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1330182 tn?1279815900 It did wonders in the beginning for my anxiety but as my dosage was increased to 50mg, I noticed weight gain and break thru anxiety.. I switched to prozac which over time made my anxiety worse.. I went off prozac in March 2010 and my anxiety came back hard! I lost a lot of weight and couldn't eat :( I started Celexa 3 weeks ago @2.5mg. I know that is a low dose, but I am very med sensitive..
Avatar f tn I was wondering, at what dosage did you notice a gain or loss of weight? I've read about people either gaining or losing weight, but no one says what dosage they're on. I'm taking 25mg right now and the doc and I were talking of moving me to 50mg. Standing at a whopping 5ft, I of course worry about the weight gain.
Avatar m tn EtteBette is right ~ trust your doctor, give the prozac a chance, it may take time for it to begin working. Not all ssri's (one type of antidepressant/family that includes paxil, prozac, zoloft, effexor, etc.) make you in to a zombie. Prozac is not a new medication. I know several people that are on it for years now with very good results! Just know that it may take 3-6 weeks to see an effect, and maybe even an increase in the dosage. Many people take 20 m.g.
Avatar n tn i understand what you are going through, i recenlty spent 32 days in the hospital for extreme weight loss due mostly in part to depression. i was on almost every antidepressant known, and failed to respond adequately to anything. i had to have hyperalimentation therapy for six weeks to maintain what little weight i hadn't lost. finally my dr. recommended ect, and while i was terrified of the idea, i knew it was my last hope.
Avatar f tn Prozac dosage increased.
369623 tn?1204724851 I found some links and apparently, weight loss on Prozac is a common theme and some people actually take it just for those desired effects. One woman (on Yahoo! health) said she lost weight on it and it stopped after four weeks.
Avatar n tn How do you know what the proper dosage is for taking HCG drops for weight loss? Also when you buy it what are you looking for as far as strength?
Avatar n tn It sounds like you are just on a plateau where your body is adjusting to your weight loss. Don't "play" with your dosage, but give it some time and see if you don't do better in another month before looking for another med.
Avatar n tn Phenteramine is a stimulant used for short-term period as a weight loss medication. It is not indicated for long term use. Medications for weight loss should be used only in combination with exercise and diet modification. In general weight gain associated with Prozac and the other SSRI's is minimal (5-7#s). Wellbutrin is one of the antidepressants that has no weight gain associated with it and may be an option that you could discuss further with your psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn Have now had reoccurrence in both eyes within past 19 months; extremely high dosage of steroids (100mgs) daily; as soon as dosage drops to 40mgs daily the disease begins it's relentless march on the other eye - back and forth. Back on steroids - which are killing me. HIGH weight gain - currently up to 160#'s and I've never weighed over 120; depression (now on Prozac). I'm 56 years old and NEVER had any eye problems when out of the blue this hit me @ 54.
Avatar n tn They are coming out with a new FDA approved drug called Alli for weight loss. It should be sold in drugstores soon. I don't know if it is already being sold in some places. If anyone has ever used this drug can you tell me if it helped? I don't want to waist my money on another thing that doesn't help!
1330182 tn?1279815900 The side effects I had from the prozac disappeared except for the loose stools. My Pych doc said the Prozac was too stimulating for me. On 6/22/10 I had a major anxiety attack/breakdown. I stopped eating because the anxiety was terrible. I had a CBC blood panel, Metabolic blood panel with normal results. I started on Klonopin about a week ago which seems to have lessened the stomach tightness and panic attacks.
1798419 tn?1315810427 ve heard that some people lose weight on prozac, but some people who are skinny to begin with (like me) often gain weight with prozac. I've been off it for ages but have recently gone on it again. I'm having a hard time adjusting back to it as well. From what I remember, last time it took me about a month before the side effects went away. You could try mirtazapine (Avanza) it wont affect your sex drive. I tried it, but it made me way too drowsy.
Avatar f tn Do any of you have any experience with Prozac and Lamictal as far as weight or loss?
Avatar m tn I DO NOT recommend messing with your dosage but I would definately make sure my dosage is right in oder to get on the right track for weight loss.
Avatar f tn Prozac can cause weight loss and decreased appetite. Diet soda would help with weight loss due to zero calories in the soda. Regular soda will cause gain if consumed excessively due to the high sugar content. Tea alone is fine, however, weight gain may occur over time if you add large amounts of sugar and consumed numerous cups daily.
20632981 tn?1503687567 I have taken 20mg Prozac and 150mg great for me for thirty years....although there are times my psychiatrist has upped my Wellbutrin to 350 mg and the Prozac to 80 mg. Sometimes it is not that they have stopped working you may just need your dosage tweeked to be effective. My opinion is these adjustments should be made under the care of a psychiatrist who can monitor their effect. Please discuss this with a professional who may change both of these medication.
Avatar f tn My endocronologist whom I see for hypothyroidism has prescribed topamax for weight loss. I am so afraid to take the first dosage of 25 mg. I keep reading horror stories that sound like I will have a personality transformation and never be normal again. :)) I am considered obese and need help with weight loss. Can anyone reassure me about this drug?
581310 tn?1253029550 I am feeling no different with the anxiety. I am thinking I might need to get on xanax for a little while until my prozac is increased since it is really driving me crazy. Any advice would be great.
Avatar m tn Possible Adverse Effects Headache/ nervousness - common Insomnia/anxiety - common Nausea/diarrhea - common Weight loss - common Drowsiness -rare Sexual dysfunction -rare Rash -rash This information is from The Canadian Guide to Drugs and Supplements. It is been compiled by the Canadian Pharmacists Association and published by Reader's Digest.
Avatar n tn So, I've been prescribed Prozac as of this morning, so I'm looking for some feedback from anyone who takes it, knows someone who does, or has taken it... I'm mainly worried about weight gain... I've read that Welbutrin XL causes weight loss.. Any feedback for that one will be good too. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Within the last few months (nine) I have lost a significant amount of weight. I have noticed my hair becoming a bit thinner and possibly a small amount of hair loss (minor). The main change however is the texture of the hair. As I am not a resident this year in the country where my thyroid tests took place I havent been for a check, although I plan to do so soon,(christmas). Could you please give me some quick advice regarding this issue and how to deal with it? Have I overdosed?
Avatar m tn What is the best dosage of liquid clen for a woman trying to loss weight. I can not do much exercise due to a back injury. That is the biggest reason for trying the clen. Can someone tell me the best way to start out?
Avatar f tn LOL you can read about many of the psych drugs and see weight loss and weight gain with them. I maintained a healthy weight on Prozac for a long time. My meds have been changed to lamictal, provigil, and lexapro and I can't tell any difference. Many people lose weight on provigil though. Talk with your doctor and see if he/she can adjust your medication to help you.