Pregnancy signs at 3 weeks

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Avatar f tn Yea and yea its my first baby I'm just confused as I'm a bigger girl and I lost 1 and a half Stone in 3 weeks of pregnancy x ATM I'm having extreme trouble with eating foods and the smells as well as my stomach x my belly has expanded by 3inchs x
465737 tn?1315758522 What signs of pregnancy (other than a BFP) could I be looking for? And, how soon after conception? I am not testing until around the 8th, but I am wondering what I should/could be looking for as other possible signs.
Avatar f tn Yes, birth hurts. It's the most painful thing you will go through in your entire life (most women, at least.) There are pain relief options that can help make it tolerable, however, and even enjoyable but I won't will hurt. You can do it though, you have to...too late to back out now since you worked so hard to get pregnant. Every woman's pregnancy is different, but generally around 8wks a woman starts to get nauseous...
Avatar f tn I was reading that some women have taken 11 at home tests, 2 blood tests and all were negative, and finally at 3 months preggo it cam eout positive. So, I have been a little nervous!!
Avatar n tn 00 and sleep all night. I had terrible heartburn and I would dry heave over the bathroom sink every morning. I knew way before my AF was due it would not come. I missed my period and that day took a test (which I already knew it would be +++++) it was a BFP REAL QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is VERY possible to feel symptoms VERY early. I think it is pretty rare though. With my second I was just a little tired but by then that was an everyday thing.
1815473 tn?1336174800 He left for two weeks in those two weeks I took a pregnancy test on August 29 and it was negative, then another on September 3rd & one of the lines was real faded, then the day my husband came home on Sept 10th I took another pregnancy test & it showed two solid red lines. My last period was on August 15... Sooo on Sept 20 I rushed to the ER bleeding red like regular period passing almost black blood clots and my HG # was 68! Which is low, and I have no cramps or pains for that matter.
1432741 tn?1300202363 The increased color is nothing more than a curiosity of pregnancy. During the early part of this pregnancy at 5 weeks the central nervous system, muscles, bones and even the heart will begin to form. Early skeletal development is also possible at or around pregnancy week 5. Remember that every person is unique, thus their baby will develop at a different rate than others. Perhaps the most interesting changes that are occurring during 5 weeks pregnant include those happening in the heart.
Avatar f tn What were some of your early signs of pregnancy? And how long did it take you to conceive ?
464067 tn?1297302032 but im just wondering how early do you get pregnancy symptoms i never had any with my other two kids but lately im feeling sick all day and off me food can't even look at it my feet are very swollen and always tired am i supossed to have symptoms this early if im pregnant im only 4 weeks 3 days please leave message if you can help thanks
Avatar m tn I had sex on Friday 31st August last week and had sex two more times between then and today (Friday to Wednesday) I was really stupid and didn't use anything and he cummed inside me all 3 times, I've been reading up on early pregnancy signs and it's different for everyone, but I had like period cramps however, my period ended on Thursday. So I was wondering if anyone has had anything like this before? Or am I just worrying myself for no reason?
Avatar n tn Everyone experiences pregnancy differently. I had some symptoms starting at 4 weeks, my sister who is 36 weeks right now didn't have any symptoms besides cramping, and back pain until 15 weeks. Some times pregnancy leaves us in shock and we don't really "feel" pregnant.
991778 tn?1249406594 it's been about 3 weeks since my last menstral period i've had unprotected sex plenty of times just not thinking [stupid i know] but i've been having period like cramps, they make me feel like i'm going to start bleeding but i'm not due for another week and 2 days before my next period i've been having some allday sickness which is suppossed to be a sign of early pregnancy but i'm not sure i want to take a HPT but i don't know if i should wait or not what should i do?
Avatar f tn Just don't want bigger age gap than 3 yrs and my daughter will be 3 in early March. It was kind of funny, in January when we were certain I was pregnant. We were on our way home from visiting my family and he stopped at a gas station, returning with maybe 6 different candy bars. (I was grumpy). I guess the clerk asked if he wanted a drink with that and his response was "nah, just a cranky pregnant lady needs some chocolate ". Irrelevant I know.
Avatar f tn and at the end I will be so painful and I also use to move things around push the refrigerator since my husband works all day I didn't have no one to help me bcuz its just him and I that live in our 3 bedroom apartment so the cleaning was done all by me and my 3 year old son well the thing is that a lot of ppl would he so surprise I was moving stuff around and I was on my last weeks of pregnancy...
392430 tn?1382908381 Hello ladies, here I am 4 dpt and I am wondering how I can suss out any pregnancy signs? The progesterone was giving me sore bbs before the transfer even happened. I have been having some twinging and the past 2 days have been a bit gassy (I am a joy to be around ^_^) but that is no different than when af is coming. I have been sleeping a heck of a lot more however and have a slight headache.
Avatar f tn I also got symptoms a few days before my missed period. Did a hpt two days after I was due and got a very strong line .. I said I was 3 weeks+! Do a test in a couple of days if your period doesn't start then it will put your mind at rest. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Does anybody know any of the multitude of early pregnancy signs. Obviously, missed AF, but anything that might be construed as a sign very early on. I am 12 dpo and have been feeling a little strange. I was actually pregnant back in March, but had a m/c at 7 weeks. As I was giving myself a break the one month I became pregnant, I wasn't aware of any signs until after it was confirmed.
208686 tn?1293034103 And when were they confirmed, as in how far along were you when you found out you were indeed pregnant? Some of the signs/symptoms I am at the moment experiencing are in the order of degree.. extremely tired, have had a temp of above 89 for the last week, weak stomach but no morning sickness, my sense of smell is overwhelming, sort of tender nipples, may be some dark veins around the nipple, bathroom time..clear mucus when wiping, and some cramps in lower part of stomach.
Avatar n tn don't worry, this may not be an indicator of the rest of your pregnancy--my really bad morning sickness only lasted about 3 days. i get a little nausia if i don't eat the very second i get hungry, but other than that, i am learning to deal with my changing body and understanding that different foods affect me TOTALLY differently than before! i am only 5.5 weeks so far, but this has been quite an incredible journey!
Avatar f tn I don't know if these might be signs of pregnancy? My boyfriend has ejaculated in me plenty of times before ,but at the end of the month i get my monthly visit..I've never had these symptoms though. I've been so busy lately to go get checked, but I would like to know are these often a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test when I was 1 week late and it was negative. At one and two weeks late I was having alot of pregnancy signs and now I'm not having any. I have been pregnant before but lost it at 11 weeks and I feel nothing like I did then. Should I take another pregnancy test?
Avatar f tn get a pregnancy test but have made the decision to wait to see if my period arrives. I'm curious to know what signs/symptoms of early pregnancy (3/4 weeks) did other women have? Also has anyone else noticed any changes in their vagina/cervix to make them wonder if they are very early pregnant?