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Avatar f tn But i had contractions in deffrent stages in my pregnancy so i was sent to the hospital for check but they never check me by hand , they use a plastic tube so they don't make me dilate if i wasn't untill i was 3 days befor my due date i had strong contractions then they check me by hand i was 1cm sent home and told me i'll have my baby in 3 days or so, and that exactly what happened :) The same presesures have been don in scotland wher i live in Edinburgh And also in Manchester wh
Avatar f tn I just take the pregnancare what I meant was hold long did I take them or take the folic acid if I went onto them instead. As every time I take a pregnancare tablet it cause me to feel sick all day and it's the one feeling I hate as makes me feel faint and stops me from eating properly as can't face food. I missed a day by mistake and I felt completely fine that day I just feel so horrible when I take them but take them because I have to.
Avatar m tn Hi damosaab the uk stages liver fibrosis on the ishak scale which runs 0-6, stages 5 and 6 of which are classed as cirrhosis, I think the us. uses metavir for grading not sure how it runs but cirrhosis occurs at a score of 4 I think.If youre at stage 3 youre not into a cirrhosis diagnosis yet.
Avatar m tn s my child but am still confused. is it possible for a child to be born in the 10th month? how do i count the pregnancy stages/months? do i include the first two months or exclude to get 9 months? Besides has she gone with someone else after me? Pls explain the fertility period. i don't want to go for DNA Tests coz i really want to understand the menstruation and pregnancy stages/phases. i am extremely depressed and this could lead to a divorce.
Avatar f tn I am going to have a fibroscan in a couple of weeks and i am expecting to have advanced liver fibrosis and ciarrhosis (not sure if thats spelt right)! I have heard of ciarrhosis measured in terms of 'stages', can anyone give me any infomation on what the stages mean so that i can be a little prepared for my appointment?
Avatar f tn What Are The Stages Of Labor .. Do You Just Wake Up One Day With Contractions ? Or Do You Have Pain For About 2 Days Or So ? .. im 37 Weeks & I Dont Feel Nothing , Ill Have Little Pains here & There But I Think Its Because Of Her Being So Low & Kicking .. Because It'll Only Last A second & Its Only When Im In A weird Position.. No Mucus Plug .. No Cramping , Like im Wondering When Things Are Gonna Start Happening & When Should I Stop Working !?
1714404 tn?1322878142 hi my girlfriend has hepatits c its in the early stages we are both very worried and scared i have spoken to my own doctor my girlfriend lives in the uk and im in australia im wanting to bring her here and get her proper treated is there any more information that would help us
Avatar f tn Is any one from the UK?
Avatar m tn Or the early stages of a winter cold
Avatar n tn My husband and I are in the beginning stages of discussing surrogacy. I am not sure what direction we will pursue, surrogacy or adoption. I would want my own egg used if we did pursue surrogacy. I have had a hysterectomy. My uterus, cervex, Fallopian tubes and one ovaries were removed. I do however have 1 ovary remaining. Is it possible/difficult to harvest eggs in this situation?
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have spotting and cramps and be pregnant, In the real early stages?
Avatar f tn - Babies Do NOT slow down during the later stages of pregnancy, their movements will change (not so many kicks but wiggles, twists and turns instead). They should still move the same amount just differently NOT less. -Don't rely on 10 kicks an hour, every single baby moves differently, some will move say 50 times an hour so if your baby then only moves 10 times, it's movements have been reduced.
Avatar f tn So I have a pregnancy test confirmation tomorrow with my doctor and since I have irregular periods, does anyone think I'll get an ultrasound?? When did you ladies have your first ultrasound?
Avatar f tn Snap msavalos622 - I'm also due on 13th and had been trying for 4 months. First ever pregnancy. 34 (almost 35) & in the UK. Nice to get a sense of where everyone is!
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if any one is from the UK on this app?
Avatar f tn If so, how is/was your pregnancy? If you have gave birth before, was your baby okay? My doctor last week sent off an urgent letter for me to see a neurologist for my medication, but I haven't heard anything and it's getting me stressed and worried.
Avatar f tn Implantation Bleeding. This is caused, in the very early stages of pregnancy, by the egg implanting itself into the wall of the uterus. Because it occurs around the same time as you might have had your period, this makes it hard to distinguish between the two causes. Hormonal or 'Breakthrough' Bleeding. You might expect your pregnancy hormones to overwhelm your normal hormonal cycle but this doesn't always happen.
Avatar f tn Btw glad there are some UK Mums on here. Most ladies are from US. I'm Australian but residing in UK.
Avatar n tn I have been told its for checking to see if you have any glucose in the urine, depending on that you would then need the blood test. Im in the UK and it seems the first step is the urine test according to my NHS walk in centre but you can ask for the blood test straight away if your really worried....but I think that depends on any symptoms.
Avatar n tn im early stages of pregnancy im a bit worried when i wipe i got like clear slime is this normal
Avatar f tn I have been on and off work since week 11 asiI had hyperemesis and then severe back ache and I am entitled to full maternity pay, if it is due to your pregnancy then yes you should if it isn't then I'm not sure check with your company