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2193833 tn?1339414902 when it comes to the meds, and the reintroduction of the drug into our systems causes a faster than normal increase in the serotonin, which leads to more severe side effects. Some people had no side effects initially, and the second time around, have every one in the book. That was me, pretty much. The bad news is, it will probably be much more difficult for you to adjust to the Prozac this time around, you may have to endure more side effects that are bothersome.
Avatar n tn I don't remember this the first time, many years ago, that I took Prozac, but I wasn't working then and was at home w/ my children so maybe I'm noticing it more being out in public. I am a kindergarten teacher and it has been very hard dealing w/ my problems and being a productive teacher. We only have 4 wks. left so I'm trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for any advice or thoughts!!
Avatar n tn I have stopped taking 40 mg of Prozac cold turkey and I had no side effects, and I have done that several times over the years. When I stopped taking Effexor, the side effects felt terrible. Even tapering it down I still felt the side effects although to a lesser degree.
Avatar n tn Look up antidepressants and tardive dyskensia, Tardive dysphoria which are but a few long term problems. In light of potential problems and side effects you should know that antidepressants are barely better than placebo the science does not support there effectiveness. refer" Your drug may be your problem". Peter Breggin md and David Cohen phd. For other long term side effects i suggest you read Joseph Glenmullens"Prozac Backlash".
Avatar n tn Prozac can cause many bad side effects in children. Please insist this child at least see another doctor to get a second opinion.
Avatar n tn So I stopped taking Prozac 5 weeks ago without tapering. The side effects are there, dizziness, electrical feeling impulses in my brain, irritability, etc. But, it is not something that I can't handle, so far. I am determined to control my emotions and myself through natural methods and with God's guidance. My questions are the following: 1. Will these withdrawl symptoms ever go away? They did after I quit the effexor.
Avatar n tn I have taken 25mg a day for the past past week and now I am experiencing a terrible salty taste in my mouth that is quite bothersome. I didn't have this side effect in the past and am wondering if it could be the Zoloft and if so, will it eventually go away?
Avatar n tn I belong to a support group for teachers and parents of children suffering from anxiety. Many of the children take medication - including Celexa. About four children in our group are on this medication (all in conjuction with intervention and/or therapy). For these children, this "drug" seems to work the best with the fewest side effects. Our child takes Celexa - before that Prozac and Effexor. Celexa is the best one for her - so far.
462771 tn?1358359443 I DID have the flu like side effects for 3-4 days after the shot. Unfortunately, the side effects did not wane, so after 3 years I gave up on it. It was an excellent drug at preventing any progression of my MS and no more additional lesions on MRI. I am now on Copaxone, which was chosen due to no flu-like side effects. Taking a daily shot is really no big deal. I have been on it for a year.
Avatar n tn Milo is feeling kind of rough right now, side effects of the treatments and all, but he's in good spirits, hanging in there, and best of all, halfway through his treatment! Little Milo probably feels the worse of the two! You're so, so right about friends. Unfortunately there are all too few of the true friends around...though I read one person quoted as saying that if he died with one true friend in this world, he'd feel lucky.
Avatar n tn 3 weeks would not be long enough for prozac to start working properly, but it can still cause side effects in that time, and if the side effects are bad then it's not unusual for a doctor to take their patient straight off it as there wont be withdrawl symptoms unless the patient has been on it for quite a while.
Avatar f tn I also find it unlikely that the Wellbutrin would cause you to gain weight, although that is a common side aeffect of Prozac. If you're concerned with bothersome side effects, talk with your provider about possible alternatives.
Avatar f tn A high level Neo Nurse with an even disposition. ACOA, in recovery with 2 children and a husband and stepfather to my kids. The disease really has taken a toll on my marriage. Post TX my viral count went from the 100,000's to the millions. I then went to a specialist in Charlotte, NC who decided I would respond with the new Peg Interferon and ribavirin. I wanted to get rid of the disease" bad", working with sick babies and having a deadly disease did not correlate as ok in my mind.
Avatar n tn MD - It is difficult enough to get the TRUTH from GSK, ELI LILLY, the FDA, and other regulatory bodies outside of a court room about the side effects and withdrawal symptoms that exist in non-pregnancy situations re SSRIs. These drugs have been on the market a relatively short time. As this is the case, what hope have we of believing that the truth (or any convicting studies) will be given openly about the long-term results of children exposed to SSRIs in the uterus?
