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Avatar n tn I've been to see the nurse and she did a few blood tests and the results are i have to go back for a prolactin test in 3 months. She also did a pregnancy test - but I can't be pregnant. I'm about 3 stone over weight and the nurse said that wasn't the problem. I am not taking any medication and i'm not on any birth control (my fiance had a vasectomy in 1989). I have recently changed my diet for the better - eating fresh, homemade food instead of processed.
1294995 tn?1330666336 In my case I don't feel that upset to hear about a first time pregnancy because I'm so happy to hear that. It tends to be the 2nd, 3rd or 4th pregnancy that saddens me. But your time will come soon :-) Jenna hope to hear some good news from you soon :-) Trying sorry you haven't gotten your results back. Hope you get them soon. Hope you are having fun on your vacation. Well good luck to everyone this month. FYI 9 months from July is APRIL!!!! I absolutely love April and Springtime!!!
Avatar n tn Well, I have to say that I was extremely relieved after reading this forum. I had never had vaginal tearing or fissures until about a month ago, and I ignored them. They went away and came back worse about 2 weeks later. I had been cleaning them with peroxide (OUCH!) and putting bacetracin ointment on them to try to heal them, which slightly worked. I was trying to write it off as the toilet paper, etc!