notifying my doctor if I do but I won't be rushing to the hospital.
175662 tn?1282217256 my personal experience with mucus plugs is limited to this pregnancy, but when mine started coming out (39-40 wks) it was tinged with brown, pink and bright red. the color was what made me realize it was ye olde plug. i think if yours is white/clear its probably just some aberration of 'normal' discharge.
Avatar n tn Just watch out for any spotting or bleeding because about two weeks ago I had red bright blood outta nowhere , this was at about 6pm and I did have intercourse in the am that same day and Doctor said it was probably just cause of intercourse but I went into triage two days ago for very bad cramping and blood once again and it resulted in a UTI or some type of infection in the bladder.. It's pretty painful tho be careful .
639543 tn?1297031234 Afterwards I went to pee (like my doctor instructed me to do to avoid infection at the end of my pregnancy) I wiped and it was pink, then red, then pink again, I spotted for about an fourty five minutes to an hour, and everytime I went to the bathroom I lost a little bit of my mucus plug, which was almost completely pink. My question is, was the spotting/bleeding from having sex, or was it from losing part of my mucus plug?
Avatar f tn So ive been having bright red bleeding everytime i go pee for most of the day. Doesnt appear to be coming from hemmorhoids and its only there when i wipe. After a couple times of wiping there is no blood?! They told me spotting at this point would be normal but when i wipe the first time it looks as if i am on a period then each wipe after that there is less and less. Normal? I really dont want to drive another 2 hoursto be told its normal and go home we cant afford it.
9768879 tn?1412699665 normally the plug has different colors to it. it might be pink, brown, or even bright red blood smeared in with the clear 'jelly' like consistency. might have been a piece of it though - I have read about lots of girls who lose theirs over a period of a few weeks!
Avatar f tn Today is Saturday and I woke up with blood streaked discharge (bright red blood). I'm not sure whether I should call the doctor AGAIN and make sure this is totally normal. I'm figuring it's just the "Bloody Show" but I'm not sure. What could it be?
10843549 tn?1425100223 Remember it continues to produce more and more till you give birth. So just like you I loose globs and globs even with bright red blood and it doesn't stop. Some loose it like how we do while others loose it all at once ( my first I did like that) a and others never notice because it just falls into the toilet and that's all. But I think you loose it once your water breaks cause when your water breaks mucus gets washed away it doesn't just stay there.
Avatar f tn I went for a nap today and when I woke up and went to the loo after I wiped there was blood on the tissue- not bright red just a very pale pink and there wasn't a lot of it at all.. Very minimal! And there wasn't any mucus with it. Any clues as to what this could mean?? I have been trying to get hold of my midwife but it keeps going through to answerphone! So thought I'd ask you lovely ladies for some advice.
Avatar f tn Today is Saturday and I woke up with blood streaked discharge (bright red blood). I'm not sure whether I should call the doctor AGAIN and make sure this is totally normal. I'm figuring it's just the "Bloody Show" but I'm not sure. What could it be?
Avatar n tn i've heard that your mucus plug can come out all at once and be tinged with red blood, but i've also heard that it can come out in pieces and be clear, has anyone else experienced this????? oh and incase ya don't remember it's time for it to happen anytime..i'm 37.2 wks.
Avatar f tn I felt pain while I was going and when I wiped, a huge glob of 'snot' and quit a bit of bright red blood was in the toilet and on my toilet paper. I bled a little bit more the next time I went to the bathroom about half an hour later. Did I lose my mucus plug? And have my bloody show? Or are they the same thing?
Avatar f tn I had some bright red bleeding a week before I lost my plug with my first and was told that a lot of women bleed a bit when they start to dilate. It could be that your cervix is starting to get ready for labor in the next few weeks.
Avatar f tn I haven't seen blood again till a few hours ago, when I used restroom I could see blood mixed in with my pee and when I wiped I could see bright red but barely. Then just a few mins ago I started seeing what I saw this idk?! My Dr said to call if there is a significant amount of blood or gushing water.
Avatar f tn is something slimy like mucus coming out as well.
208686 tn?1293034103 I too second everyone's post that it sounds like you've lost the mucus plug. I too have lots of pain in the va-jay-jay - not fun, is it???
964234 tn?1331952807 Anyway - I do get the green snot thing once in a while - the only time I was concerned was when I was 24/25 weeks and there was bright red blood in it.. turned out I pulled through the stitch - They do regenerate from what I have been told and yes... I think all preggo woman look in the potty and on the tp after using!! We are either hoping nothing is there because it is too early - or please lord.... let something be there because we are done!!!
Avatar f tn Lastnight was my 1st time that it happened to me so I don't think it will regenerate itself. I just hope this means my day is near because this last month has felt like forever, I'm so nervous that since I'm this far along and I still don't feel anything I will have to be induced.
Avatar f tn ( mine come brown first then bright red..
1278876 tn?1304911919 what i've read online is really confusing, i lost a bit of my mucus plug last week and then a few hours ago i definitely had alot of mucus plug with brown blood in it. I've been sorta crampy ever since but nothing major. So my question is was that my bloody show? It was definitely mucusy and way thicker then regular discharge and it had streaks of brown blood in it. im so confused!
Avatar f tn I was guessing it's my mucus plug? The baby is moving normaly. I will call again in the morning but could it be parts of my mucus plug?
2131661 tn?1340232752 I'm 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my first baby a little girl Well my midwife did an exam on me yesterday I was 2cm dilated when she pulled her fingers out she told me not to freak out but her fingers had bright red blood on it and mucus a lot of blood and she told me spotting and bleeding is normal after but she gave me a pad an from 4pm.
949288 tn?1263742233 This morning though, I woke up and the second time I went to the bathroom there were small amounts of bright red blood on the TP. Could this be bloody show?? There was no mucus with it, although I think I have been losing my plug in small amounts (just with no blood). Could this mean that I have dialated more?? Should I call my Dr?? Its just that its a LONG drive to go get checked and I would have to pull my daughter out of school early etc...
187316 tn?1386360282 Many women find a gooey blob on their underpants or toilet tissue after using the restroom. The mucus plug may be stringy mucus or a sticky discharge. The mucus plug may come out all at once or it may come out over a period of time, so you might not realize that you are losing it. Sometimes the mucus has brown, pink or red streaks of blood mixed within it. This is normal and should not be a cause for conern unless there is a significant amount of blood.
Avatar n tn Even if my doctor told me to chill out?