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Avatar n tn I've known people on prozac, that quit cold turkey and had no withdrawal symtoms. I didn't have such luck with paxil,effexor. Does prozac not have the withdrawal symtoms, is it not as likely to cause these problems?
Avatar f tn Strattera is used to treat ADD/ADHD in both adults and children. However, Prozac is used to treat depression as well as to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and bulimia nervosa (an eating disorder). It is not used to treat ADD/ADHD. Something is missing here .....
Avatar f tn Going back on Prozac after such a long period should not be a problem although the dosage should be clearly monitored. If you haven't tried Paxil, as stated earlier, it might be worth it. Paxil not only effects depression, but is good for controlling anxiety.Good Luck!
Avatar n tn and, in addition, suffer from periods of insomnia if I take a dose less than 4mg; then, if I switch to Prozac will this medication also make me sleepy during the day, or give me insomnia at night? I believe that if I take any Paxil at all now, no matter how small the dose, I will be sedated during the day. And, I'm also wondering if 10mg of Prozac is too much if I've only been on 4mg of Paxil for more than a year now?
Avatar m tn Hi, My 12-year old was prescribed Prozac for her anxiety. She fears she will have nausea and vomiting during school and it makes her anxious ALL DAY. We tried reading books about other tweens with anxiety, meditation, school pass for the guidance counselor when anxiety starts and talking with two counselors who taught her deep breathing. We then resorted to Prozac when her pediatrician saw our attempts.
2193833 tn?1339414902 Hi, I was on Prozac 20 years ago for a period of a year for post-natal anxiety worked well for me then. I am now 45 years old & on blood pressure meds...I've had a very traumatic few years which resulted in post traumatic stress, panic attacks & claustraphobia. I bacame obsessed that this stress would all make my bp go up again.
Avatar n tn hi i have just come off citalopram to prozac the prozac is supposed to help the withdrawal from othe ssri's i had terrible withdrawal from citalopram, electric shock feelings in myhead, pins and needles ANGER all for about ten days then that subsided and the prozac started to kick in still getting a little angry, still depressed but im getting better each day. your doc should know this. its a well known fact they give people prozac to help come off other ssri's.
Avatar n tn I found if I took a benzo such as Xanax as needed only with Prozac, it was great. Prozac alone does not cut it for anxiety. I hope you feel better.
Avatar n tn After suffering with the withdrawls and severe mood swing, temper lash outs, etc. my doctor asked me to give Prozac a try. I began Prozac 40mg. in July of 2001, during my pregnancy. It really helped my temper and mood swings. Although I was very concerned about it's effects on my unborn baby the doctor assured me that it was the safest of all SSRI's because it had been given the most research, which showed no negative effect on unborn children.
3050754 tn?1340209618 Which I agree with totally but whenever I try to discuss other medication options she looks even more nervous. I don't have the ability to see a psychiatrist all the time because I have two young children at home and my husband has to work. I don't have the money to get a babysitter every time I need to go to the psychiatrist. I also feel like if my doctor would just do some research and actually listen to me that we'd be able to work out something better.
Avatar n tn i was under the impression that prozac isnt that bad especially at such a low dosage. can anyone tell me how long this will last. I want it to get better but it is like i am obbessing about it and it is making it worse.
Avatar f tn the dopiness mentioned was more of a drugged out stupor for me and only occurred at dosage changes. Tingling in the fingers or toes lessens over time; occasionally have bad days. I do tend to have numbness in the tips of my fingers most of the time. These things I've gotten use to. What I've finally discovered from reading here, is the cause of the hair loss which was extreme over the last six months.
Avatar n tn He has been on Ritalin, Cylert, Prozac, Zoloft,Inipramine, Welbutrin,Epival,and I can't remember what others. These have all been tried over the years. Ritalin had the most efect other than it has reallly stunted his growth and after a period of time it would not work at all even with the dosage being increased. He has been getting in trouble quite abit lately, was off the Ritalin over the summer, grew 2 inches and refused to go back on Ritalin as he said he really felt horrible on them.
401095 tn?1351395370 Short-term studies have shown that children using antidepressants have an increased risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in the first few months of treatment. Children should be closely monitored when beginning antidepressants or changing dosage. Likewise, adults who have depression (or other psychiatric conditions) and a history of suicidal behavior should also be closely watched. About the Author Dr.
Avatar n tn We met with a child psychiatrist and gave us the diagnosis but also said she had OCD and prescribed Prozac for her(about 1/4 tsp every day). I am concerned about putting her on meds but also feel horrible for her and her tantrums have been unbearable (stemming from the obsessions) for our entire family. Is meds for this along with therapies for the other autism issues the right thing or should i think twice about putting her on meds?
