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Avatar f tn Help please, my husband and I have been trying to fall pregnant for 2 months with little success, so I started taking prenatal vitamins in order to help prepare my body, but for the past 3 days my skin is quite bad, pimples on my back, neck and face (a lot more than usual) has any body else had this?
Avatar f tn There not only for baby but for you too. Like your hair, nails, skin all sorts. If youbhavent takes any now and haven't been tilde to have any I wouldn't worry.
Avatar f tn I'm 34 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I used to take my vitamins everyday but for the past two weeks I've been bad with taking them. I think I've taken two in two weeks. Am I hurting him by not taking them?
Avatar f tn It's a good idea during pregnancy to take a prenatal vitamin to help cover any nutritional gaps in the mother's diet. Prenatal vitamins contain many vitamins and minerals. Their folic acid, iron, and calcium are especially important. Www.webmd.
Avatar f tn One of my prenatal vitamins have DHA but no iron, and the other has iron but no DHA...The one with iron has a little higher percentage of vitamin C as well...which one should I take? If I take the one with no DHA is it ok to takr Advocare Omega Plex supplement on the side? Or should I take the vitamin with DHA and take iron on the side? These have me confused!
Avatar f tn I take prenatal vitamins, chlorophyll for iron and calcium pills.
Avatar f tn i take spring valley prenatal vitamins. I'm not pregnant but I've seen a difference with them into hair skin and nails as well as my energy level. They're 5$ for 100. And they contain 800mg of folic acid.
9020929 tn?1401227992 Is anyone else taking whole food vitamins? If so how are they working for you? Is this your first time using them or have you used them with previous pregnancies?
Avatar f tn So I'm 17 weeks pregnant and well I'm obviously taking my prenatal vitamins, but I wanna start taking the hair nail and skin vitamin as well? Do any of you know of its safe ? Or is it too much?
Avatar f tn brand pills worked very well for not only helping the baby but it also did wonders for my skin, hair and nails. The gummies didn't work as well for me, but then again the gummies also help when you can't take the pills due to nausea.
Avatar f tn This year im pregnant with a boy and I haven't missed a day of neither my prenatal or my folic acid. I have a prescription for ny prenatals but you can just get any from the store. Just stay away from chewables my dr told me they are not as effective. I also buy folic acid from the pharmacy. I take my vitamins at night so I dont feel sick. Also eat well and foods that are nutrient rich. This pregnancy has been going very well and hes super healthy.
Avatar f tn You should never stop taking the vitamins , if those vitamins aren't working for you I consider you talking to your doctor to change the vitamins
1338820 tn?1312057713 I tried switching brands many times, they make me so sick and my skin dry.. I skipped for a week, felt wonderful but guilty, took again, just to get sick as a dog, exhausted, dark circles around my eyes, sleep deprived, sour mouth and vomiting. I am 4 months pregnant. I searched and read that I could be intoxicated by vitamin A. I checked all my pre-natal bottles, Vitamin A is 50% of the daily recommendation, and only 20% come from Beta-Caroteno (the best source).
10389360 tn?1410827568 I have gummy prenatal vitamins and have to take two a day. Maybe she has them too and just breaks them up into a daytime and a night time.
Avatar f tn Is there something I can use OT that will get rid of the rashes? Can this cause by prenatal vitamins? Or Birth Control pills which I've been taking for so many yrs. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/240758'>Very itchy, red rash spreading from abdomen to arms, legs, neck and face...</a>.
Avatar f tn In addition, you need to take your prenatal vitamins daily. The baby grows and develops, plus you are not depleted of any nutrients. Thank you for your question.
Avatar f tn You should know how important it is for you to receive prenatal care for both you and the little life you carry! That little one is completely dependant on you and your health. I had to wait to receive care do to issues with my insurance, so I didn't receive care until 18 weeks.
618297 tn?1221257053 They get worse when i take a shower and they havent seemed to go away. I was maybe thinking it was my Prenatal Vitamins. I am Pregnant by the way. But i dont think it has anything to do with it. If anyone knows what this might be PLEASE HELP!
Avatar f tn Now you need to take proper care with diet, adequate rest and prenatal vitamins. Also blood work and ultrasound scans at regular intervals will be necessary. Follow up with your Doctor. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
1098413 tn?1263332625 Thanks! My husband had a set of fraternal twins from his first marriage and I have raised them with him since they were 3. I'm excited! Congrats to you too! Your belly is most likely bloating this early. When I first started getting my belly looked big, too. My husband said I looked like I was showing already..ha! It went down though...I had alot of bloating and gas. I'm the same way about speaking...and thinking. I can't remember half the things I do...
Avatar f tn If tyat doesn't work my OB said i can take milk of magnisia but don't take it around same time you take your prenatal vitamins.
17972735 tn?1463727735 Baby absorbs all that you eat. Proper nourishment gives fetus all the necessary nutrients for growth and development. Medically pregnancy is also called as gravidity or gestation. A time during which an offspring grows inside the womb of a woman. Pregnancy persists for 40 weeks from the last menstrual period and concludes with child birth. From the day of conception it is period of 38 weeks.
1901977 tn?1333995326 also babies under 6 months are reccomended to avoid direct sunlight because of how thin there skin is still... as they are at a higher risk for damage/skin cancer... For me I live in Saskatchewan Canada on a farm... it is always windy! it was a long long time before i could even carry my daughter to the car with out taking her breath away so i cant say planning a daily visit in the sun was gonna be easier than giving her vitamin D suppliments....
162784 tn?1227299650 I called myself learning my body now by charting because I'm not exactly TTC yet but this is scaring me for when the time comes to try. Will prenatal pills help my skin and hair? Sorry, for all the exclamation points, I just had to vent!! AAAARGH! --->off to find a PMS pill.
Avatar f tn Other than that, I have been pain free for the past week. Very big news since I have had migraines/headaches for the past 13 years ( 3 migraines a week, headache every day). Yay! BTW, I do feel the on/off numbness, tingling sensation. Just annoying but not too bad. Comes and goes. Thanks.
Avatar n tn It's perfectly safe for pregnant woman. Also, if you are taking prenatal vitamins, there are several brands out there that contain a safe stool softener in them, which totally helps. I've tried both avenues, and both work nicely. Good luck!
901246 tn?1281113226 My BHCG never doubled but we kept hoping for a miracle that didn't happen. Currently I take a prenatal, 400 mg extra folic acid w/ vitamin B complex and 500 mg B12 oh and a baby asprin daily. Even though all of my blood work has came back normal there are so many other disorders that they can't test for them all so it is trial and hopefully no errors for the next one. Do you have any children or are you trying for your first?
Avatar n tn I was 9 weeks yesterday, I go for my first official prenatal visit on Thursday. The doctor said that at this visit we'll discuss my plan of action for any early testing that we want, and come up with planned schedule for my next few visits.
Avatar f tn Thanks so much for your post! Hopefully my BFP will come soon!
1057389 tn?1325469187 i didn't think i would get the positive excited feeling again. Going in for my 3rd IUI on Saturday or Sunday. Will be starting my TWW... Looking for some ladies to share the LONG TWW with.