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Avatar f tn Is it just me or is anyone else getting sick of hearing about men and their pregnant women fetishes?... on some social media sites I have guys asking for pictures of my belly or telling me they wanna hang out because pregnant women are a fetish to them, and things like that... personally, I feel disrespected by it because ive always made it clear that im still with the baby's father and how cheating isn't an option, but yet they seem to disregard that..
Avatar f tn starting to feel more pregnant. My belly seems to be changing a little - jutting out some. Can't wait for our next dr. appt. next week to see the next ultrasound. i wonder what our little stinker is going to look like this time...
346546 tn?1376252091 s larger because of the twins but it worries me about where are they going to go after they reach the top of my belly? I have a feeling my belly will be way out there in a couple of months... I broke the record today when I weighed in at 153 - 2 lbs heavier than my peak weight so far. Not much going on today, still overcast so it's nice and cool, happy for every overcast day there is so it's one less 100 degree day this summer.
897494 tn?1267476064 I finally LOOK pregnant YAY! for so long I just felt like everyone thought I was fat, but people are finally starting to notice, It's weird sometimes I feel huge, and sometimes I feel small depending on the day, but everyone at work says I am still small. I am 24 weeks pregnant so I still got a ways to go, so far I have gained about 12 lbs. I go in for an u/s on monday because of my fibriod to make sure the baby is growing properly I can't wait to see my little guy!
547512 tn?1273245025 Yesterday for the first time one of our regular customers realized that I am pregnant. That made me so happy because I am concern for the size of my belly. I will be 20 weeks next week and I though my belly will be huge by then :) oh well I suppose that my height has something to do with that.:) (I am 1.76cm tall)Only 10 days for my next scan.......
Avatar n tn Belly Button 51 1/4-
Avatar f tn Umm that's a difficult thing I don't think men react to it as early as we do...I'm 6 and a half months pregnant and my bf is happy about the baby but he doesn't like to feel the baby move its weird to him he has been like that since the first one.... Ur still so early that it probably didn't sink in that a baby is coming u know every day cause ur the one carrying the baby...try to talk to him about how u feel...
1117137 tn?1345227905 looks WAY bigger than when i was pregnant with v at 6 weeks! it looks similar to when i was 9 weeks along with her. i imagine it will become obvious to others sooner than later (last time, i think i was 4 months or so before strangers could tell). when i woke up this morning, my stomach looked kind of normal, but after breakfast, it was definitely sticking out/round!
Avatar f tn I don't want my body back. Being pregnant is a almost a bragging right. It's basically like saying "Yes I have sex with this man and its great" and everyone knows it. I almost wanna keep the belly and everything. I feel proud to be pregnant.
639543 tn?1297027634 That is so exciting!! I'm jealous. I can't wait for my belly to get hard!!! How far along are you ladies? GRose-men can be oblivious. I was oblivious once to an old friends wife's belly. She was 7 1/2 months pregnant and I was talking to her in a dark crowded room. I felt really stupid when she made a comment about being pregnant. I looked down, and low and behold, there was a big belly!!!
Avatar f tn Haha not me. My man doesn't want sex because my belly is so big all he sees is a 6lb baby so its hard for him to get excited over that. I mean he's really enjoying my wider hips and bigger boobs but once he looks at the baby belly nope haha.
4456535 tn?1355894638 How horrible for you and a woman and for women who are pregnant! So disrespectful!! I often wonder if Men will ever find a new way of challenging their egos? Don't pay much attention, it is annoying, but stressing stressing is the last thing you and baby need right now!
Avatar f tn Increased swelling. Belly really looks like I am pregnant. I am extremly tired. I only picked strawberries and that was it for the day.
Avatar f tn I  like to feel my baby move inside my belly....but what I like the most about being pregnant is to see how my 2 year old bonds with my belly.....I like when my baby girl hugs and kisses my belly. She also wants to push my belly button back in....=(  I ask my 2 year old what does mommy have in her belly and she said baby boy...then raised her shirt points at her belly and tells me she has "milk and cookies"...=) My baby  gets excited when he hears his big sister..
Avatar f tn then I just caught him showing the first sonogram (mind u the baby looks like a ball lol) of the baby to his coworkers and hes already taking days off for future visits!! I just dont know if hes happy or not!!
1194973 tn?1385503904 So I've been looking at people around me who were or are at around the same weeks pregnant I am, and I've realized that compared to a lot of them, I just look fat. Haha. I've never really had a biggg belly. I had a...thing. Like a pooch. And I have these line things where it would like. Be. And from what it seems like, I'm just carrying really low, so I'm not actually rounding out. I just look like I'm even more poochy. It's horrible!!! Lol.
Avatar f tn I'm not quite sure what I should do about this right now. My Hubby's way to handle his fear and worry that I my miscarry again is to pretend I'm not pregnant now. At least, that's what it feels like. He was SO sweet and attentive with my first pregnancy- you would have thought I wa made of glass he treated me so delicately. Now, two miscarriages later, and I'm 5 weeks pregnant again, and he's barely acknowledging I'm pregnant.
Avatar f tn Well my hubby keeps calling his son a ALIEN because of my huge belly n u can see my veins. So everytime im shirtless for one point he points at my belly says damn there is that alien lol. I dont like it when he calls his son that but ik he is playin around.
754875 tn?1299693540 My belly is popping out a little but still feel more fat than pregnant. Well I am feeling a little pregnant, just a little. Can't wait to see the baby on Monday for our last appointment in Seattle.
Avatar f tn Mayb ur belly freaks him out, not gona lie before I got pregnant I wouldnt touch a pregnant belly it really freaks me out and kinda scared of bumps but am use to my own pregnancy and tbh I wouldnt touch another pregnant lassies bump because it does really freak me out so mayb hes the same
Avatar f tn Hi . Im pregnant fr 11weeks now ; and still dont have a big belly .. should i be worried?
Avatar f tn Same here it's normal for men to act like that, they will understand once they see how birth is. MiaLilyEvans pregnancy is the greatest test on a man some can handle it and others can't. If your relationship was strong before you got pregnant it will be strong after.
Avatar f tn For now I'm having the most wonderful first pregnancy. I have no symptoms,no cravings, and I can still sleep on my belly! I also found out I'm having a boy. I feel so happy! Just wanted to share that!
Avatar f tn So do u think men think about the baby or think about the way u look when ur pregnant and having sex. I've never asked my man but im wondering what y'all think. I know some guys really like doing it with pregnant women and some dont.
Avatar f tn What do you ladies think about men talking to your baby while they are still in your tummy, my parnter says he feels silly? Wondered if people do it?
Avatar f tn June26th 2014 Had a swollen belly like 9 months pregnant woman.
143123 tn?1274300825 I am carrying a boy also. I am 34w 4d and I think he's dropped a little bit. Everyone says I'm "all belly." My butt got a little bigger, but really not noticeably. My belly has never really been high enough to prop my food on or anything, but now that he's dropped a little, my belly is at a downward slope angle, so it certainly wouldn't hold my plate.
Avatar f tn Why do strange men think they can comment on my belly im 24 weeks and more than once had a man tell me i look like im due any day or im gonna pop really
676912 tn?1332812551 Why is it that I find more women asking me when I'm due and saying "oh you're not gonna make it" or "you're gonna explode before then"...UGH! I know I'm getting pretty good sized, and my tummy is for the most part all baby, but really??? I already know I've got a belly, I'm already getting tired of being pregnant, I really don't need to be reminded that there's a belly there, and yeah...
Avatar m tn Is it possible for your husband to kno your pregnant b4 you do? My husband swears that I am pregnant but my period is not due till next Friday... Any advice?