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Avatar f tn Oh, and I wanted to also add, Prozac has been on the market a long time now. If there were a lot of problems with it's long term users we'd know by now. We have seen it with other meds. So another reason not to let this be a concern to you. Peace.
Avatar n tn I would never advise anyone to take prozac for any long period of time. I personally feel that prozac and other antidepressants should be used short term with a definite cut off date. After some time that I cannot identify, prozac simply stopped working and caused me to decline in my mental health. I welcome any comments to my comments.
Avatar n tn Prozac is the easiest SSRI to withdraw from because it has such a long half-life that it slowly leaves your body. Effexor is the hardest since it has the shortest half-life and one who is trying to taper will go in and out of withdrawal due to this. Paxil is also very difficult to taper and withdraw from...
Avatar n tn I have been taking zoloft for 8 plus years 60-75 mg daily. I feel much better on it however I am concerned about the long term use. Any info on long term effects of zoloft.?
Avatar f tn You know, I'm not totally sure, but it seems like kitty's weight wouldn't make a difference in mgs given. I googled for long term use, but didn't find anything. Lysine long term looks to be fine other than if kitty should have kidney problems. I did see gastric upset mentioned on higher doses (1000mgs or more).
Avatar f tn He is now 50, and the combination of the long term anti-depressant use and the beginnings of male menopause have made him uninterested in life, he has no emotions, is not interested in sex, went thru an angry phase(definitedly from the effexor), etc. He tried 2 different meds this fall and neither helped, so he has stopped taking anything in order to let his body air out. He is getting therapy from a social worker.
Avatar m tn It is a welcome relief to see someone aware of long term effects. Long term use can make depression more treatment resistant when you relapse. Can cause tardive dyskinea, tardive dysphoria. I am 47 days prozac free after 10 years and it is tough. I made the mistake of thinking withdrawal was relapse, which is why alot of people become dependent on SSRIs. SSRIs have defintitely been linked to symptoms of parkinsonism. Look up SSRI induced parkinsonism.
Avatar n tn Does Wellbutrin become ineffective after long term use? Do people develop anger issues over time? One doctor told me that these effects are felt early, but would not present after years of use, and today a Psychiatrist told me that my recent emotional (angry) responses were caused by the Wellbutrin and that I needed to change to Lexapro. I'm confused. Can you tell me which is the better answer?
Avatar n tn It is not uncommon that long-term treatment is required for this disorder especially if you had a trial off of the medication and you had a relapse of symptoms. There are no long-term adverse effects associated with this treatment and many people are on maintainence doses(just as if they were being treated for another chronic condition like high blood pressure). You may require a slightly higher dose of Prozac if you are not receiving as robust of a response as you did initially.
Avatar n tn I have been on klonopin now for 3 days 0.5 twice a day, in went cold turkey on a 0.5 once a day long term use of alprazolam. After 14 days went through crazy panic attacks and insomnia. So went to my Dr this Monday he put me on klonopin 0.5 in the morning and 0.5 for sleep. my question is can i quit this after a week? or do i need to taper at such a short time and low dose that i am on? I only took 1/2 of 0.5 this morning. He wants to introduce effexor or the equivalent next week. Please help.
Avatar m tn First we kill animals, then we kill people, because we just don't really know what these drugs will do in long-term use. We find out after a few years. Yet I wouldn't ban Paxil -- it still is probably the best drug for some people whatever the costs, maybe even for me. I just can't seem to find out. Appreciate your and anybody else's help on how to find out such things -- my initiative was destroyed with the incredible anxiety and depression that has followed discontinuation of Paxil.
Avatar f tn Can you remind her that no matter how bad she feels right now, that her children's safety should trump all other things right now....they also need their mother in the long term. It can be very hard and frustrating being on the outside looking in, but I would appeal to the safety of her children and her long term health for her family. She is going to see a mental healthcare professional, which will definitely help in my opinion. Can you also talk to her doctor....
Avatar f tn Xanax is highly addictive and is not recommended for long-term use while Klonapin (which is very similar and in my opinion works just as well) is more suitable for long term use and less addictive.
601528 tn?1224085098 I do believe seeking counseling, exercising, and adapting to a healthy life style is the best way to go. The long term effects of prescription drugs is just not worth it.
Avatar n tn Hello Does anyone know the side effects of long term use of fluoxetine? Is there any time limit that you should be on this drug or if your symptoms dictate is a long term/permanent use of drug acceptable?
Avatar m tn What I was wondering is if this short term memory loss can be explained away with long term antidepressant use or a possible physical condition. Doctors are in short supply in my city, and I've been to the walkin clinic for prescription refills, and when I've asked the doctor about it, all he has to say is that he's never heard of memory loss being a symptom of long term antidepressant use.
Avatar m tn I just wanted to get feedback on the best long-term SSRI-type drugs (Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, etc.) you all might have tried. Do they ever work at all? I suffer from stress-related generalized anxiety and occasional panic attacks. This has also, I believe, helped to increase my typical blood pressure readings to above normal (very healthy 28-year-old, otherwise. I work out, am at healthy weight, etc.).
Avatar n tn I am concerened about the long and short term effects of her use of pot, especially with the medications she is taking. She claims it helps slow her mania down, but I have not noticed any slowing effects. I have noticed loss of memory, loss of concentration ans slurred speech. I have been trying deperatly to get her to stop smoking the ****! But, she won't. I love her very much and care deeply for her. I don't know what else to do other than notify her psychiatrist.
Avatar f tn it's designed for the times where you literally can't function because you're so anxious/depressed. i suggest doing research on the effects of long-term daily use of xanax has on your mind. i only suggest that because it's a good idea to be well informed about the drug since most doctors don't see a need to educate their patients on it. anyway, as i said i don't intend to scare you...xanax can be extremely effective with low risk of dependency if it's used correctly.
Avatar m tn this will all help, but ultimately it is down to a combination of your will, and whether or not your body/mind needs the drug long term (ie, if they will let you!).
Avatar m tn I have been taking oxycodone, provigil, and symbax for many years - more than 5. I do not abuse the medications, in fact my doctor is consistently telling me to take them as ordered because I take less than he recommends because the lesser dose does the job. I do not take oxycodone for pain but because my system is so weird it actually energizes me and helps me with my sleep apnea in that even if I do not feel rested, it will give me enough energy to function.
Avatar n tn Could the prenatal use of prozac be a factor in my daughters current difficulties? Are there sources for research and further information?