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Avatar f tn I've had a reoccurring rash that I get around my mouth. I had been putting betamethasone on it which would clear it up but then would come back within a week if I quit using cream. Finally got insurance and was prescribed a po antibiotic and triamcinolone acetonide dental paste?? Even that seemed to help and antibiotics kept it gone for about 1-3 months but back. I'm 28. Ive quit using all products and even towels on face to no avail.
176741 tn?1295233989 My son is 21 and has had a rash on face, around his mouth, for nearly a month now. It appeared the week after he suffered through a form of the coxsackie (sp?) virus. His ped said the rash was just an 'irritation' and unrelated to the other virus. She said to put Aquaphor on it a couple times a day and it would go away. Nope. Got worse. His allergist says it is not an allergic rash. He said it looked to him like contact dermititis and said to put hydrocortisone on it.
Avatar f tn Got this rash started out under my lip then slowly stared spreading around my mouth n on my lips.. n now is on my chin n cheeck. Its red n dry n itchy. Is there anything u can recommend over the counter ?!
Avatar n tn However, they are not on my neck. What can I do to help alleviate this? With the numerous ingredients listed on face products now, is there any way to tell which ingredient may be causing this reaction so I can avoid it in the future? Thank you.
Avatar n tn The doctor perscribed a cream for my daughter because she had a rash on her leg. I tried it on my face and the blisters and itching almost went away instantly. The cream is called Hydrozole witch is a broad spectrum anti-fungal and anti-flammatory cream. It contains 1% cortizone and 1% clotrimazole and you should only put a little bit onto the infected area. Once applied, it will almost dissapear instantly. After trying everything, this is the only cream that works.
Avatar n tn Also, there is redness that is slightly flaky on either side of my nose extending down to the top of my mouth. As well there is similar redness on the middle of my forehead above my eyebrows. Also there are little patches of redness directly below and above the center of my lips. My question is could this have been caused by the yeast infection? And if so how should I go about treating it. I am going to visit a doc. soon as well.
Avatar m tn I have had this rash on my face for some time. I'd say 18 months, to 2 years. Symptoms: I have this red rash (as seen in the picture) that sometimes peels, and on rare occasions itches. It often becomes sore if I wash it with any kind of soap. If I just leave it alone most of the skin appears smooth, but in the crease on the side of my nose dead skin flakes off. Peeling rarely happens anywhere else. It use to be just on the side, and end of my nose.
Avatar n tn ve been experiencing rapid growth in some type of rash on my face, hands, and groin area. Three days ago the rash began on my hands as a few small bumps on the top of my right pinkie and ring fingers, as well as in the webbing between these two finger and the middle finger. The next day i began to notice redness and itching around my right eye and later my left.
Avatar f tn Hi! I've had a recurrent rash for over 4 years now. Actually, I think it is there year-long but flares in the early spring (Feb/March) and is more visible and itchy throughout the summer, returning to a low level in the fall and winter. The sequence is as follows: in Feb/Mar I get red circular patches at the corner of my mouth running down diagonally between mu chin and cheek (mostly on one side). I may get other small flares, but this is the main patch.
Avatar n tn Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin condition that causes flaky, dry, white to yellowish scales to form on oily areas esp. under the nose or anywhere on face. Eczema is a form of chronic dermatitis (rash).Allergic reaction is one of the important causes of eczema. My sincere advice would be to consult a dermatologist and get it evaluated as treatment is diagnosis specific. I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted in case you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.
3183132 tn?1344613043 Based on the information shared by you it is possible that you are suffering from Rocacea .It causes butterfly rash from nose to sides onto cheeks and even spread to the forehead, chin, neck and chest .Stress, hormonal changes have been linked to it. Few other possibilities are atopic dermatitis or eczema, psoriasis; lupus etc .Self treatment can be hazardous for your skin. Seek the opinion of a dermatologist and get the diagnosis confirmed. Treatment will depend on the cause.
