Pregnancy signs at 3 weeks

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1815473 tn?1336171200 He left for two weeks in those two weeks I took a pregnancy test on August 29 and it was negative, then another on September 3rd & one of the lines was real faded, then the day my husband came home on Sept 10th I took another pregnancy test & it showed two solid red lines. My last period was on August 15... Sooo on Sept 20 I rushed to the ER bleeding red like regular period passing almost black blood clots and my HG # was 68! Which is low, and I have no cramps or pains for that matter.
Avatar n tn hey, im nearly 3 weeks late for my period but im on the pill but no signs of a period keep getting cramps to suggust y period is coming but nothing help This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1088670'>Three Negative Pregnancy Test, No Menstrual Period</a>.
Avatar f tn I was reading that some women have taken 11 at home tests, 2 blood tests and all were negative, and finally at 3 months preggo it cam eout positive. So, I have been a little nervous!!
610046 tn?1223060592 Maybe your desire to have a child has put your body in a state of a false pregnancy. If you were 24 weeks pregnant, a HPT would turn positive at the first drop of pee on the stick. Hope you get yourself to a doctor, post haste.
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage 3 months ago at 8 1/2 weeks. During that time, my breasts were tender, now I am just about 5 weeks pregnant and no signs of breast enlargement or tenderness. I am worried that I will lose this baby too. I have some headaches, harder to sleep at night, a little increased hunger, little more fatigued but that's it. Has anyone not had tender breasts during early pregnancy. I go tomorrow for a blood test, but just curious in the meantime. Thanks to all.
Avatar f tn 3 months ago I got off of Seasonique cause I was starting to feel sick (pregnant sick)! And now my period is 3 weeks late. I took a pregnancy test when I was 1 week late and it was negative. At one and two weeks late I was having alot of pregnancy signs and now I'm not having any. I have been pregnant before but lost it at 11 weeks and I feel nothing like I did then. Should I take another pregnancy test?
Avatar f tn Yea and yea its my first baby I'm just confused as I'm a bigger girl and I lost 1 and a half Stone in 3 weeks of pregnancy x ATM I'm having extreme trouble with eating foods and the smells as well as my stomach x my belly has expanded by 3inchs x
Avatar f tn So I'm about to be three weeks pregnant but I am showing signs of being later than that could they have got it wrong as my last period was only 3 days and light with light brown and I'm not usually like that I really need some answers soon please help
Avatar f tn Im almost 3 weeks late. I went to the drs and did a urine test last tuesday that came back negative. Only signs of pregnancy I have are sore breasts and they are alot larger then normal. I do have an occasional lower back ache or feel sick and I get slight cramps on my lowet abdomen. Could I be pregnant or not seeing as I had a negative pregnancy test?
Avatar n tn No morning sickness, some cramping and my breasts were only sore for weeks 3-4. Last ultrasound looked great! Best of luck to you and your baby!
Avatar f tn I have been feeling alright baby moving normally he has his cute hiccups every now and then been getting quiet gassy painful getting out of bed what are early signs of pregnancy im a first time mommy with a boy!
2001997 tn?1333888744 sorry to here that....after words did you still throw up?
Avatar n tn Everyone experiences pregnancy differently. I had some symptoms starting at 4 weeks, my sister who is 36 weeks right now didn't have any symptoms besides cramping, and back pain until 15 weeks. Some times pregnancy leaves us in shock and we don't really "feel" pregnant.
Avatar f tn I am 2 weeks late and 3 HPTs came back negative! I have no otherr signs of pregnancy but when I was pregnant with my son I didn't have any signs either. I'm so confused! Could I be pregnant even with 3 negative tests?
Avatar m tn i dont think it would let you be 3 weeks late so you should take a pregnancy test and some woman dont show a lot of pregnancy signs in the beginning my 1st pregnancy i showed no signs of pregnancy and i took a test and i wasnt even late for my period yet and it was postive so you dont need alot of pregnancy signs so i would go and get a test and if its negative and you still dont get your period go to a doctor because your period might have gone back to being irregular
Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks 3 days pregnant and u/s shows only gestation sac of 5 weeks and 3 days.I am very much concerned about my pregnancy since this is my first one. My periods were abnormal and I was diagnosed wth PCOD. What signs this shows.Doctor has advised me to wait for 1 week for another u/s.
5692644 tn?1388472314 I really hope that no one finds this dumb. I am 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant and my stomach is still soft and moves. I was wondering if it should be hard by now or if I am just worrying myself. I also haven't felt any movement and still don't feel pregnant. I'm just wondering whenall of my symptoms listed above should happen. please help me if you know. Thank you!!
Avatar f tn I personally belie e its kind of normal in pregnancy especially if u guys are towards the end I already had mine baby and I used to clean a lot and do so much at home clean the kitchen, my two bathrooms, my room, living room etc...
Avatar f tn be just 3 weeks long. I feel stupid for asking but what common early signs of pregnancy would I be having right now.
465737 tn?1315754922 What signs of pregnancy (other than a BFP) could I be looking for? And, how soon after conception? I am not testing until around the 8th, but I am wondering what I should/could be looking for as other possible signs.
Avatar f tn t want bigger age gap than 3 yrs and my daughter will be 3 in early March. It was kind of funny, in January when we were certain I was pregnant. We were on our way home from visiting my family and he stopped at a gas station, returning with maybe 6 different candy bars. (I was grumpy). I guess the clerk asked if he wanted a drink with that and his response was "nah, just a cranky pregnant lady needs some chocolate ". Irrelevant I know.