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Avatar f tn Does anyone think it is NOT the Prozac and that somehow the Metoprolol just now wore off (after 3 days) and my heart is permanently revved up? I am so afraid to exerise or do much of anything. Funny, both my cardio and psych prescribed exercise as my best weapon against anxiety! Go figure. If anyone has anything to share, I sure would appreciate it. I am soooo tired of this merry-go-round...
Avatar n tn Had an EP study as well 15 years ago and could find nothing wrong with me and sent me on my way telling me that I have a normal heart and don't worry about it. I have had every possible test on my heart done and I am still scared of the flipping and skipping it does. After all of my testing the doctor said is was probably a mistake on the holter and there wasn't a run of v-tach. Is that possible????? How in the world could they see it and then say it probably wasn't???
Avatar n tn I also take Prozac 40mg because my doctor feels that this has taken over my life (which is has) with me obsesssing about my heart. I think the Prozac may be helping me a little bit with the panic attacks from my heart but I still wonder if I should be pursuing this or just dropping it? What would you do with a person with this type of complaint? Do you think I am worrying about this for nothing?
Avatar f tn That is not like me, and I also had continual heart palpitations all day too. That scared me, has anyone else had the heart palpitations, does it go away eventually? I haven't taken anymore today yet. I have a history of heart palpitations due to anxiety. Any help or advice would be appreciated from anyone. Thankyou in advance!
Avatar n tn Bring these effects to the attention of your doctor. I was on Prozac (an SSRI) and Ritalin (a stimulant) had to pack them up when my heart began racing...but this is rare. These drugs may also affect your libido and cause stomach upsets of the poohy kind lol. When they work though they work well. Take care.
Avatar n tn Is that true??? Do you think since I have had a full workup on my heart and it basically shows nothing I should just stop my darn worrying about every little thing I feel. I have even been to a physcaratist to try to get over my anxiety over it. I just can't seem to get it out of my head that everyone gets these things and doesn't get scared.
Avatar n tn I get I would say 10 - 15 palpitations a day where my heart jumps a couple of times and then does a thud and goes back to normal. I have been told this is normal but I don't know anyone else that gets these??? How normal is it?? Sometimes I will get a sort or wierd feeling my my heart where it is kind of skipping every 10th beat or so for an couple of hours and then just goes away. How normal does that sound? I appreciate any insite you can give me.
Avatar n tn I've been having awful headaches and migraines (especially after just one glass of alcohol), shakiness, fatigue, lower immune system, nausea occasionally, and heart palpitations randomly. I can't 100% say that it is due to Prozac, but I have a suspicion it is. I read that withdrawal symptoms can last 6-8 weeks, so hopefully I'll just have another month of so of these symptoms-- otherwise, I'm heading back to the doctor for more testing! Hope you receive the answers you need as well!
1330182 tn?1279819500 I would say that they were overkill ( I was a fat zombie lol) The highest dose of Zoloft I ever took was 50 and the highest dose of Prozac was 20mg . I had to stop taking prozac because it was giving me heart palpitations.. I started prozac in 2006 and was on it till november of 2008. When I stopped taking it then, I was ok for a while then I started having anxiety and digestive issues.. So I went back on Prozac in October of 09 to see if it would help me calm down.
Avatar n tn This was way too fast of a withdrawal, and my heart started throwing out pvc's, rapid heartbeat and going out of rythmn all day and has been doing so for 7 straight days. I recently saw the doctor again and was advised to increase toprol from 50 mg. A day to 100 or possibly 200 if I wanted to. I have with no results, still have the palps all day. He also advised to start wellbutrin sr, and this is my question: he advised to start 150mg. 2 x a day.
586636 tn?1223131279 The fright response triggers an adrenaline rush, which increases heart beat and increases the liklihood of palpitations. Then you feel more palps and get more frightened, causing more adrenaline release, causing more palps, and the cycle continues. Have you ever noticed a time when you realize that you are feeling pretty normal and then shortly after that notice that you are having palps?
Avatar n tn A week before my period or when I have my period or a week after after I get some random heart palpitations , slight loose of mind and tend to vomit plus I get anxious and scared which makes things worse.
Avatar f tn Well, the Metoprolol was hell getting past the side effects, but I did it just to not have my heart pound so hard and loud out of my chest. I used less and less Ativan as time went by. I still had some palpitations (rare) and some occasional "thuds" in my chest. I was told this may happen DUE to the Metoprolol. I was also told to by my psych to take 20mg of Prozac. Well I am pill squeemish and didnt want to take the Prozac until I was off the Metoprolol.
Avatar n tn Do you not get physical anxiety symptoms with medication such as heart palpitations,out of breath,focus on your breathing,chest tightness,tiredness,head aches and dizzy????
Avatar n tn Kind of hard to say on that one. Your body is pretty well adjusted to the Prozac, but regardless sometimes a med increase like that can highten anxiety levels. The Xanax should help with that, but you should call your doctor and make an appointment to get checked out. If your having heart issues then it's important to get that looked at right away.
