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Avatar m tn Get a prenatal checkup done and ask your doctor about prenatal vitamins like folic acid. Stay away from stress and exercise daily. If you are still unable to conceive contact your doctor. In that case you and your husband both may need evaluation .The common causes of infertility are blocked tubes, ovulation dysfunction, hyperprolactinemia, thyroid disorders, PID etc.Sperm motility disorders and decreased sperm count are male causes of infertility. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause.
581359 tn?1454006442 So we are going in on Monday for our next one, I will be 6weeks 3days so we should see something. Anyway my question is what Prenatal Vitamins are everyone taking? We were on vacation when we found out we were pregnant and I didn't have any vitamins with me so we got OneADay Women's Prenatal over the counter. I have been taking them for the past two weeks and got a prescription for Primacare One from a local Dr. I don't know how good of vitiamins they are.
12142345 tn?1423638014 And her diet is lacking vitamins and nutrients. I am going to have her take some vitamins daily to try and help her over time. Could you tell me if the follwing vitamins are safe to take together, and how much daily should she take?
Avatar f tn Folic acid is the main thing, and usually it will include other vitamins that are important to supplement to your diet. Some brands make certain women feel nauseous, so you might have to try a few. Talk to a pharmacist and find out which one they recommend. Mine recommended the cheaper version of one that he found women generally seemed able to take, and I lucked out in that they didn't make me sick. Take them with food, it will help keep the nausea away too.
Avatar m tn Effective doses are high doses, often hundreds of times more than the US Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or Daily Reference Intake (DRI). Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D., comments: "Drs. Wilfrid Shute and Evan Shute recommended doses from 400 IU to 8,000 IU of vitamin E daily. The usual dose range was 800 to 1600 IU but they report that they had given 8,000 IU without seeing any toxicity." The Shutes successfully treated over 35,000 patients with vitamin E.
Avatar m tn You can take this, however, recommend you choose a multi-vitamin that has the vitamins and minerals closer to the recommended daily levels. For your age any multi-vitamin with iron is fine. We should be getting all our vitamins and minerals from our food sources.
Avatar m tn Hi,i have started to consume some vitamins for about 2 weeks.I have a pretty active life style,so i thought it should help me.. I take: 1) Fish Oil-Twice a day which is the recommended dosage. 2) Calcium- 2 tablets a day which is also the recommended dosage. 3) Multi-Vitamin- 1 tablet a day.
4326583 tn?1354714047 I was sort of skeptical about it @ first b/c even prenatal vitamins LACK amounts of some of the most vital vitamins pregnant women calcium, vitamin d and iodine - and depending on the brand, sometimes even DHA and Iron!! So it was kind of a shocker to be told I could supplement 2 children's vitamins for 1 prenatal vitamin!
Avatar f tn As with any vitamin, taking over the recommended daily allowance has no added benefit. I would stay within the recommended daily dosage of (400 mcg or 0.4mg) to (1000mcg or 1mg) of folic acid. There are many additives in OTC vitamins/supplements, check with your pharmacist to see the contents.
Avatar f tn I like them a lot. It has the basic vitamins in it that women require on a daily basis. I dont get any symptoms. You really shouldnt get symptoms from taking any multivitamin.
Avatar f tn Don't take more than the recommended daily dose of your prenatal vitamin. If you've missed a few and are concerned, eat a few more fruits/veggies, or you can try adding a nutrional bar or shake like Boost, Ensure or SlimFast now and then. (This also helps you make sure you're getting nutrients if morning sickness has been a problem.) I have chronic migraines and have had major problems with the headaches.
Avatar f tn Taking prenatal vitamins while ttc is recommended. It is in no way harmful to you.
Avatar f tn If you are concerned about nutrition at this point keep a balanced diet with high vitamins. Lots of fruits and veggies and keep up on the calcium. You can get your daily intakes if you keep eating healthy.
Avatar f tn Wow yeah you should definitely get a prenatal. Folic acid is good, but there may be other nutrients the baby needs he may not be getting from that particular pill. If you're looking for a specific brand, I use Brainstrong, which includes DHA (good for their little brain development), but most of the major prenatal vitamins will give you what they need.
Avatar n tn I've read about amino acids as a supplement, along with vitamins and minerals, to easy post acute withdrawal symptoms. During a past period of sobriety, I made an effort to exercise during the PAWS phase of recovery, eat well and take vitamins. I can say that it seemed to make me feel better. The malaise that primarily affects people during the months following detox is a big problem that I think is underestimated in its effects on a persons' ability to stay clean for the long term.
Avatar m tn Vitamin B6 is found naturally in our foods, however, B6 supplements are the main reason for toxicity of vitamin B6. Long term (2+ years) supplementation of 500-5,000mg/day will result in medical issues, such as neuropathy which maybe reversible with discontinuing the supplement and lowering high B6 foods. The recommended daily dose is 1.3mg for men & women ages 19-50 and 1.7 for men >50 years old.
Avatar f tn It is great you are working out and controlling your food intake. If you are working out you are building lean muscle, not losing muscle. Suggest getting your protein for food sources, not pills. Protein from food has additional vitamins and minerals and possible fiber, depending on the protein source. Recommend a regular multi-vitamin, without protein.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much ! Before I started my prenatal I was just taking two daily vitamins and an iron pill and felt fine . but my prenatal have me nasusea. And every time I eat in the morning I throw it all up, I might try at night time.
Avatar f tn I have always heard that 1000mcg or 1mg of folic acid is the daily recommended requirement for TTC and women who are currently pregnant. Most OTC prenatal vitamins will be just fine, just read the label, or ask your pharmacist to help recommend a good brand. You could also just take an individual folic acid supplement. You can get additional folic acid through certain foods as well like liver, egg yolks, beans, nuts, and spinach to name a few.
Avatar n tn so my doctor did give me some prenatal vitamins that I refuse to take everyday. They're way too big so I'll buy my own.
1440527 tn?1286556242 New to this site. How do I get back to my recommended daily calorie intake?
Avatar f tn The ada recommended dose for pregnant women is 600mg. There is no need to try to aim for the highest as long as you are meeting that threshold. It is a water soluable vitamin amd you will only pee out any excess anyway.
Avatar f tn i take the following vitamins on a daily basis. they are as follows- cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, multivitamin, zinc, magnesium, vitamin d, vitamin c and zinc. are they all safe to take?
5572863 tn?1395619413 Since adult Human skin can generate about 20 000 IU in about 25 to 30 mins in the summer sun between 10am and 3pm, you can easily supplement with up to 20 000 IU daily (more is fine, but 10 000 to 20 000 IU daily is enough to get you in an acceptable range after about 3 months, and with another 3 months or less into an 'excellent range'). I agree with recommendation about ingesting Vitamin C, but not as buffered calcium or magnesium ascorbate.