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Avatar n tn ) There's tons of info on the net (and I mean professional experts' information - the internet harbours both good and bad sites). There are support boards and info sites specifically with regard to SSRIs generally, some to Prozac, some to Paxil etc.
Avatar n tn Is it safe for him to take this medication? Or is there anywhere I can look for information on the use of this medication in children?
Avatar n tn Could the prenatal use of prozac be a factor in my daughters current difficulties? Are there sources for research and further information?
Avatar n tn Of course she has since been seeing a psychiatrist that specializes in children and they had to try prozac on her, which I agreed after speaking with the psychiatrist since he is more knowledgeable. It has it's risks, but it also has benefits for children that have nightmares about horrible things that happened to them, as well as therapy. Prozac is approved for children 7 years and older. Well, it didn't even work for her after being on it for 2 months.
Avatar n tn But then the following day, I felt the Prozac even more. I developed feelings of nausea and sickness. In addition, it felt like at the same time i just had been injected with "20 cups of coffee" worth of caffeine. I was not well again until the following day when I resumed my usual dose of Paxil by itself. Overall, it was a frightening experience. My suggestion: If you are on Paxil, then stay on it. Do not switch to Prozac.
Avatar n tn what may cause an unpleasant side effect such as urinary retention in one person may not cause it in the next, same with other side effects...alot of times the physician may have to "play" around with various meds and find just the right one for that particular person....Celexa worked for me very well but Paxil was the most annoying drug i had ever tried....yet Paxil wokrs like a miracle for my neighbor....if you would like....tell us a little bit about yourself..
Avatar n tn I appreciate the fact that you are not passing medical advice for us to use in replacement of a physicians care. I don't take meds without his orders to do so. The info I receieved from you gives my more knowledge and options for when I speak with my Doctor. This gives me more options to weigh over when making a decision for change. I don't hold you responsible for any of my treatment, only myself and my own m.d. But I am grateful to have an opportunity to speak with a dr.
Avatar n tn I don't know what paxil dose you are at, but my doc basically had me get down to 1/2 dose then started easing in the effexor 75mg at a time. Since both paxil and prozac are SSRIs, you are probably okay taking both. Make sure you do a web search for prozac and paxil and look at drug interaction precautions. Maybe search "paxil prozac interaction" instead.
Avatar n tn After suffering with the withdrawls and severe mood swing, temper lash outs, etc. my doctor asked me to give Prozac a try. I began Prozac 40mg. in July of 2001, during my pregnancy. It really helped my temper and mood swings. Although I was very concerned about it's effects on my unborn baby the doctor assured me that it was the safest of all SSRI's because it had been given the most research, which showed no negative effect on unborn children.
Avatar f tn I have family member that has been on zanaz and prozac for 3-4 years, has 2 children, I have noticed latley she is slurring her words, driving while medicated with children in car and drinking. Things seem very out of normal and I am very concerned for her welfare aong with the childrens. dr. refuses to give her new RX ....has refered her to phycologist. She has stated she has suffered for years with anxiety attacks, sleeplessness, panic attacks...and also states her mom is on same meds....
Avatar m tn We were very hopeful to hear about the positive results experienced by others who have also found no relief from traditional treatments but have found great relief from low dosages of SUBOXONE for their depression and BPD. In my daughters case, however, she has experienced constant nausea, fatigue and lightheadedness.
Avatar n tn I take them in the vitamins, drops in a capsule and topically as well as in water. I use them in my toothpaste, shampoo, facial products and soap.
1331182 tn?1275479204 Do you think it is bad that I waited 3-4 days before taking the prozac or will it help right away? Thanks in advance...
Avatar n tn He has recreated himself while I have lost Who I am I am 35 yrs old couldn't tell you what my favorite purfume is or favorite brand of jeans as I haven't shoped for underwear in 3 years I am enveloped in evry ones needs and couldn't tell you my own for I havn't thaught of them untill now there are so many I am overwhelmed by my own self neglect.
459325 tn?1274758674 she is so out of control sometimes -- your words (sounds like severe anxiety) This is what is happening re children and anxiety and research. Several of the more reputable leaders in anxiety treatment believe the earlier the treatment; the better the prognosis (and I am talking of researchers and medical personnel from the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Hong Kong).
Avatar n tn I have been on Paxil (1 year or less) Zoloft ( 5 years, then Prozac for 4 years. I stopped taking Prozac in March due to it's overstimulating effects.. Now I am having problems with diarrhea, brain fog, anxiety and generally feeling like crap. My hormones are all messed up too. I am going to be getting my thyroid looked at because I may have thyroid issues as well.. SSRI's are a NIGHTMARE!!