Avatar f tn The first time I took two Excedrine for a migraine I woke up a few hours after taking my evening Prozac with heart palpitations and a near panic attack. The second time(last night) I tok two Excedrine for a tension headache then took my Prozac. Two hours later I became peranoid and panicky. I calmed down after a couple more hours and slept only to wake up every half hour the rest of the night with severe nightmares. I have not had nightmares since I was little and am not under any stress.
Avatar n tn It was prescribed for me due to anxiety , obsessive compulsive worry over heart palpitations and -this past year -- i really sank into a depression following the break up of my marriage, illness of my father and more problems. Anyway, it took me about a year to work my way up to 5 mgs. ( using the liquid) and then i was on 10 mgs. for a few years . It was upped to 15 back in August. I did remarkably well except for GI problems ( reflux,slight nausea in the a.m. etc.) which were tolerable.
Avatar n tn Last night again before coming to work i had palpitations and lightheadedness and i thought to myself i should get some sleep before going to work which i did. Now I am at work, but at times this whole feeling of palpitations and racing heart at times scares me and i am trying not to think much about it but at times i fail.
Avatar m tn Started taking prozac last August and in September I began to have heart palpitations, dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue, and after five days of this I fainted coming out of a restaurant. After much testing by endocrinologist and cardiologist, heart is fine but failed a tilt table test and a cardiologist diagnosed me with dysautonomia and prescribed midodrine and lopressor. Went to Vanderbilt in March and testing was inconclusive.
Avatar n tn I'm always scared that im going to have a heart attack and that the palpitations will cause a dangerous condition. I'm worried that im having them at such a young age and this may effect me in the future. I have now been put on prozac for my anxiety and i am very depressed because of it all. I only have between 10 and 20 a day and i know that people have loads more than this but they still scare the hell out of me!
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, several SSRI's (Paxil and Zoloft among them) are known to be stimulants which can cause increased heart rate and palpitations. For me...the problem is exactly the opposite of yours. Weaning OFF of an SSRI causes my PVC's to go I finally gave up and figured I'd stay on a low dose of prozac. But if being ON SSRI's seems to exacerbate your PVC's, consider speaking with your doctor about alternative treatments for your anxiety attacks.
1763027 tn?1313347637 You should contact your prescribing doctor about this, he/she will know what to do.
Avatar n tn I started Prozac 10 mg 2 months ago, seemed to level me off, but developed bad am anxiety , a tightness in my chest and heart palpatations. Started 20 mg and ---whoa! worse symptoms with agitation and short temper (almost felt out of body). Went back to 10mg and now I have same symptoms, and can't sleep with vivid dreams. These are the worst side effects I've had on antidepressant drugs. Should I stop cold turkey, taper off, or keep taking 10 mg??? Please advise!!!
Avatar f tn I was on it from 2006-2008 after switching from Zoloft ( it pooped out) In the spring of 2008, I began having hot flashes and heart palpitations. I was 39 at the time, so I thought it may be perimenopause. I also was having light/scant menstrual cycles. I did, however, add strattera to the mix which may have caused problems ( Strattera and Prozac are chemical cousins and sometimes don't play well together) I added the strattera under my pdocs supervision.
Avatar f tn Lexapro can stimulate the whole nervous system including the heart. I took it for years and had palpitaitons, increased anxiety, agitation and a raised heart rate. You could try taking Inderal to slow your heart down, if your blood preasure is not low to begin with. Otherwise you could look into Paxil instead of the Lexapro. I switched and it's much less stimulating than the Lexapro.
Avatar n tn Then my limbs go extremely weak and I go dizzy and nauseous. Then my heart starts racing and I feel like I'm about to pass out and all the colour drains from my face and lips. The attacks last for about 5 - 8 minutes. Also, recently, and I don't know if this is connected or not, but in the last couple of weeks, quite a few times just as I've been in a half-sleep, just where I'm drifting off, I wake up with a start, feeling incredibly nauseous and ever so slightly breathless.
Avatar n tn I also have ( benign, according to doc) heart palpitations and am very sensitive to drugs. I'm hoping it is safe to tak ehte aciphex and stay on the prozac. I've tried Pepcid and it does absolutely nothing for me. Thank you in advance for answer this.
Avatar n tn I suffered from anxiety attacks for 3 years and have not had an attack in over a year. But I have a question about the heart and walking. I am 30 and thin non smoker and was in really good shape before anxiety took over for 3 years. The thing is when I walk I can feel my hert beating faster. I even went for a treadmill test and the cardiologist said my heart rate was very high for only a few minutes of walking (185 BPM) but he said everything looked OK.
994817 tn?1249741878 I get chest/rib/back pains and heart palpitations ALL day long and really bad headaches. I just stated taking Prozac (Fluoxetine) this morning so obviously I'm not sure if its working yet. But is anyone taking this medication right now? Or has anyone taken it previously? If you are, please tell me how its working out for you. Or if you took it but don't now, did you stop because you didn't like it? Thanks!