Avatar f tn Thanks for your answer . I have been back on it for a week now and just still have anxiety in the morning.
Avatar n tn But I insist the weight gain is due to the Prozac. I have done some research in books and via internet and Prozac is used to treat obesity and overeating issues, but it seems to be doing the opposite for me. I think more research needs to be done. Prozac has been around for such a long time and its benefits are wonderful, but my weight gain is leading to other problems. My fourth child is 3 now and would really like to know if anyone out there has taken Prozac while pregant.
Avatar m tn as it says on the leaflet not to take if you shortness of breathe.. could people give me there experiances, and side effects, and opinions on prozac and on my situation please? also I'm 18, I've heard prozac can make people worse if they're under 25 has this happened to anyone on here?
Avatar n tn what may cause an unpleasant side effect such as urinary retention in one person may not cause it in the next, same with other side effects...alot of times the physician may have to "play" around with various meds and find just the right one for that particular person....Celexa worked for me very well but Paxil was the most annoying drug i had ever tried....yet Paxil wokrs like a miracle for my neighbor....if you would like....tell us a little bit about yourself..
Avatar n tn I don't know what paxil dose you are at, but my doc basically had me get down to 1/2 dose then started easing in the effexor 75mg at a time. Since both paxil and prozac are SSRIs, you are probably okay taking both. Make sure you do a web search for prozac and paxil and look at drug interaction precautions. Maybe search "paxil prozac interaction" instead.
Avatar m tn So sorry to hear of the issues your daughter is having. What kind of doctor prescribed the Prozac? Medicating young people with these kinds of meds is very tricky. When it is decided by the parent(s) and doctor that a medication is the next step, it should be managed by a child/adolescent psychiatrist, because there are many special considerations.
Avatar n tn This can cause a multitude of serious physical and emotional adverse side effects. Giving these drugs to children is absolutely unconscionable for many reasons. One of the most obvious is that increased cortisol impairs the development and regeneration of the liver, kidney and muscles, as well as impairing linear growth. Yet, learning that even one parent was given this information would be surprising. PROZAC: PANACEA OR PANDORA?
Avatar n tn 1) go back to a lower dose of the prozac, and see if he tolerates it 2) try a similar medication to prozac, but that will probably have a similar side-effect profile 3) try a medicine like welbutrin that may help depression, but won't help OCD/anxiety 4) go without medicine Has anyone else had that kind of issue with prozac? If so, was there a different medication that worked for you?
Avatar n tn I have heard that Zoloft in combination with Ritalin can help with some of the initial side effects..any truth in this? Any first time experiences with the med would help. Also I am completely new to SSRIs.
Avatar n tn Tired all the time. Sleeping a lot. Anyway, how long after stopping these drugs will the side effects last? How soon will I be out of danger of siezure?
Avatar n tn 1) go back to a lower dose of the prozac, and see if he tolerates it 2) try a similar medication to prozac, but that will probably have a similar side-effect profile 3) try a medicine like welbutrin that may help depression, but won't help OCD/anxiety 4) go without medicine I'm leaning towards option 2, but is it true that the similar medicines will probably have same side effects?
560272 tn?1311353893 4 months off Prozac, and I can barely leave my home. I'm thinking that this is not good.
Avatar n tn The cool thing is it has as strong an antidepressant effect as prozac did for me but none of the sexual side effects. The uncool thing is it is damned expensive. Thanks for the kind comments. I call myself Withchywoman because I am a Witch. Witchraft is a life affirming religion that centers on the Divine being found right here and now, in nature. It is polytheistic, believing in many Gods and Goddesses. It's main focus tends to be healing, though there are many differnt forms of it.
Avatar n tn My doc was non supportive and beleives that Effexor XR has no side effects. He is wrong, and inept in his ability to understand what he prescribes. Since August I have gone to the 37.5m cap for 30 days, then I had to actually split the granules that I know was not all that smart, but I couldn;t get the lower dose. I have been Effexor XR free for 5 days, I have slight vertigo, but it lessens daily.
Avatar n tn I took my treatment in 1997, and I am still suffering side effects. The treatment was not successful then. Now in addition to the side effects, now I have the symptoms of a much deteriorated liver, so of course life was better before the first treatment, but it is not only the side effects it is the condition of your liver that must be getting worse after so many years (unless you successfully cleared the virus then).