Avatar n tn I will definitely check out the website! In addition we will be meeting with my son's psychiatrist in a couple of weeks and I will broach the subject. It kind of makes sense if testosterone is needed for growth, and celexa effects the testosterone?! Talk to you soon.
Avatar m tn I am going to take a leap and assume that what you meant to ask was "Is it a good idea to give Prozac to the elderly?" and not "Is an elderly person worth treating?". The FDA approved Prozac for use in geriatric populations in 1999 so it would seem it is relatively safe to prescribe it for your father. The web site "www.Drugs.
Avatar n tn Lately though things are getting rougher and I am having alot of difficulty controlling my emotions, anxiety, OCD and just very anxious in general. I am considered calling my OB tomorrow to discuss going back on meds but I wanted to know if y'all had any personal experiences you could share. I wouldn't do anything to cause damage to the baby but I am just having an extreme amount of difficulty coping and getting through daily life which I also know is not good for the baby.
132578 tn?1189759437 I have always had a zero tolerance drug use policy in my house not Only in practice but in the way discuss illicit drug use and the way that it destroys people's lives. One of the scariest moments I have had with my son in our relationship is the day he stood in front of me waiting for me to explain how I got HCV. He was in the 9th grade at the time and had just finished studying HCV and the different ways that you can contact it.
Avatar n tn My son started taking 10 mg of Prozac in mid January for anxiety and it has helped. But about 3-4 weeks into taking the Prozac he started having severe stomach pains. He has had x-rays and blood work which are all normal. Doctors think he was impacted with stool and did an enema followed up with Miralax for a couple of weeks but his stomach pain has continued and he is in pain every day to varying degrees.
Avatar f tn and the WOSRT AM BREASTFEEDING and read in the information that PROZAC could be harmful for the baby (even my baby is 15 months now)!!! Did any woman took PROZAC 20 while breastfeeding? am afraid and at the same time don't want to stop breast feeding and feel more guilty about this!!!!! I still didn't take the medication and just came back from ER after they put me on fluid (glucose and electrolise) because 2 days I couldn't drink or eat ! :( waiting impatiently for your support...
Avatar n tn So, I think I need to be on something in my case. My sisters were also chemically inbalanced as are our children. Tough road. Thanks for letting me vent. I'm sure I'll be on here asking for my own support. I'm grateful for the internet to be able to have others to talk this throu. Paxiled...what regime are you on now, if you dont mind my asking?
Avatar f tn I have been on ambien for 5 years and i thought that i was slowly going crazy. Forgetting co-workers names and trying to figure out what words to use in a sentence are common for me now. I did not know what was causing these problems until i read all of these posts and realized that all of you are having the exact same issues as i am. I mean the exact same problems. I have to write everything down to remember them later. It has affected every aspect of my life.
Avatar f tn I really didn't have any side effects while being on the prozac, but I only used it when I was diagnosed with depression. I'm not sure about the use of prozac for anxiety as at the time I only had depression. I know they say every drug works differently on people so it is really hard to say.
Avatar n tn Good for sleep and norepinephrine production. But I would use them in conservative doses. It is my opinion that prozac, zoloft,etc.,etc or overused. And in doses that R way too high for mild depressions or mood disorders. There are some other norepinephrine specific A/depresants. Research says using imipramine type drugs for energy related problems is somewhat effective. I had some success with Elavil 50 mgms. at bedtime.
Avatar f tn Hello All, I have a question if a person who is supposedly detoxed and now living in a residential program for whatever amount of time and it is not a lock down facility, yet they randomly get pee tested can they still do drugs being on the facility grounds? Is it still that easy to access although being in a place like that? My other question is someone who has been detoxing for 12 days, do they still have the urges? or should they be clean by now?
1306047 tn?1333247191 ) I will be starting a tiny dose of Prozac tomorrow, first I've tried (aside from Xanax) since the bad experience. I am worried about it somewhat, but, I need to do something to break the cycle so that I can work less on worrying and more on getting better.
Avatar m tn I too use to hear music in my head when I would lay down at night. I was started on Topamax for headaches and the music stopped.
Avatar m tn So you're on prozac for anxiety and depression. But there's something else that I'm strongly sensing from your posts - an overwhelming feeling of not belonging. Do your siblings feel the same way? From what I gather, your family comes from poverty but was able to climb out of it and your parents strongly stressed trying hard to succeed at life and not make any mistakes that would mess it up or bring shame on the family.