Avatar n tn she was well covered up but after giving oral i noticed she had bumps in her arm and when i felt her back - 2 weeks later i got a pimply rash on my right chest near armpit. i never get rashes and i am terrified! rash went away in one day (maybe two) and dont know if this is normal for the ars rash. she performed oral without condom.
Avatar m tn My 5 month old baby has had a horrible red rash on his cheeks and chin for a few weeks now. My derm is telling me it's eczema and to apply desonide ointment to it. My problem is my baby rubs his eyes, cheeks and mouth while he sleeps. We put socks on his hands but he is CONSTANTLY rubbing. I know if if I apply desonide to his cheeks as the derm. tells me to that he WILL get it in his eyes and mouth. They tell me it's safe. Can someone please reassure me that this is safe.
Avatar n tn My 8 year old daughter has been having problems with a facial rash for the last several weeks. The rash tends to occur around her mouth area (chin and under nose). This rash is red, slightly raised, occurs in patches with no obvious scales or pustules. She is becoming self-conscious and complains of pain/irritation. I have applied Topicort (desoximetasone 0.05%) once to twice daily on her face which seems to improve the problem within a few days.
Avatar f tn Can syphillis Rash only be on face? Can rash be due to any other std?
Avatar m tn I have this strange rash on the side of my face that starts at about the top of my cheek and ends at my chin. It appears like small, infrequent pimples but when I touch them they don't hurt and they don't have pus or go away. It's also very dry especially around my mouth on that side even though I've been exfoliating and moisturising heaps. It started at the start of the year on my chin and now it's all the way up to the top of my cheek near my hairline on my left side.
Avatar f tn I had dry skin on my face for a couple of weeks and a pimple on my lip that excreted puss but the issue is my face was tingling for a while but no huge breakout yesterday I was kissing a friend I got redness around my mouth that went away after I washed my face please help do I have something serious
Avatar n tn neglecting to wash the face with water, face creams, applied to the area bounded by the cheek folds and chin, or topical steroid creams or ointments, which appear to be the most frequent cause. Perioral dermatitis responds well to treatment. Discontinue applying all face creams including topical steroids, cosmetics and sunscreens. When a steroid cream is discontinued, the rash gets worse for a few days before it starts to improve.
Avatar n tn It has been about three weeks since I stopped the drug and the majority of the rash has subsided. I now have some pink-purple discoloration on my back, breasts, and face. As well as increased oil on my face and some grouping of tiny pimples. Before I hardly had any pimples. I am using clyndamicine twice a day and taking an antibiotic for post op reasons. Have you come across any cases of rashes caused by Tarceva and further treatment? Or do you have any recommendations for what to do?
Avatar m tn about a year ago i've got this rash that occurs on my face. Its itchy at first then it spreads all over my face and sometime even my neck and elbow.I can barely open my mouth or eye because its so dry. It last about a week then the red patchy rash start to get extremely dry and starts peeling off. i've had this problem about 9 times now and getting very frustrated.
Avatar f tn For the last year I have been having problems with getting this blistery rash round my nose and down the crease of by face. Sometimes it shows up on my chin. I am 45 years old and it seems like it is the worst when I drink a soda or tea or even have chocolate. It starts out as a bump then turns into a blister. It often feels like they go up inside my nose. They are filled with clear liquid. It gets really bad sometimes where I don't want to leave the house.
Avatar n tn I broke out in a rash on my face in April. It seems to be spreading... It's burning and itching. My allergies have been pretty bad lately so I've been taking Zyrtec. I'm wondering if this is a reaction to the Zyrtec or if the Zyrtec helps it calm down. It does calm down then "flare" back up. It's starting to look horrible. I've never had skin problems and Im embarrassed to go in public. Doctor doesn't seem to know exactly what it is.
Avatar f tn For about a year now, I've been dealing with these sudden breakouts on my face, on and off. I've searched all over the internet and can't find anyone else with what I have. It's like very tiny, itchy bumps that focus on my cheeks, chin, around my mouth, and around my eyes with a red sort of rash. It makes my skin feel rough and textured when it's usually smooth. It comes out of nowhere, I just woke up with it yesterday morning and since then it has spread up my cheeks.