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Avatar f tn I did not use any contraceptive that time and now i was worried because feel bloted and wants to vomit. Am i pregnant?
Avatar f tn I tried that when I got pregnant the first time but I took my last test today but the calendar said I am suppose to ovulate tomorrow just want to see did anyone get pregnant by using the calendar....
341551 tn?1266984330 Does anyone know of a Site where you can plug in your LMP and it tells you exactly how many weeks and days Pregnant you are? I've found some that tell you 3 5/7 weeks or ones that just say, you're in your 3rd week of Pregnancy but I'm looking for one that will say 3 weeks and 7 days or 7 weeks and 2 days..etc etc. Does anyone know of a site that does that? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Do you guys believed in the chineses calendar.? I'm
1003723 tn?1306255950 Just thought that this was really neat and wanted to share it with all the mommies to be =0) If you go to the site and enter your due date it will give you a calendar of day to day advice etc. for your pregnancy =0) Hope you enjoy it!!! http://www.***********.com/pregnancy_calendar.
Avatar f tn Just wondering about the chinese calendar and its "accuaracy"...I find out the gender after my 20 week mark but just out of curiosity, checked the chinese calendar and it matched up with my -its a boy- prediction. Have any of u found it surprisingly accurate?
Avatar f tn How many of you got pregnant after doing the deed those 6 "fertile" days on your calendar?
Avatar n tn are there any calendar keepers who have KNOWN when they ovulated, therefore known when they got pregnant, had an early ultrasound within the first 8 weeks and the ultrasound dates didn't match? how many days were they off?
Avatar f tn On the My Days ovulation calendar I'm a little confused at the very bottom of the page it says 31 days period overdue (pregnant?). What does that mean????? Someone please help me, I know ALOT of to. Women love this one...
Avatar f tn One calendar predictor says I am fertile from the 16-22 ovulating on the 21. However another app. says I ovulated on the 15th and was fertile from the 10-18. 31 with 2 boys.
Avatar f tn Mine was wrong said boy but I'm having a girl.
7618687 tn?1392670595 Really so far I have done 6 of them and they all say boy. A year ago when I got pregnant with my daughter it said girl and it was I'm not sure tho .
Avatar f tn Yeah thats why I asked if it made a difference lol.
916412 tn?1361204986 I actually used the chinese calendar when i found out i was pregnant....i even went into a website where you have to pay and supposely with a few questions they tell you what you are having....on that website i paid $25 dollars and it said i was having a boy. I just had my 20 week ultrasound and i'm definitely having a GIRL...just what the chinese calendar had told me when i found out about the YES IT DOES WORK!!! Soooo excited i'm having a GIRL!!!! Yayyyy! Good Luck!
Avatar n tn I can't remember the name of the test but the calendar says PREGNANCY CALENDAR Inverness Medical Inc. -200 Prospect St. Waltham, MA 023453 I love it hope you find it.
525485 tn?1314364901 I was just wondering from all the mothers out there who already have children or the mother's that already know the sex of their baby, did anyone check the chinese lunar calendar to see if it was accurate in your case? Im just curious to see how many people actually saw it match the sex of their baby??? We figured out all of my moms kids, it was correct for 4/5. My sister is due in 15 days, it was incorrect for her baby! Any thoughts...
7649778 tn?1401298201 So it's fun but don't set your hopes on it. I'm pregnant with baby four and out of the four two have been correct and two have been incorrect.
Avatar f tn So how many of you mommies tried the chinnese calendar to see what they were having &was correct? How many of yall did it and wasn't correct lol?? I did mine and it told me I was having a girl. Got excited but it could be wrong!!
Avatar n tn When I was trying with my last one I used the ovulation calendar on WEB MD. Go to that website, go to Pregnancy & Family, go to trying to get pregnant and scroll down and you will see Ovulation caledar and click on it. You have to register beofre you can use it. It worked for me. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I'm a firm believer in the chinese calender gender thing it goes by your age and when you concieved and I'm wondering if there's any one out there who is 20 years old having a boy? But due in the very begginnig of DEC Because the calendar said I was having a girl (has not get been confirmed) and I've been preparing myself for a girl. Anyone else having a girl?
Avatar f tn I've tried the Chinese calendar several times and it keeps saying girl and takes several gender quizzes online and they all say girl except for like 2 and everyone says its a girl and I feel like it is a girl ! :) tomorrow I find out what I'm have having !! =D what u guys think ? Boy or girl ?
Avatar f tn When I first got pregnant, I looked at the Chinese calendar. It said Girl. However, I have recently found out that I am having a baby BOY!!!! Either one was fine with me, I was just looking for fun. Maybe you will get your girl if that is what you are wanting! Good luck!!!
Avatar f tn Yes I need help with the calendar I don't understand the time of fertility n ovulating my monthly day is the 1st of the month that's when I received my monthly day but I need help how it works when is the best time to try to get pregnant any help please contact me or our message me to ***@**** thank you
1530342 tn?1405020090 I have used this chart on everyone I have know that was pregnant! It was right with my first pregnancy which was a boy! My sister in law has had two kids in the last 18 months and the chart said both would be girls and she now has 2 girls! My best friend is 7 months pregnant and the chart said a girl...her gender ultrasound they said she was having a girl! Now with this pregnancy of mine it also says I'm supposed to have a girl! I'm super excited I really hope I am having a girl!
Avatar f tn It depends on when. You ovulate .how long is your cycle length .