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Avatar f tn Hello, The tiny bumps on hairline and face are allergic reaction to the bleach you used. Take some antihistaminic like Benadryl or claritin. You can also apply calamine lotion on the rash. It will help in soothing the skin. A mild corticosteroid cream will also help. Also do not use this bleaching cream in the future. If the symptoms persist then please get an evaluation done form a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn i have this sum kind of red rash on face which appears to be like baby acne.itz very tiny pinkish pus filled bumps...
912322 tn?1243532588 Ive noticed that my 2 month old Stephany, is getting little red bumps on her forhead and on one side of her face, and on her neck a little bit. I always wipe her face with a soft wet cloth every night during her bath, but it doesnt seem to help.
Avatar f tn Almost exactly a week ago, I've begun to notice these tiny red or pink bumps appearing all over my body. They're quite small and are usually longer than they are wide. At first, there was a few on my chest but as the week progressed, more and more started appearing. First, on my chest and stomach, and now I have two on my left arm, right above my armpits, I have a few on both my breasts and it seems that it's starting to appear on my back as well. I even have a few on my neck.
Avatar n tn I suddenly have developed tiny bumps on my upper lip. A few months ago this happened in just one little patch but it went away, and I can't remember if I did anything. But just a few days ago they appeared again on both sides of my upper lip. Then, the next day they had spread and now go all the way along the ridge of my upper lip. They aren't particularly noticeable except they change the shape of my lip, making it look smaller than it was in the places where they are on the very edge.
Avatar f tn I recently started developing a lot of small (just a little bigger than a pin head) bumps over my entire body (except my head/face and lower legs). They are light red in color, if anything. A lot are just raised bumps and match my skin tone. It started on my left wrist, and has just gotten worse. They are extremely itchy, and haven't responded to anti-itch cream or benadryl.
Avatar f tn Almost like dry skin, but there are tiny (and I mean TINY) slightly raised bumps. They aren't red or anything. Today my entire face feels 'weird' with the "rash". I noticed on my cheeks the bumps seem slightly white, or at least lighter than my skin tone. The rash is only on my face, Ive been using lotion but it's driving me crazy... Is this something to worry about? Could it be from stress, or the smoke?
Avatar f tn My skin is rough and feels like I have little tiny bumps on it. What is this. I've never had problems with acne or anything. Could it be dry skin? I haven't eaten anything different either. I started using 1% Hydrocortizone cream, it releives the itchiness a little, but the bumps are not going away? What should I do? I do have sensitive skin though, I do not use any makeup or anything.
Avatar n tn I have tiny bumps under the skin that never seem to disappear and can't be "popped". I know you should never pop ur pimples but these have been there for months. It started when i was 20 and for the past three years it's gotten progressively worse. When I started using liquid foundations the dumps increased 10X the amount. Now that i'm using more natural products there are less but they itch and are all over my face.
Avatar f tn However, a few months ago a developed a rash on my face that started at the one corner of my mouth and then went down to my chin. It is a red rash with tiny white bumps that when popped release a clear fluid. That rash as since moved over to the other side of my mouth and now up to my nose. I was given a prescription medication for a similar rash on my finger, so I tried that on my face. It does clear it up for a little bit, but then it comes right back after I stop applying the cream.
Avatar n tn I think I may be allergic to some ingredient in a lot of face moisturizers and foundations. My face has recently broken out into tiny bumps (which has happened to me before, mostly on my forehead and around my mouth/chin) and they usually dissipate within a few days. This time the bumps have become itchy and flaky. They are on my entire face, around my nose, under my eyebrows etc. However, they are not on my neck. What can I do to help alleviate this?
Avatar n tn I have a rash on my face near my nose and on my chin near the corner of my mouth, it started out as tiny flesh colored bumps but then became red and itchy. I went to the dermatologist and she gave me metrolotion and eledel, she said it could be eczema or a mild form of rosacea. THat didnt work and it made it wose so i went back and she gave me doxycline. Which also is not working. I have another appointment with a different doctor on monday...
