Rash on face around mouth

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Avatar f tn My son has a red slightly raised rash that appears and disapprears on his face, usually near the corners of his mouth. He has no food, or other, allergies that we know of. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn My husband has red blotches around his mouth and on his chin. They don't look like zits (He has very clear skin)... we thought maybe rosacea, but they are small blotches. They aren't spreading like a rash and have been there off and on for almost a year. He doesn't have them anywhere else on his face. They almost look like razor burn bumps, but he says their not. Any suggestions???
Avatar f tn At its worst, it was a red, oily, tight rash on my chin that extended around both sides of my mouth and then underneath my nose. It also itched, but not severely, and it had some small red blisters in it. One time I even woke up with swollen red lips that also had burning blisters around the edges along with split corners! At first I thought it was Perioral Dermatitis, so I put some apple cider vinegar (ACV) on it to dry it out because I had read online that ACV could cure it.
Avatar f tn In the last week or so I have developed a rash thing that circles around my mouth. I'm not sure what it is and I would like anyone to post some help or maybe even some steps on how to get rid of it. I have never had a rash before so I would think it would be tempory. The rash itself doesnt hurt it just occasially stings. Any help please?
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a history of acne, but this rash on my face is different and is strictly around my nose and mouth. Is it Perioral dermatitis? or could it be something else? and what should I do to treat this condition?
Avatar n tn I have a darkening of the skin about one fourth to a half of an inch around my mouth, but only on the bottom. It is just sort of like a tanning of the skin, but only in the one sport around the bottom half of my mouth. There is no irritation of any kind from it, the only thing bad about it is that when I wash it, it gets very red, even on the chin. The people I have asked, I think jokingly have suggested Herpes, but I don't think thats it. Any suggestions on what it is.
Avatar m tn See a doctor as it could be impetigo or staph infection. Both are highly contagious and require treatment.
Avatar f tn Sometimes they become more pronounced ~ I don't know what the trigger is. After a few weeks, she developed a rash around her mouth (looks like sever chapped lips) and her cheeks (reddish spots, bumpy). We took her to the doctor and she got a cortisone shot, which seems to alleviate the symptoms to a degree (the spots on her arm never went away). A month later, the rash is back. She now also has reddness around her eyes which she says it painful (it looks like dry, taut skin).
Avatar m tn However for the past three months ive been having rashes around my mouth on the lower side. The rashes are tiny and red in colour and tend to have a whitish substance at the tip of the rash if not oiled. I apply dermovate and they disappear within two days. However upon discontinuation they appear with three again and tend to spread all over my face. when The rashes started they looked like a ringworm.
Avatar m tn I have had this rash on my face for some time. I'd say 18 months, to 2 years. Symptoms: I have this red rash (as seen in the picture) that sometimes peels, and on rare occasions itches. It often becomes sore if I wash it with any kind of soap. If I just leave it alone most of the skin appears smooth, but in the crease on the side of my nose dead skin flakes off. Peeling rarely happens anywhere else. It use to be just on the side, and end of my nose.
332929 tn?1210079468 l am a 28 year old woman,my face has never been that smooth but l have had a severe rash on my face especially around the mouth area.is it possible for a woman of 28 years to have such a rash?its only on my face,havent noticed any other places.l appreciate the answer you give.
Avatar n tn I was cooking and had grease pop up and hit me in two small spots on my face by my nose and mouth. A few weeks later it turned into more like a rash on my face and it is growing. I have tried several products and its burns sometimes. A few times I thought it was getting itchy but then not really. I need advice on how to make this rash go away. It looks like several red spots around one side of my nose and beside to below my mouth.
176741 tn?1295237589 My son is 21 and has had a rash on face, around his mouth, for nearly a month now. It appeared the week after he suffered through a form of the coxsackie (sp?) virus. His ped said the rash was just an 'irritation' and unrelated to the other virus. She said to put Aquaphor on it a couple times a day and it would go away. Nope. Got worse. His allergist says it is not an allergic rash. He said it looked to him like contact dermititis and said to put hydrocortisone on it.
Avatar n tn I have a rash on my face. It started around my lips. It looks like tiny white dots all over my face. It don't itch but it burns around my lips. I have been treated with antifungal meds topical and by mouth. I have used Desinide ointment and nothing seems to help. It is beginning to cover my entire face. Please Help. don't kn ow what to do.
Avatar n tn For the past month i have been experiencing a rash on the corners of my mouth and right under my bottom lip. it started out as small tiny pin size water blisters really tiny, once thye pop it looks like a little raised red rash that doesnt go away, it itches only a little but it flakes for a while then the process starts over again. I have tried hydrocortisone for about a while and it seemed to help but as soon as i stopped it came back and a little worse it seemed.
Avatar n tn Hi, I recently had what i think is a rash start out on my face right below my mouth. the rash appears to be blotchy and dry looking. At first i just assumed it was from the heat until it spread down my chin, around my neck and now on my arms. Im concerned and would appreciate any advise you can give.
Avatar f tn Got this rash started out under my lip then slowly stared spreading around my mouth n on my lips.. n now is on my chin n cheeck. Its red n dry n itchy. Is there anything u can recommend over the counter ?!
Avatar f tn I've had a reoccurring rash that I get around my mouth. I had been putting betamethasone on it which would clear it up but then would come back within a week if I quit using cream. Finally got insurance and was prescribed a po antibiotic and triamcinolone acetonide dental paste?? Even that seemed to help and antibiotics kept it gone for about 1-3 months but back. I'm 28. Ive quit using all products and even towels on face to no avail.
Avatar f tn About 7 months ago I started getting a small rash on my chin which I thought was a reaction to my makeup but it has just gotten larger and is spreading around my mouth and up by my nose. It is very red, dry and extremely itchy. I have tried fungal cream and I have tried lotions with no relief. I have not switched shampoos or soaps or laundry soaps. I hate that it is so red and itchy and I do not want to go out in public because it is embarrassing to me.
Avatar n tn I have a rash on my face near my nose and on my chin near the corner of my mouth, it started out as tiny flesh colored bumps but then became red and itchy. I went to the dermatologist and she gave me metrolotion and eledel, she said it could be eczema or a mild form of rosacea. THat didnt work and it made it wose so i went back and she gave me doxycline. Which also is not working. I have another appointment with a different doctor on monday...
Avatar n tn This time the bumps have become itchy and flaky. They are on my entire face, around my nose, under my eyebrows etc. However, they are not on my neck. What can I do to help alleviate this? With the numerous ingredients listed on face products now, is there any way to tell which ingredient may be causing this reaction so I can avoid it in the future? Thank you.