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Avatar f tn Its been so many years since i was pregnant i forgot how horriable the first few months were. Ive felt sick to my stomach for days Im alot more moody than usual I am peeing like every hour or two which ***** at night cause it wakes me up my boobs are so sore it hurts for my bf to kiss them and i love it when he kiss's them. I know when i get farther along ill enjoy being pregnant but right now iys not the best feeling in the world.
Avatar f tn Yes the same thing happened to me with my boyfriend family dog he was also I older dog & the further along in my pregnancy I got the more he followed me around a few days before i went into labor (my water broke naturally) he started growling at ppl lokking back i felt as though he knew i was in the beginning stages of labor & was just trying to keep ppl away from me lol but yes your dog knows exactly whats going with you she may start even becoming more protective of you the clos
Avatar n tn Just pictures of his gender . And I always see everyone else with really good ones, even at early stages. Do you have to pay extra for those or ask him ? Please help, hes our first child and we want good ones to show to our families.
1916673 tn?1420233270 Dogs are often diagnosed with CKD at different stages of the disease. The earlier it is diagnosed the better chance there is of applying beneficial diet and management changes, but there are things you can do that will help even in later stages. My article "My 10-Point Plan for Dogs with Kidney Failure" is a concise and hopefully informative and useful supportive piece for all dog owners presented with this sometimes alarming diagnosis. Please have a read at: http://www.infobarrel.
390388 tn?1279636213 Hope you all enjoyed it.
Avatar f tn I am pregnant maybe 5 weeks I went for my first check up today and on tha ultrasound they found a large sack and half of and egg and no heart beat is it possible that I am in my early stages or that I possibley lost my baby??
Avatar f tn I recommend you taking pictures from the beginning of your pregnancy (with a personal camera) and getting professional pictures done around 32- 35 weeks, your belly is nice and round!! I prefer this week of gestation because further along your belly may have dropped due to the position of the baby. Mine has quite a bit and I will be 35 weeks tomorrow, our pictures are scheduled for this Saturday.
Avatar f tn I wanna take some cute pregnancy pictures in two weeks because I will be 30 weeks but ughh I have hairs on my belly :/ I'm pretty sure they gonna be noticeable when I take them and they give em to me -_- I don't like these damn hairs on my belly ughh lol Does anybody got a solution to this ? Lol Any lotions that you guys recommend me and that will work for sure ????
Avatar f tn When a re you ladies getting your pregnancy pictures taken. I am planning on doing them end of November!
Avatar f tn Is anyone doing maternity pictures? Like dad kissing your stomach or his hands around your stomach anything like that? If so are you getting them professionally done? Or just having a friend do it?
596143 tn?1226648054 Good day with the kids. Played outside with them and our dog. Hanged pictures up and vaccumed.
875268 tn?1332768851 I'm now starting a pregnancy blog, check it out! It's got pictures and everything :) http://danafairly.wordpress.
Avatar f tn *Meant two not to
Avatar f tn My 12 year old niece is still grieving over the loss of her childhood dog. A few months before she was born, my sister bought a Labrador Retriever puppy for Casey(my niece)'s half brother. After Casey was born, Sherman (the dog) became more like Casey's dog. She did everything with him. They'd cuddle, he'd sleep in her room, she talked to him, etc. Even after Casey got a puppy of her own, she still always favored Sherman. She referred to him as her best friend.
Avatar f tn not pregnancy related but does anyone know how to put pictures on here.?
190885 tn?1333025891 this last september seperated my ac in my shoulder...there was bad pain for a while ..i didn't see anyone about health insurance..well i thought it would heal it's self..but it's not doing very good..lots of pain when i sleep or work..also very weak in this shoulder... i have hep c which may make this take longer then normal to heal..i also plan on going on chemo or the hep this year ....when i read about the 3 stages i see it says 12 weeks to heal...
Avatar f tn jump into a hot bath/shower for abit and see if that settles them, if not then they maybe real contractions, sometimes in the latter stages of pregnancy b/h can get quite painful and can be confused with early contractions, but if your having to stop what your doing and concentrate on them, then they maybe the real deal....
Avatar f tn Getting ready to go do our pregnancy reveal pictures!! So excited!!! Also doing Easter pictures.
Avatar f tn What Are The Stages Of Labor .. Do You Just Wake Up One Day With Contractions ? Or Do You Have Pain For About 2 Days Or So ? .. im 37 Weeks & I Dont Feel Nothing , Ill Have Little Pains here & There But I Think Its Because Of Her Being So Low & Kicking .. Because It'll Only Last A second & Its Only When Im In A weird Position.. No Mucus Plug .. No Cramping , Like im Wondering When Things Are Gonna Start Happening & When Should I Stop Working !?
242143 tn?1215470308 I thought it would be fun to see what we all look like. I went ahead and posted pictures of me, my dh, brother and sister..even my dog! I realized that we all have a ''mental'' picture for everyone that most likely is not at all close to what we all really look like. I will also add pictures of the nursery later... So, if you feel like it..join me! Then post here to say that you put your pictures in..