968629 tn?1247589607 I have a itchy rash on my face. My skin looks dry and irritated with tiny bumps in a few places. The rash is the worse aroun my smile line area. The doctor gave me steriods which made it go away, but now two weeks later.... its back. When i get out of the shower it is the most red. I have tried lotions and creams. What else can i do?
Avatar f tn I got whole of my face and neck waxed 2weeks ago and after a day i got tiny pimples/whiteheads all over the waxed area. that started itching and redness bumps too. i am using tea tree oil and aloe vera gel for past 4days. still this has not reduced. Please can you tell me how long they will take to clear up? and what should i do? Am so stressed becoz of this and unable to go out.... Please help me with this.......
Avatar n tn I broke out in a rash on my face in April. It seems to be spreading... It's burning and itching. My allergies have been pretty bad lately so I've been taking Zyrtec. I'm wondering if this is a reaction to the Zyrtec or if the Zyrtec helps it calm down. It does calm down then "flare" back up. It's starting to look horrible. I've never had skin problems and Im embarrassed to go in public. Doctor doesn't seem to know exactly what it is. Could it be allergy related??!?
Avatar f tn Monday Morning I woke up and my face feels tight. Like a thicker layer of rash, it's not red but it's got really tiny bumps not big enough to really see, but you could feel it when you rub your hand through it. As of right now it does not itch and when you look at my face you could notice that it's irritated or something. It feels sort of dry and I don't want to put anything else on it to prevent it from becoming worse.
Avatar n tn I have these red rashes with small clear (white) bumps on various parts of my face. The bumps are very tiny and they can pop to release clear discharge. I am not allergic to anything. I haven't changed anything about my daily habits recently. I've had these rashes for about two days now and they aren't really getting worse or better. It seems that they just itch and linger. They are concentrated around the left side of my face on the chin, around the mouth and ear.
Avatar n tn I have tiny red bumps on my body they are itchy and started on my chest and upper back and have over a few days spread down my body to my arms and and legs and now my hands.
Avatar n tn A couple days ago I developed a rash on my face. It started underneath my right eye one morning before I went to work. It just felt like a patch of dry skin. It started to burn like a sun burn would as soon as I would start to get hot. I thought it might be from stress because I've been really stressed out lately. The rash has spread throughout my face; mainly on my cheeks and nose. They are small very small tiny bumps that are all over.
Avatar n tn I just started using proactive a couple of days ago and I have broke out in a rash on my face. Its almost like tiny little bumps on my face. I was wondering if this is normal or if I should stop.
Avatar f tn I got a rash all over my face,arms,and back.
Avatar f tn I have been breaking out in mini pustules all over my neck, chest, and face for 3 years now. Sometimes it looks like tiny under skin bumps that makes my face look life sand paper. Mostly, it looks like tiny pimples or prickly heat, yet doesn't itch very often, only occasionally on my neck. If I squeeze them white pus will come out. Sometimes I can just squeeze my face and white puss will come out of some pores without a pimple.
Avatar n tn there are no scales on the bumps, the bumps are the same texture as the rest of my skin, however the bumps are just red, a little raised and itchy. If i try and squeeze them, a tiny tiny bit of clear puss will come out.
Avatar m tn It started to look like a little tiny patch of a rash of some sort, as a week went by and it didn't go away, then i started getting bumps or "boils" that started appearing and hurting, a few zits here and there. But i didn't think nothing of it, so 2 weeks later, i started applying Tinactin antibacterial cream thinking it might had been some kind of bacteria of some sort.
Avatar m tn (hives, wheals, confluent hives, little red bumps, big red bumps, flat red spots, large red/purple spots, tiny red spots, tiny bumps, skin cracks and fissures, eczema type lesions, psoriasis type lesions, weeping lesions, and more) The over the counter medications were useless.