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463897 tn?1468013750 // Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 http://www.medhelp.
1580318 tn?1550254481 So I'm past the 14 week mark of my pregnancy, but I'm confused why it still says first trimester.... Shouldn't that be second trimester?
Avatar f tn My last week in first trimester!!!
1580318 tn?1550254481 So I'm almost out of my first trimester!! YAY!! I thought my nausea was gone, cause it was gone for about a week. I was glad to see it go. But unfortunately it's come back! Darn! I was hoping it was gone for good, but no such luck! My nausea was gone by this time with my first pregnancy. I only had it for about 6 weeks at around 6 weeks. But I've had nausea right from the beginning of this one at 4 weeks. Not sure if that's a sign that this one will be a girl or not.
Avatar n tn Is pressure in your lower abdominal area normal during your first trimester? I am in the very beginning stages of my pregnancy and I experience a lot of pressure in that area, especially during bedtime.
5582071 tn?1370335997 So far my pregnancy has been good. My first trimester I had morning sickness. I hated that so much. I had to urinate alot. I craved different and weird types of food. My second trimester, my morning sickness went away. I didn't really have morning sickness. My second trimester was actually fine. I didn't really have any symptoms except for urinating alot. My third trimester was ok. Im in my third trimester right now.
7558356 tn?1410715309 First Trimester: Month 1 : 1-4 Month 2: 5-8 Month 3: 9-13 Second Trimester: Month 4: 14-17 Month 5: 18-21 Month 6: 22-26 Third Trimester: Month 7: 27-30 Month 8: 31-35 Month 9: 36-40
Avatar f tn It was gomna be after my first trimester to more secure having s healthy baby and miscarriage chances were slim. Im also a single mother and financial situation may accure and wanted to get things as time pass fly and labor slap me getting here fast. With making sure bills paid holidays are and bdays are near my due date and dont wanna be last minute or in a financial struggle.
1748793 tn?1332620003 You can post here and talk to ladies who are either already had their children, or are in various stages of pregnancy. We also have forums for ladies who are due in a particular month. Then you can talk to people who are as far along as you are. Here's a link if you're interested. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn s my child but am still confused. is it possible for a child to be born in the 10th month? how do i count the pregnancy stages/months? do i include the first two months or exclude to get 9 months? Besides has she gone with someone else after me? Pls explain the fertility period. i don't want to go for DNA Tests coz i really want to understand the menstruation and pregnancy stages/phases. i am extremely depressed and this could lead to a divorce.
9442948 tn?1406816451 First trimester: Month 1 week 1-4 Month 2 week 5-8 Month 3 week 9-13 Second Trimester: Month 4 week 14-17 Month 5 week 18-21 Month 6 week 22-26 Third Trimester: Month 7 week 27-30 Month 8 week 31-35 Month 9 week 36-40
Avatar f tn Pleassse don't worry. It's perfectly safe to have sex in the first stages unless you are high risk for something which I'm guessing your not. But it is totally normal to feel so worried. This is my 3 Rd pregnancy, you'll be fine.
Avatar f tn Yes this is normal in the first trimester of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn //
Avatar n tn Hi! I am in early stages as well, this is my first pregnancy. I will be 39 at end of month. I haven't been to doctor yet as they didn't want to see me until 8 weeks after my last period, however, I feel and look like I'm at least 3 - 4 months pregnant. A friend told me that since my last period was very light and short compared to my normal cycle that I could be farther along and just not know it. I am also swollen because I haven't been drinking enough water.
Avatar f tn No its a different surgery as my first as I moved area. They just don't seem interested so wondered if there was a timescale when I should have my first appointment.
1068793 tn?1301487476 had my first vomit of the pregnancy...and it starts. I was hopeing would get lucky this time, but I guess not. I am doomed to get sick with every pregnancy. bring on the second trimester!
2048779 tn?1330222692 But I have to agree that based on what I know, the surgery probably had no affect on a pregnancy that was in such early stages. I understand your worry, but would bet that all is just fine. I do hope you update this thread though, as I am interested in what your Dr. has to say. Guaranteed you won't be the last person in this situation and this thread could prove very helpful to others.
760797 tn?1303264540 Just a quick question...when does the first trimester actually end? Most serious sites or physicians offices say the first trimester is over at the end of 13 weeks but some books or web sites say end of 12 weeks. I guess it really doesn't matter too much but like on MH here, I am still showing 1st trimester at 13w 3d. I guess it will change to 2nd when I get to 14w. Just thought I'd's so confusing to get so many different answers depending on the site or book you look at.
Avatar f tn For a third of women they started in first trimester, for another third in second trimester and for the remaining third they started in teh third trimester.
11677651 tn?1421471149 So i finally found a site that tells weeks to months in an understandable way. Here it is!
Avatar f tn This is normal. In my first trimester I actually lost 5 pounds due to morning sickness and lack of appetite.
Avatar f tn I am almost halfway through my first trimester and I have not had any common symptoms except maybe im urinating slightly more often. No nauseau, heartburn, and definitely no morning sickness. This is my first pregnancy and so far I am loving every minute!
Avatar f tn Its been so many years since i was pregnant i forgot how horriable the first few months were. Ive felt sick to my stomach for days Im alot more moody than usual I am peeing like every hour or two which ***** at night cause it wakes me up my boobs are so sore it hurts for my bf to kiss them and i love it when he kiss's them. I know when i get farther along ill enjoy being pregnant but right now iys not the best feeling in the world.
1310824 tn?1332377629 1-4 weeks= First Month 5-8 weeks= Second Month 9-12 weeks= Third Month 13-16 weeks=Fourth Month 17-20 weeks=Fifth Month 21-24 weeks= Sixth Month 25-28 weeks= Seventh Month 29-32 weeks=Eighth Month 33-36 weeks= Ninth Month 37-40 weeks= Tenth Month SOOO going by this I am 7 months pregnant....woohoo...
6688440 tn?1389631705 I was told by my mom before looking up or asking my doctor, that coloring your hair is fine when you are pregnant, my mom said she did it with me and my sister. So I did, I was as in my first trimester. I'm kimda worried now because I heard its save AFTER the first tri. Im 15 1/2 weeks along now and have a ultrasound tomorrow morning, so I will also ask my doctor this too, but I was wondering if anybody thinks I should be concerned?