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Avatar n tn the second week you take that lowest dose every other day; the third week, every third day, then stop. You might ask your doctor about using klonopin for two weeks to be even more safe...week three and week four.
Avatar n tn hello,i have read any other peoples suggestions on this topic,im 19 weeks pregant and taking a low dose of prozac,i shuld take them every day but have managed to cut them down to just 3 tablets a week due to being pregant as i feel i am unable to stop taking them all together,i take them due to panic attacks.will my baby be ok?
2010625 tn?1329375656 I just recently went up in meds and my face is puffy so that's annoying. Other than that Prozac has been a great drug for me.
Avatar n tn I had a really bad time on Prozac (20mg. a day) Had to wean off it. Check with your DR you might be able to go down to 10mg for a few days and then stop. It stays in your system 3-4 days after you stop completely. (I have read on the internet that it takes longer, but my DR said 3-4 days) I felt better but went thru this weird insomnia for a while. Good luck. I for one cannot take any SSRIs because of the side effects.
Avatar n tn Hello. I just started Prozac last week, 20 mg. once a day and today will be the 7th day I've been on it. I have actually felt worse since starting it. I have been taking 3-4 xanax a day on top of the prozac, where I was only taking 1-2 a day. I had to get up and leave a meeting today at school in front of the staff because I was having a full blown panic attack! I also have not been wanting to eat and have felt naseous in general! Is this normal?
308205 tn?1213965677 They took 20 mg of Prozac each day. Two thirds of the group on Prozac had NO new areas of inflammation while on the drug. 25 percent of the group on the placebo had new lesions. Detailed brain scans were done every four weeks. Now researchers want to further investigate the effect of higher doses of Prozac. Thanks Jules for bringing this to the forum!!!
Avatar f tn Hello, I've been on Fluoxetine (prozac) for the last five months for depression. I also suffer from very bad anxiety, and insomnia. The drug has definitely helped with depression, and evened out my moods, but the insomnia is getting a bit out of control. When I first started taken it, I was literally only getting a maximum of 1 hour sleep a night, then I started taking sleeping pills which increased my sleep to about 4 hours a night (not much help, but better than 1 hour!
Avatar f tn I started to go off the prozac in april. I did it by missing a day every week, then missing 2 tablets weekly, 3 and so on.... Instead of lowering daily doses. This is how my doctor told me to do. This way I slowly stopped withing 3 months, last tablet I took on 24th june. It wasnt easy 3 months. I was slowly feeling worse and worse, some days were awfull. I also started to feel some anxiety for which the doctor prescribed me Alprazolam, which helped but I am only taking 0.
Avatar n tn I didn't expect to just GET BETTER BUT I DIDN'T expect to be OVERWHELMED WHEN WE GOT HOME. 2.Increasing my prozac again. Some side effects for a day or two; depr.cry.etc. I was told this is normal and that the drug can cause the same symptoms it is suppose to cure until it stablizes. Is that right? I never had these the this first time around; but wasn't 60 yrs old - hormones etc. Will I respond to the prozac again as I once did? Am I just not there yet?
Avatar m tn Try taken Vitamin B6 and Omega 3-6-9 Vitamins every day and see if in time you feel any better. And can also try taken Vitamin B12 and enzymes. I give my son Vitamin B6 and Omega 3-6-9 and it has helped him calm down and learn better. And will be starting him on enzymes soon. My son was on Adderall and then Cocerta until we found out he was having Seizures. The Adderall and the Cocerta changed him and I regret ever putting him on them.
Avatar f tn Started weaning myself off gradually about 2 months ago. Was on 20 mg then started taking it every other day for about 2 weeks , then every 3 days then every 4 then completely stopped as if 3weeks today. Started having some anxiety attacks 2 days ago. Mostly while at work. Difficultly breathing , racy heart , wringing of hands and feeling like I could just burst out in tears and huddle in a corner . Ince I am at home and feel safe in my surroundings it gets better.
Avatar m tn I get off really slow, I am getting off of the prozac too , I take it every other day for 2 or 3 weeks , see how I'm doing . Then every three days. I have started taking the primrose oil, and it is really helping me. I have been having tremors, (electric shock sensation ) for about 3 months. My fingers, legs , neck, and shoulders are so sriff feeling. I think I know that whooshing feeling too. It's hard to explain, I've had these things for about 5 years off and on.
Avatar n tn The constant physical symptoms have ruined my quality of life. I feel terrible every day, but no one can or will try to diagnose my symptoms. Can these symptoms be caused by Prozac and are they permanent? I really want to stop this medicine because I'm having strange neurological symptoms (numbness in extremities, a weird gait when I walk, pain shooting up and down my spine and into my head and horrid ringing in the head and ears).
