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1003723 tn?1306252350 You're quite I said it took me until my FIFTH pregnancy to really "get it" LOL . Guess I'm a slow learner ;) This Friday I will be 28 weeks which means I will be starting my 8th month!!! I'm really starting to wonder about this little girl. I've been feeling her a LOT around my cervix area...and it's VERY uncomfortable. I have had a few moderate BH, but nothing major.
Avatar m tn Am expected to give birth on 5 September 2013, When did I get pregnant ?
Avatar n tn Was wondering wat can I take to get pregnant I'm wanting another child before I get any older I have a 19 yr old son but I would love to have another one..
Avatar f tn Ive been trying for months to get pregnant,my boyfriend and I have been having alot of sex, we never use a condom and in October, I stop taking my pill. I have a period calendar telling me when im fertile and stuff and bought test to see when im ovulated, and still no positive pregnancy test.. I still have periods every month.. im scared im not able to even get pregnant...
Avatar f tn s a menstruation and ovulation calendar app that is really. If your trying to get pregnant then this is the way to go. However, since your period is irregular then the best to figure out when you ovulate is through checking your temperature. Get a basal thermometer at Walgreen or cvs and start taking your temp. When your temp. rises then you have ovulated the day before. Also another way to check, is through your cervical mucus. It will look stretchy and egg white like when you wipe yourself.
341551 tn?1266980730 i like the american pregnancy .
916412 tn?1361201386 i was just wondering if anyone has used the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar and had true results cuz mine says a boy and thay say thay are like 96 % right lol just wondering thanks
Avatar f tn Cuz a pregnancy is 40 weeks long n each month is roughly 4 weeks...
Avatar f tn Im 40, trying to get pregnant for two years, i have a 7 yo, but it took 14yrs to get her. Any tricks to getting pregnant easier.
606075 tn?1228535183 t conceive until 2 weeks later than that)- which makes pregnancy 38 weeks. Then if you calculate into the figures that every calendar month is not exactly 28 days (all are 30 or 31 except february) it adds up roughly the other 2 weeks. Which is where I am assuming the people since the dawn of time have figured 9 months. A calendar month is nevery exactly 4 weeks - except for February.
1820608 tn?1317229265 but i had sex a couple days after ovulation too could i still get pregnant?
Avatar f tn My lmp was also march 26 and I conceived april 9. I only know this because we tried to get pregnant, and that was the only date we had sex where he did not pull out.
Avatar f tn How come people say pregnancy is 9 months when you should be pregnant for 40 weeks which is a total of 10 months? Wouldn't it make more sence to say pregnancy is 10 months? Cause then when people ask you how many months you are and you say 5 theyre like oh you got 4 months left when its really 5..
Avatar f tn according to my calendar, that Saturday I was ovulating
Avatar f tn i been trying get pregnant for over a year now and nothing has happened. i had chlamydia months ago but got it cured and i was taking birth controls in October on the 16th til early January i stopped so my periods could be regular again. the doctors said there is nothing that should stop me from getting pregnant. I am having unprotected sex with one partner and my only partner. i don't understand what the problem could be. can someone please help me understand?
Avatar n tn Actually there are NO safe days to have sex. We don't know when she ovulates, if her cycles are regular, what her cycles days are, how long her period is, etc. I know people who ovulate as early as CD 8-10. Sperm can survive for up to 5 days in the female body, 7 days in perfect conditions. Unless you're trying to get pregnant you NEVER have unprotected sex for any reason.
Avatar f tn I looked at my period calendar and my ovulation date was march 3rd
1820608 tn?1317229265 A woman can easily ovulate a lot sooner or later than expected, even if she carefully tracks her ovulation by the correct means(not a calendar). If you have had sex, you might be pregnant. You can take a home pregnancy test 2 weeks after having sex or after a missed period, as both should give you an accurate result. Take a test at the right timing and use first morning urine, then go from there. Are you trying to get pregnant?
Avatar n tn Check an ovulation calendar, i have one n mine was dead on. I checked for u n it says from the 9th thru the 15 n ur most fertile day is the 12th. U can google ovulation calendar n it will tell u when u should be. I have ovarian cyst n im 16 weeks now.
Avatar f tn I believe its 14 days from the start of your period so mine was dec 2 it started and it says i got pregnant on the 16th of dec... we were having sex all the time... and now im 18 weeeks pregnant.... good luck girl...
Avatar n tn re not fertile for 8 days a month, but having sex leading up to, on the day of, and after you ovulate is the best when trying to get pregnant.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone. I think that I might be pregnant. I have been experiencing some mild cramps havent gotten my period. my stomatch goes crazy when im hungry and terrible headaches from time to time. I'm so tired all the time and my boobs dont hurt but there leightweight sensitive. I recently realized some discharge i was having and its not bleeding but its a light brown color and i was wondering if any of you guys have experienced this...???
Avatar f tn On april 8th, my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex. According to my calendar, i had ovulated the day before. Just recently i noticed that i started having headaches and i would feel a little nauseas but wouldnt throw up during the day. I also have breast tenderness and i get mild crampings at times. Its been 4 weeks since my last period. Could i be pregnant??
Avatar f tn Not sure what you mean by "my next day is the 18th" or if you're actually trying to get pregnant (?), but yes, you can get pregnant if you had intercourse on those days and you were ovulating. The optimal thing to do to get pregnant is to have intercourse no less than about 36 hours apart, starting on the 13th and ending on the 18th. Also stay in bed for about an hour afterwards. The system works because the sperm stays in there for a long time and is still viable for a while.