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Avatar f tn breast cancers. Also, I am a lacto-vegetarian. So basically I am looking for what vitamins are recommended for my situation. Here is what I was taking: multi-vitamin (what kind do you recommend?) omega-3 iron (for energy) calcium collagen (for weightloss and healthy hair & nails) ginkgo (for concentration) vitamin-B (for energy) aspirin (my dad - a doctor - said almost everyone should take one daily) heliocare (sunscreen) What do you recommend I change? Thank you and please help!!
455110 tn?1205964069 Prenatal vitamins are multivitamins intended for women who are pregnant or hope to become pregnant. Sometimes prenatal vitamins are recommended for women who are breast-feeding, too. Most prenatal vitamins contain more folic acid, iron and calcium than do standard adult multivitamins. Prenatal vitamins have been claimed to promote thicker hair and stronger nails, but researchers haven't yet proved whether prenatal vitamins truly have these effects.
7986870 tn?1401635716 Dying your hair is fine
581359 tn?1454006442 Hi I would recommend 'Pregnancare Plus'. There are two tablets to take daily- one is a prenatal multi vitamin with folic acid 400mcg and the other an omega 3 capsule for brain development. This is the UK's best selling prenatal vit so it is well known. It does not contain harmful vit A. You can get it on ebay- I am sure they will send outside UK too. I will be taking thme throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding as recommended...
Avatar n tn How much prenatal vitamins is safe to take? Do you also need to take extra folic acid? I haven't been to the OB yet.I am 35 , 4-5 weeks pregnant. I am taking One-1-Day Prenatal 1.
Avatar f tn If you are concerned about nutrition at this point keep a balanced diet with high vitamins. Lots of fruits and veggies and keep up on the calcium. You can get your daily intakes if you keep eating healthy.
Avatar f tn I was very anxious for my hair to grow as well but even with eating healthier and taking my prenatal pills daily my hair has not grown at all. I feel my hair actually got so dry :/ but everyone can be different.
7826987 tn?1401691041 No I take 8 prenatal vitamins and 4 folic acid and 2 calcium a day I think your fine I eat healthy and my doctor said nothing about take less
Avatar f tn It is great you are working out and controlling your food intake. If you are working out you are building lean muscle, not losing muscle. Suggest getting your protein for food sources, not pills. Protein from food has additional vitamins and minerals and possible fiber, depending on the protein source. Recommend a regular multi-vitamin, without protein.
Avatar f tn t taken them and their babies are healthy! But I must admit they do wonders for your hair and nails!
314276 tn?1235081223 My endocrinoligist recommended Evening Primrose Oil when my hair started coming out by the handfuls due to thyroid issues. He said it wouldn't stop the loss but that new growth would be healthier and thicker. Also, in the past I've taken vitamins for my fingernails and noticed that my hair benefited more from them than my nails!
Avatar f tn Is there a such thing as taking too much prenatal vitamins! I want a healthy baby and I'm so paranoid because this is my first baby.. Can I take my prenatal pills twice a day?
Avatar f tn The prenatal vitamins that you take daily are what's suppose to help with the hair length and nail growth.
Avatar n tn I have a hard time losing weight fast? What are some of the healthy foods that you should be eating that will give the proteins and vitamins; not the fats and carbs?
Avatar f tn All the vitamins packed in there also supports great ear and brain growth
Avatar n tn I've read about amino acids as a supplement, along with vitamins and minerals, to easy post acute withdrawal symptoms. During a past period of sobriety, I made an effort to exercise during the PAWS phase of recovery, eat well and take vitamins. I can say that it seemed to make me feel better. The malaise that primarily affects people during the months following detox is a big problem that I think is underestimated in its effects on a persons' ability to stay clean for the long term.
6647728 tn?1383446143 leek addition to rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein and vitamins and other nutrients, it also contains a lot of fiber, can enhance gastrointestinal motility, accelerate the discharge of excessive intestinal nutrition and excess fat.
1528307 tn?1336000554 t gotten hard copy yet) Recommended I take 4,000 IU daily. I have started taking Vitamins to help with energy and meeting daily needs.
1922107 tn?1354736258 s actually much more common to get nice full healthy hair while pregnant than what you describe, because of the extra vitamins.
Avatar f tn I have long hair that is very healthy but I noticed it falling out way more than usual and having a lot of hair in my brush. I didn't have this with my last pregnancy but this time I started noticing it around 10 weeks and I've heard of it happening to other people as well.
Avatar f tn Don't take more than the recommended daily dose of your prenatal vitamin. If you've missed a few and are concerned, eat a few more fruits/veggies, or you can try adding a nutrional bar or shake like Boost, Ensure or SlimFast now and then. (This also helps you make sure you're getting nutrients if morning sickness has been a problem.) I have chronic migraines and have had major problems with the headaches.
Avatar f tn t mind me asking how long and daily do you take the actual over- counter prenatal vitamins? I certainly will see if this helps me conceive.
Avatar f tn The eye doctor said it was negligible and that wearing glasses would not help my headache. they also examined my retina and said it was healthy and everything looks normal. I am not taking any medicines for headache though. The only thing which has changed in my diet since a month is that I have given up having eggs and meat. Will that cause any headache? Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need more information about this. Kindly help me out with this.
Avatar f tn I think it depends on your hair type and condition before taking them. I already had pretty healthy hair that grows really fast, so maybe I don't notice it as much.
3153604 tn?1343376537 Now I have palpitations and had SVT in the past. What Vitamins should I take for a Healthy Heart?? Please help. TY!