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Avatar m tn hi, i have a rash that i noticed 2 days ago, it started on my face i htink, but now its on my chest and arms aswel. on my face and neck the bumps are fairly small and a pale. most of the ones on my body are more red. ive notices a bit of dry skin on my hairline on my forehead aswel. its itches a little. any ideas as this is v. embarassing and worrying.
405370 tn?1332206110 So Amiah has quite the rash on her neck. She's going to the DR. next week, but I'm wondering if other babies have this. It doesn't bother her, but it sure looks like an allergic reaction. We've been putting Aquaphor on it...Any suggestions? Thanks!
1446211 tn?1285698733 it started on the sides of my face and has now spread down my neck to my chest and theres even a few bumps on my shoulders and on my stomach. its not painful or itchy and i mistook it for a break out until i saw it spreading. i just had my blood drawn and my endo told me to stop taking my methimazole because the dosage is too high, i didnt get my levels but im assuming that instead of being hyper that i am hypo right now cause she asked me to stop taking the methimazole immidiately.
Avatar f tn And I get a really bad rash all over my face which then spreads down my neck and chest. I have an allergy to certain foods but have never had a reaction to a face wash. What can I do to get rid of this rash and prevent it from coming back??
Avatar n tn My arms and legs look better and there is no itchy, but I still have some burning sensation on my face, neck and chest. It appears suddenly and keep for a while, it cools down a bit with help of cold water.I wonder whether this fine redness and burning on my face and neck is part of the heat rash or maybe something else? Any advice what to do more? I will appreciate your help. Thank you.
Avatar m tn , For over the past two weeks, I have had a flat, red rash that appears like a sunburn on my face and particulary the neck. When I am in the sun or heat, it increases in itchiness and burning. A few days before the rash started, I had finished my second five-day course of 750mg Amoxicillin for dental work. Also, a few days (3 or 4) before the rash started, I had a very brief (3 seconds or so) unprotected oral sex exposure of which I was the recipient (I am male, received from female).
Avatar n tn In looking at the images on the net of tinea, I do have spots of it but it is not what the rash on my chest and face is. The rest of the rash is not circular and does not respond to any of the creams or medications given to me. This rash is just a general redness. It does not occur anywhere except the area of my chest that is normally seen through a neckline opening and across my nose and a little bit of my cheeks. I am 50 years old but still have oily skin. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn hey there im the guy with the rash and what not on my neck and chest... here is the best way i could describe this to you..right below my chin and on my neck are little bumps that feel like the goosbumps, those are on my neck and the back of my neck right below my hair line. on my back and are similar symptoms excecpt they are red dots and more spread out, in random and evenly not in cluttered heavy bunches. the effected areas are not swollen, do not have impalement of skin, and are not hot.
Avatar m tn Your rash could be due to telangiectasia which are small, unsightly red blood vessels found along the surface on the face, upper chest or neck. These blood vessels are abnormal. These can be covered with make-up or removed with sclerotherapy, laser, or PhotoDerm. To be able to diagnose if this is the case, direct clinical examination is essential. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn 35 yr old female with the same rash...tiny poppable whitehead's that don't really itch. They started on my chest and neck and spread to my shoulders and back. However I HAVE NOT taken any antibiotics. The only similar symptoms I have are the medical conditions for which you allnseem to be on antibiotics for. Sore throat, low grade fever, fatigue, headaches, stiff neck. Could it be the illness rather than the antibiotic thats causing the rash?
Avatar n tn breasts and she also kissed me on my face. but we never had intercourse. I recently shaved my face at that time...there may be some cuttings and pimples at that time on my face. After 15 days from this.. i develop a rash on my chest for 1 month, i went to the doctor, they said that its uv rays infection or fungal infection. after 1 month the chest rash disappear & it came on upper chest & adams apple portion since last 3 months. I also got temperature around 98.
