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Avatar f tn Has anyone else taking Fluoxetine (similar to Prozac) experienced side effects? I have noticed some odd changes in the way my body responds to exercise; specifically, excessive sweating. I'm not sure if the medication is directly linked, but in the past year (I have been taking the drug for about 2.5 years) I break into an all over the body sweat very easily, and it has happened even when I'm not exercising.
Avatar f tn Since it takes about a month or 6 weeks for most people to have beneficial effects kick in, the side effects start well before the desired ones. Your choice is, can you tolerate the side effects for 4-6 weeks to see if the benefits come and outweigh them, or are they just too much to tolerate and this isn't the medication for you.
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Avatar f tn Even if they are safe you might have a bad reaction to them, Prozac is an SSRI and have carries side effects, it can make some people suicidal. If you are feeling depressed post again and we can help.
Avatar m tn These drugs tend to cause less sedation and have different side effects to older antidepressants. Fluoxetine or Prozac elevates mood, increases physical activity and restores interest in everyday pursuits. Prozac is used to treat depression , to reduce binge eating and purging activity ( bulimia nervosa) and to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder. Fluoxetine is broken down slowly and remains in the body for several weeks after treatment is stopped.
Avatar m tn Try the generic version of prozac..called fluoxetine. It comes in white tablets. Pills and capsules seem to vary in their effects with this medication.
543959 tn?1301315419 we just started the lexapro slowly as i slowly decreased the fluoxetine. fluoxetine stays in your body for several weeks, so withdrawal effects are less likely (and/or less severe) than with other SSRIs. i would speak to your dr. about a slow transition from one med to the other... or give the buspirone a try. buspirone is supposed to be similar to valium in terms of it's anti-anxiety properties. so if you are having trouble with anxiety or panic, this might be a good combination for you.
527657 tn?1214051850 Fluoxetine is generic Prozac. I've been on it a few times, and I'm back on it again. It will take 4-6 weeks before you begin to feel a difference (sometimes sooner). But it will happen. The only side effect I've ever had from it was insomnia, but that always goes away in a few weeks, so give it some time. As far as alcohol goes, you don't say how much you drank, but I have had a couple of beers now and then on fluoxetine without any problems.
2193833 tn?1339411302 when it comes to the meds, and the reintroduction of the drug into our systems causes a faster than normal increase in the serotonin, which leads to more severe side effects. Some people had no side effects initially, and the second time around, have every one in the book. That was me, pretty much. The bad news is, it will probably be much more difficult for you to adjust to the Prozac this time around, you may have to endure more side effects that are bothersome.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your reply, but I do know the side effects of Fluoxetine. I'm trying to fix the side effects...
1063764 tn?1272821064 The result of this interaction is an increase in melatonin side effects (eg. headache, nausea, and increased drowsiness). Whether this results in any real danger (in most cases) is doubtful, although the literature does not recommend taking melatonin and fluvoxamine together. The drug interaction between fluvoxamine and melatonin is probably due to fluvoxamine's inhibition of the cytochrome P450 system (CYP); specifically CYP1A2 and CYP2C9 isoenzymes.
Avatar m tn t deserve their mom vomiting in between changing diapers b/c doctors think your exaggerating side effects!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Prozac (fluoxetine) is an anti-depressant that works by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin back into your brain, thereby encouraging it to produce more. It has one of the longest half-lifes of all the SSRIs and is therefore one of the easiest to wean off of. It is generally taken early in the day so that you won't have diffuculty sleeping at night.
Avatar f tn A study published in the journal Endocrinology (2004) reveals that giving Prozac to children may result in a loss of bone mass. The study was conducted on mice and showed an average 9.4% less bone formation in the thighbones of the mice taking Prozac, compared to mice who were not given the drug.
Avatar n tn Did you start at full dosage or is your psychiatrist tapering you up to full dosage, as is recommended? This can minimize side effects.
Avatar m tn Merry Christmas - I'm sorry you're going through this! I don't have any experience with prozac, so I'm not sure how much help I can be. However, I can share a couple of things I've learned on my med. journey. Starting or increasing a dose on our anxiety meds can actually increase our anxiety as a side effect. This is no fun, I know. But this is usually temporary and goes away over time. GI distress can also be a common side effect.
Avatar n tn all drs love to push pills and you are on a new type of ssri med with cymbalta and the old prozac pills back in the olden days and i dont hear good things about the tricyclics. can cause eventaully strokes and other negative pills side effects. why are you on 2 anti depression meds. take one or the other. you need to be open and tell dr what you want not what he wants. trust me!!
Avatar n tn Long story short, after 3 weeks of being on the increased dosage if I persist and wait a few more weeks will the side effects to go away, is it normal for an increase in dosage to have this affect and how long do the side effects usually last? Or should I go back to my GP and be reducing back down to 20mg until I see the psychiatrist. If it is likely these are just interim side effects I can persist for another few weeks.
Avatar f tn just a quick question if anybody can answer it for me dose a dose increase in fluoxetine (prozac) cause any side effects? I'm going from 20mg per day to 40mg tonight due to the fact i'm feeling the 20mg isn't working as good as it has done for me.
Avatar f tn t cause excessive perspiration like other TCAs have caused for me in the past, i.e., Anafranil, then I could stick with the Vivactil. if the Vivactil side effects are overwhelming, however, I can D/C it and wait the one or two weeks before starting Parnate. Parnate is tried and true for me. Vivactil is a nifty little underused med, though. I cannot seem to recall if I had perspiration problems with Vivactil like I did with Elavil and Anafranil, etc.