Avatar n tn In 1990, I started Prozac and the panic/depression disappeared. At last I was able to work, drive, etc. In other words, I got my life back. This past April, my prescription plan stopped covering brand name Prozac, so I was forced to switch to the generic. About a month later, I noticed I was feeling much more anxious and depressed. Now I am having what feels like the beginning of panic attacks again. Also, I have become very withdrawn again.
Avatar n tn The second week pick the low dose every other day. The third week take the same dose every third day and then stop. I'm assuming you will do this in consultation with your doctor.
603726 tn?1223923260 I just started taking Prozac and I'm doing pretty well. It's been almost 5 weeks now. I had pretty bad headaches the first week or so, but they did stop. I had been having suicdial feelings every day for weeks and that has gone away. The first two weeks I did feel like I had more "pep" but I've had some stressors recently that kind of put a damper on that.
Avatar f tn Give it more time, but all ssris can increase anxiety. They can also decrease it. And you won't necessarily have the same effect the second time around or the third as you had before.
Avatar n tn YOu can start with 10mg and take it every other day, or use 5 mg/day until you are comfortable with the new medication, and then see re increasing if necessary.
Avatar n tn Go down to every other day, and do that for a couple of weeks, and then you can stop. It depends on how long you have taken it. If it hasn't been very long, it will be easy to get off, but then you may still be depressed. On the other hand if you have taken it as long as I have, well...I don't think I can ever get off it again, because it has totally altered my brain chemistry. Doesn't matter if I no longer suffer from depression, when I stop now, well, it's impossible.
Avatar f tn The Psych doc prescribed Prozac for him and after only 3 weeks the night terrors had ceased all together but he had started having uncontrollable rage attacks through the day. The Psych doc said this was an adverse reaction to the Prozac and told me to take him off it immediately "cold turkey". This I did and the frequency of his rage attacks diminished significantly.
Avatar f tn ( so i went back to my docs today and told her how my anxiety is 10 times worse than it was as i got identified with GAD ( general anxiety disorder) which is id say harder to cope with than depression at the mo, so she suggest i switch from 20mg prozac to 10mg celexa which is used for depression aswell as focus's slightly more on the anxiety side of things, as i have only been on the prozac for less than a month does anybody know if it is really nessercary to taper down 1 every other day for
Avatar f tn I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of days, but was thinking I would take the 20mgs of Prozac every other day to see if this helps reduce some of my anxiety.
Avatar f tn I also have this weird humming and pressure in the left ear which didn't start till I stopped prozac. I was started on Gaba 500mg 3x a day and its not working how I want it to. It makes me tired with a hint of anxiety. Not like ativan(1mg) where it eliminates my anxiety without making me too tired. I would like to take ativan for my anxiety but I don't want to mix with GABA or get addicted to it.
20632981 tn?1503691167 But to taper off that very beginning dose, my own feeling is that you want to keep the drug in your system as you taper off. A lot of docs like the every other day method, where you start taking it every other day at full dose and then taper it further and further. I would think it would be best to taper it slowly but still take it every day, as this drug leaves your system very quickly and it's being without the drug that causes the withdrawal if there's going to be one.
Avatar n tn relaxed stage. I don't have any cravings during any other time of the day, just in the evening. I had quit smoking for about 3 years and started again, about 1/2 a pack a day. I am drawn to visit the casino at least twice a week, but can usually stop playing after spending about $20 on the slots, but I feel slightly depressed if I don't win anything, and get a high when I do.
Avatar n tn But I was feeling great. Soooo, I thought I could stop taking them. I was taking one every other day for about two weeks then took one every 3 days( just for a week) now I feel like a crazy person. How do I make it go away without drugs?
Avatar n tn I don't feel normal having these supressed feelings all day then colapes into tears every day with a short reprieve in the evening. This is not what I experienced the last time I took it. I am 60, and I am sure Menopause has changed things; but I need help! Maybe I should not take anything. I hate taking the Lorazepam; but I get anxious.
Avatar f tn I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of days, but was thinking I would take the 20mgs of Prozac every other day to see if this helps reduce some of my anxiety.
369623 tn?1204728451 Has anyone else had weight loss while taking their Prozac or other SSRI's? I have lost about 15-20 lbs in 3 months. I didn;t mind the first 10 lbs because I probably needed to lose them anyway, but now it's getting ridiculous. I've told my Dr. but he doesn;t seem to think it's anthything to worry about. It cauld possibly all be in my head as well. I get trachycardia after I eat large meals so I avoid eating alot. I have just never had this effect before..