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463897 tn?1468013750 // Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn * 1st Trimester * Weeks 1-4: 1 Month Weeks 5-8: 2 Months Weeks 9-13: 3 Months * 2nd Trimester * Weeks 14-17: 4 Months Weeks 18-21: 5 Months Weeks 22-26: 6 Months * 3rd Trimester * Weeks 27-30: 7 Months Weeks 31-35: 8 Months Weeks 36-40: 9 Months
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7558356 tn?1410715309 First Trimester: Month 1 : 1-4 Month 2: 5-8 Month 3: 9-13 Second Trimester: Month 4: 14-17 Month 5: 18-21 Month 6: 22-26 Third Trimester: Month 7: 27-30 Month 8: 31-35 Month 9: 36-40
1580318 tn?1550254481 So I'm past the 14 week mark of my pregnancy, but I'm confused why it still says first trimester.... Shouldn't that be second trimester?
1310824 tn?1332377629 1-4 weeks= First Month 5-8 weeks= Second Month 9-12 weeks= Third Month 13-16 weeks=Fourth Month 17-20 weeks=Fifth Month 21-24 weeks= Sixth Month 25-28 weeks= Seventh Month 29-32 weeks=Eighth Month 33-36 weeks= Ninth Month 37-40 weeks= Tenth Month SOOO going by this I am 7 months pregnant....woohoo...
1525332 tn?1315845477 I went to the dr this morning. I am finally into the second trimester! Yeah!! Both babies are well. 13 weeks 2 days I gained 1 pound this week. SO EXCITED!
1580318 tn?1550254481 So I'm almost out of my first trimester!! YAY!! I thought my nausea was gone, cause it was gone for about a week. I was glad to see it go. But unfortunately it's come back! Darn! I was hoping it was gone for good, but no such luck! My nausea was gone by this time with my first pregnancy. I only had it for about 6 weeks at around 6 weeks. But I've had nausea right from the beginning of this one at 4 weeks. Not sure if that's a sign that this one will be a girl or not.
11677651 tn?1421471149 So i finally found a site that tells weeks to months in an understandable way. Here it is!
5582071 tn?1370335997 So far my pregnancy has been good. My first trimester I had morning sickness. I hated that so much. I had to urinate alot. I craved different and weird types of food. My second trimester, my morning sickness went away. I didn't really have morning sickness. My second trimester was actually fine. I didn't really have any symptoms except for urinating alot. My third trimester was ok. Im in my third trimester right now.
1003723 tn?1306252350 So today I am 28 weeks, which means that I am finally in my last and finale trimester! I can't believe how fast time is flying by in 12 weeks I will get to meet my second son =0) Just hope I have everything by that time lol.
Avatar f tn I see so many people ask when they get to a certain month so here's the guide! This is the way the doctors keep track of it! I don't go by the 10 month pregnancy theory as it's the incorrect way to count your months! 1st trimester- weeks 1 to 13 2nd trimester- weeks 14 to 26 3rd trimester- week 27 til birth Weeks to months!
7552771 tn?1469929649 This is the chart I use. Most count it by every 4 weeks which makes your 10 months even some doctors count it by this. Either way you're pregnant for 40 weeks. I like to use this chart which I google imaged pregnancy weeks to month chart and saved a photo to my phone. I use this chart because most doctors use it and it makes me feel like I'm not pregnant as long hahah.
9442948 tn?1406816451 First trimester: Month 1 week 1-4 Month 2 week 5-8 Month 3 week 9-13 Second Trimester: Month 4 week 14-17 Month 5 week 18-21 Month 6 week 22-26 Third Trimester: Month 7 week 27-30 Month 8 week 31-35 Month 9 week 36-40
1405669 tn?1347567948 OK, I've decided that I'm starting the 2nd trimester today, even if my MH baby tracker says I'm still in the 1st trimester! It's so confusing because there are so many different ideas about when the 2 trimester actually starts. I've seen different websites list it as early as 12 weeks, and as late as 14 weeks. I did a 'trimester calculator' online a couple of days ago, and it told me that I would start the 2nd trimester on January 24, 2012.
1141709 tn?1329402332 For your pre-pregnancy weight and being pregnant with twins, you should aim for a weight gain of 20-30 lbs by 20 weeks, 30-46 lbs by 28 weeks, for a total of 40-56 lbs by 38 weeks, which is term for twins. This pattern and amount of weight gain is associated with the best growth for twins and the longest length of gestation. If you do not make the 20-week goal, then try to meet the 28-week goal.