3183132 tn?1344613043 It causes butterfly rash from nose to sides onto cheeks and even spread to the forehead, chin, neck and chest .Stress, hormonal changes have been linked to it. Few other possibilities are atopic dermatitis or eczema, psoriasis; lupus etc .Self treatment can be hazardous for your skin. Seek the opinion of a dermatologist and get the diagnosis confirmed. Treatment will depend on the cause. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn Bumps are spreading on chest and a couple on neck now too. Please does anyone knw what this is? My husband and kids dont have this problem or any that i knw.
Avatar m tn non itchy macopopalur rash chest neck and face or all over body for acute hiv infection but many other things can cause this kind of rash
Avatar n tn To whom this may concern, Three day ago I developed a rash that is itchy next to my clavicle bone buy my neck, and it is now on my chest and back also a little on my face, it does not burn but does etch, I have not had a fever and my appetite is fine, do you have any idea what it might be? thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn I also have a slight rash on the front of my neck. I have and appointment to get examined but its not until Jan. 8th. Does this sound like something I should not wait on and go to the emergency room to get checked? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have severe dry skin on my upper arms back head stomach neck and face the skin flakes off like I'm shedding like a lizzard also I have red races over my body as well. Whenever I get wet my skin becomes extremely dry like its being pulled back on myseelf. It started as a red rash on my neck and has progressed to this. I've been to the doctors and dermatologist none of them know anything they put me a anti fungal cream which seem not to be working any ideas of what I may have?
Avatar m tn hi, i know i've been told categorically that protected sex = no risk. well i have develop a chicken pox type rash, its in my chest, back, face, neck and scalp mostly. it doesn't itch and 6 days into it, its not crusting over. im freeking out because this is typical of a type of HIV rash also. what are your thoughts? it happened 63 days after what i think is exposure? would you recommend to test given the chain of events? or is it still condom sex = no risk?
Avatar f tn It started with itching-like dry skin. Then I would get the itching on my face and my face and neck literally were red with swelling. I tried rosacia creams and anything to sooth my actually "hot"skin. I eventually called the doctor with probably my 3rd breakout in 5 months-The doctor was stumped. He put me on a steroid, antibiotic and bedadryl (interveniously to start) and it cleared up.
Avatar n tn s been going on since forever and sometimes I also have shortness of breath and my left arm numbs and ache every now and then. What's wrong with me? Help pls!
Avatar n tn Can anxiety cause facial rash and neck rash that is similar looking to a mild sunburn as well as mild to severe neck pain?
Avatar m tn s non itchy ... or very slightly before i sleep ( nothing on my chest face or neck) no fever no sollen lymph nodes no diarrhea no fever ... no other symptoms at all. when i had initially the rash i had a slightly elevated lymphocytes ( 48.8 norm is up to 45) and wbc (10300 norm is 4000 to 9800) the question is could this be an hiv rash? how long does the HIV rash last ?
18631357 tn?1466471588 7 year old son has a pimple like rash started on face and now has spread all over face and under eye brow and little on neck and chest now 4 year old has it on his face, real red pimples near both ears and on top of arms no symptoms or no itching and no fever, acting perfectly normal has anybody dealt with this type of rash or know what it could be?
Avatar n tn The rashes are very circular in shape, slighlty pink and very close to skin colour, they appear on both her arms and her neck, when touched it feels like normal skin, no noticable bumps or anything, around the size of a fingernail. She sometimes also gets a few rashes on her chest and face, not very large, about the size of a thumb. It seems like an allergic reaction to something as the rash only appears every 3 days or so and stays for around a day.
Avatar m tn I have Red Itchy spots on my Face, Neck, and the front of my shoulder. There is also a rash on my chest. They appeared suddenly a couple days ago, but it started as only one spot on my face, now it has spread. The funny thing is, The spots (and Rash) only appear on the right half of my body. I had something like this happen to me before, but it was when I was very little and had a violent allergic reaction to lady bugs, but back then my eyes had swollen shut and I had trouble breathing.