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1003723 tn?1306255950 You're quite I said it took me until my FIFTH pregnancy to really "get it" LOL . Guess I'm a slow learner ;) This Friday I will be 28 weeks which means I will be starting my 8th month!!! I'm really starting to wonder about this little girl. I've been feeling her a LOT around my cervix area...and it's VERY uncomfortable. I have had a few moderate BH, but nothing major.
Avatar f tn Took me almost 6 months to get pregnant...and when I did, I used the ovulation kit. I ovulated late compared to the ovulation predictor on the apps...
Avatar n tn I can't remember the name of the test but the calendar says PREGNANCY CALENDAR Inverness Medical Inc. -200 Prospect St. Waltham, MA 023453 I love it hope you find it.
341551 tn?1266984330 Does anyone know of a Site where you can plug in your LMP and it tells you exactly how many weeks and days Pregnant you are? I've found some that tell you 3 5/7 weeks or ones that just say, you're in your 3rd week of Pregnancy but I'm looking for one that will say 3 weeks and 7 days or 7 weeks and 2 days..etc etc. Does anyone know of a site that does that? Thanks!
Avatar n tn When I was trying with my last one I used the ovulation calendar on WEB MD. Go to that website, go to Pregnancy & Family, go to trying to get pregnant and scroll down and you will see Ovulation caledar and click on it. You have to register beofre you can use it. It worked for me. Good luck.
Avatar f tn How can I get pregnant ASAP.!
Avatar f tn hi would i get pregnant if i had sex on the last day of my periods??? my periods come on the last week of the month.
1820608 tn?1317232865 but i had sex a couple days after ovulation too could i still get pregnant?
Avatar f tn Also take folic acid pills ive been trying 2years to get pregnant after a week of taking the pill im now 18 Weeks pregnant today so good luck
Avatar n tn Was wondering wat can I take to get pregnant I'm wanting another child before I get any older I have a 19 yr old son but I would love to have another one..
Avatar f tn Ive been trying for months to get pregnant,my boyfriend and I have been having alot of sex, we never use a condom and in October, I stop taking my pill. I have a period calendar telling me when im fertile and stuff and bought test to see when im ovulated, and still no positive pregnancy test.. I still have periods every month.. im scared im not able to even get pregnant...
1820608 tn?1317232865 A woman can easily ovulate a lot sooner or later than expected, even if she carefully tracks her ovulation by the correct means(not a calendar). If you have had sex, you might be pregnant. You can take a home pregnancy test 2 weeks after having sex or after a missed period, as both should give you an accurate result. Take a test at the right timing and use first morning urine, then go from there. Are you trying to get pregnant?
Avatar f tn i been trying get pregnant for over a year now and nothing has happened. i had chlamydia months ago but got it cured and i was taking birth controls in October on the 16th til early January i stopped so my periods could be regular again. the doctors said there is nothing that should stop me from getting pregnant. I am having unprotected sex with one partner and my only partner. i don't understand what the problem could be. can someone please help me understand?
358455 tn?1277437219 Oh my gosh, i just looked at the calendar. We get to find out in 6 weeks what we are having. Wow the past couple weeks has flown by so fast. I could have sworn we still had about 8 weeks to go too. Our scheduled date is May 8th. Yayyyy!!! What are you hoping for?
Avatar n tn You can get pregnant ANYTIME during your cycle. You are more likely to get pregnant after you ovulate which is mid-cycle. If you look back to the question you posted on 8/19/05, this was basically answered, you just worded you question differently. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Sperm can survive for up to 5 days in the female body, 7 days in perfect conditions. Unless you're trying to get pregnant you NEVER have unprotected sex for any reason.
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it said I was 4.5 weeks pregnant.
Avatar f tn , two months later I became pregnant. We only had sex twice the month I became pregnant and here I am 14 weeks pregnant! Don't put pressure on yourself, just let nature take it's course!
Avatar f tn You can wait till the date of expected menses and if they get delayed then a home pregnancy test can be taken. Hope this helps. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn My question is can I get pregnant when I have my period and can I still get pregnant when my fanicee smoke pot? Also was my period normal by missing 3 days of my period? I really need to know this.What advise can you give me?
Avatar n tn Called linea negra. There is a pregnancy calendar on, if anyone's interested. Have a pleasant pregnancy and healthy baby everyone!
Avatar f tn A chart isnt always right for instance I have a friend who is trying to get pregnant and she looked at an ovulaton chart to see when she should be ovulating by looking at her cycle days amount and her last period and she was a week late on ovulation from what the chart predicted. Your body can usually never be predicted by someone else so in short I would go with how your cylce usually is.
Avatar f tn How soon did you ladies find out you were pregnant & did you have any pregnancy symptom? I just saw on the calendar that I had my last period on April 13th. And I've been vomiting for the past two weeks. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn First of all this is my second pregnancy which i found out i was pregnant on Monday. By the calendar, i should be around 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant..I suffered a M/C back June this year and was asked to have an "early" pregnancy just due to my previous experience. I had an internal scan done today, where the scan showed nothing yet...The nurse explained to me that this could mean three things.
Avatar f tn according to my calendar, that Saturday I was ovulating