Avatar f tn they put me on a small dosage of prozac and gave me some samples of seroquell (sp?) has anyone heard of this or taken them? Im on day 5 or 6 , ive lost count because ive had such bad anxiety and depression. I almost went to the hospital because it got so bad. And the addict i am , once i got my rx i went out and did 1 oxy for a sort of last hoorah :( will i be set back? i start therapy monday and told my family and my husbands family about everything. but not slipping up yesterday. any advice.
Avatar f tn He is also very anxious, will not talk to his children on the phone, does not want to do anything but lay around, and is very shaky. This has been since October (it is now almost March!). He has since been prescribed a slew of medications which proved ineffective.
Avatar f tn im also on xanax was on prozac dr changed it to wellbutrin sr..i have been reading where these meds can cause a seizure...
Avatar n tn this and the Prozac made her extremely hyper, crying, writing on walls (normally would not touch a marker or crayon), EVERYTHING HAS GERMS TO HER. The psychiatrist says she will not prescribe her any more antidepressants because of her reaction to the Zoloft and the Prozac. These are the only 2 antidepressants she has tried. She has been diagnosed with EXTREME OCD. This all started her 1st day of Kindergarten (she was then 4 years old). PLEASE HELP I AM VERY VERY WORRIED ABOUT HER.
250798 tn?1347938480 so i've taken prozac, paroxetine, hydroxyzine, and trazadone over the past 7 years, i've also taken tramadol for 2.5 years due to severe pain before/during/after my period. The past 2 and a half years i've noticed that my pain is not as severe, however, my periods are still scanty and imbalanced, i at times miss a month.
Avatar f tn I have called my doctor today as i am experiencing worsened anxiety symptoms, severe sweating, shortness of breathe, facial twitching... etc. They are taking me off of this as well and trying prozac. My question, after only 9 days, do i have to dose off? I am only taking 100MG once a day, and this was day 9. I cant stand anymore of the side effects it is causing. They recommended taking three more, while doing every other day, but if at all possible i would rather just stop.
Avatar f tn I do belong to a support group for parents and teachers of children suffering from anxiety and many of our children are taking SSRI's - Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, etc. some as young as three years of age. Our child has been taking a SSRI for about six years (she is now 12 years old) and we hope she will be able to function without her medication very soon.
Avatar f tn I have been on all sorts of medications to help control it. Xanex,Clonopin,Buspar,Prozac,Celexa,Wellbutran,Diazpam, and the most recent because I am pregnant and its he only one thye had that was safe to take Atarax. I have been through years of counsling with psychotherapists and was at the point of giving up on them til I found one that worked great with me.
Avatar f tn My doctor said the low dosage was enough for me to be able to function and that Prozac was the easiest antidepresssant to taper off of once my Synthroid dosage was at the right amount. I have been off Prozac for a couple of months now and feel just fine. So, to answer your question, yes. Prozac might be able to help you even if your thyroid levels aren't stabilized yet. It did for me. Hope that helps you out a bit. Good luck with everything.
1476999 tn?1287251077 It has kept my depression under control, although my dosage has had to be increased 3 times. I take 50 mg. daily now, and Klonopin for anxiety if I need it. I started drinking beer again about 8 months ago. Probably 6-8 beers a night. My question is can alcohol cause and antidepressant to stop working? I have been having feelings of anxiety and feeling down for about the last week. I'm 47 years old, could my feelings be coming from menopause? I don't know if I'm really going through that yet.
Avatar n tn if your already on prozac, as i understand it, this is one of the variety of meds that can help, and maybe you need an up in your daily dosage. if your finding that the prozac is making you worse, like i did when on it, there numerous other anti-depresant meds that can help with both of your illnesses, they are often related, and as my physchiatrist put it "they tend to run in clusters". Please talk to your doctor, if thoughts of sucicide are present you need to see someone ASAP!!
Avatar f tn He has been on Concerta for about one month and now he is on prozac.he takes two concertas 27 mg along with a prozac pill every day.I have noticed very little change in him.I did hear that it takes 4 weeks for both medications to take effect.tomorrow will be the 4th day of him taking prozac.just wanted some advice on what route should I go with has been very tough.thank you so much.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had panic attacks and able to have children? Two miscarriages and doc says I will probably never get off the pills. I am on .5mg of klonopin 1x day and 20mg of prozac....anyone have kids with meds????
5757880 tn?1395581622 So, after a lengthy conversation with my husband (who isn't big on giving meds to children), we both agreed that with his ADHD med (methlophyidate. 20mg, 3 times daily) that perhaps he does need an anti-anxiety med since the doctor believes some of his actions, quirks and ticks are due to his stress and how he tries to handle social situations.
Avatar m tn We have observed some small improvements but are wondering if the severe discomfort she is experiencing is worth her continuing this approach because nothing else has worked until now (PROZAC, HALDOL, etc). Is there something else she might consider taking with the SUBOXONE (and VIVANCE) that would neutralize the nausea?