349463 tn?1333571576 In the last couple of weeks my anxiety has been building up. I went on bedrest before at 24 and 30 weeks so being at 26 weeks makes me a little nervous. I'm timing contractions all day and then counting kicks all night. I have this feeling like something is going to go wrong. Like he's going to get wrapped up in his cord or my water will break at 30 weeks. Why am I so anxious?? I'm freaked that labor won't go right or he'll have a birth defect.
1659605 tn?1326832547 Yay! But oh my goodness am I bloated. Not the most glamorous of pregnancy tummy feels like it's in constant turmoil. I was pretty queasy yesterday, but so far so good today. I'm getting so-so sleep...waking up to potty a couple times at night, but we are going to bed at 9:30 these days (haha sooo sleeepy!) so I probably end up getting a fair amount when all is said and done. Things are going well! My first appointment is next Tuesday and it can't come soon enough!
1405669 tn?1347567948 Baby Aiden is up to 80% survival chance this week--to 90% by the end of the week. I feel like we are really going to have our miracle baby! Less than 100 days left in my pregnancy--down into the double digits. I'm gaining a lot of weight: 2 Lbs. this week. It's like I've been taken over by some creature that's gaining weight and making me eat--oh, wait, that is exactly what pregnancy is LOL.
Avatar f tn I'm 19 weeks pregnant and feel terrible, I thought the 2nd trimester was supposed to be the best/easiest part of pregnancy??? Everything is always backwards to me anyway, so I don't know why I'm surprised that I feel so bad.
3253252 tn?1347048058 Well, pregnancy is divided roughly into three trimesters. If you divide 40 weeks by three, you get 13 1/3 weeks. Only, obstetricians aren’t that exact. The first trimester typically refers to the period from conception to about 12 or 13 weeks. The second trimester is about 13 to 26-28 weeks and the third trimester is about 28 weeks to delivery. The average pregnancy lasts about 9 months, so each trimester is roughly three months.
1083673 tn?1388888638 Well as you can see I am 6 weeks pregnant. I am a month and a half into my first trimester and I am so happy that I am going to be a mom. I thought when I first found out I was pregnant I would be afraid that I was responsible for another human life but in truth I feel completely calm. I am half way through my scare period and hopeing that the rest goes by uneventful. I am hopeing at 8 weeks the 19th to go in for my first prenatal appointment.
10037378 tn?1420563810 First Trimester One Month =1-4 weeks Two Months=5-8 weeks Three Months=9-13 weeks Second Trimester Fourth Months=14-17 weeks Five Months =18-21 weeks six Months= 22-26 weeks Third Trimester Seven Months=27-30 weeks Eight Months=31-35 weeks Nine Months=36-40 weeks
191945 tn?1201817571 Well today I am 13 weeks pregnant.. I feel relieved I've made it this far.. as far as the pregnancy goes, I'm feeling a little better, haven't gotten sick in a few days, I feel nauseated if my stomach gets empty but other than that nothing much..
231441 tn?1333892766 15 weeks (or thereabout today). Nearly 4 months! Nausea is intermittent now instead of continuouis. New symptoms is daily headache. Some days worse than others. Energy is better now. Not really showing yet. Long may it last. My sister had her baby on Friday night about 11:46 pm australian time. 40 weeks and 5 days. Baby was 55 cm long, 37.5 cm head, and weighted 9 lbs and 14 oz. Natural delivery that she said was very short and intense. She sent me a photo. Huge baby!
1609417 tn?1389642778 Drs appointment went well. he seems nice, middle aged early 40s he's also a specialist in 3D and 4D scans. and a high risk dr. so looks promising finally. only problem is the length of patient stay cuz his schedules r messy the waiting time was long and he's not included in the insurance plan with a visit that cost around a $100.. would b quite hard to deal with that especially with the appointments getting so close 2 each other further along. I still like him thu.
1742167 tn?1436471720 So I'm definitely in the throws of the first trimester! Currently I've got these symptoms: -Nausea (is there in the AM, but gets progressively worse throughout the day - especially on an empty stomach.
354219 tn?1259981842 i am sooo excited but also just wanting to be done with this first trimester.... i am soooo tired all of the time and feel like ****.... but everyone keeps telling me "welcome to pregnancy".
1659605 tn?1326832547 ) Things have been going infinitely better since the first trimester. I feel really good for the most part. It took several weeks into the 2nd trimester before I was no longer nauseous and regained my interest in food. Recording my symptoms every day became somewhat disheartening...I just wanted to feel better after months of feeling awful. The happy news as of late is that we finally rounded the half way mark and celebrated it with our anatomy scan! We're having a girl!