Pregnancy signs you are having a girl

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Avatar n tn re wives tales, not fact. Everyone said I was having a boy because of all the signs but I felt like I was having a girl. Sure enough. Its a girl.
Avatar n tn m having a girl ?? I had morning sickness with my first son but not my second. Yet here I am with MS again. I also have bad acne something I never got before during a pregnancy I usually glow.
Avatar f tn Im praying this is ovulation... Im starting OPKS next cycle... Gonna order some this week along with a bunch of pregnancy test!
1650006 tn?1333909714 Ok so according to my 'Bible' What to expect when expecting there are several ways to be able to work out weather your carring a girl or a boy. I'm only 9 weeks so have a little way to go before i can know. 1) HEARTBEAT. - If your babies heartbeat is above 140 it promises a Girl, and below its a Boy!?
Avatar f tn I would have bet my life that we were having a boy, but we found out earlier this week we are having a girl!
Avatar f tn I am carrying high (sign of a girl), had extreme nausea (sign of a girl), craved sweets (sign of a girl), got some acne that I have never had before (sign of a girl), and a few other girl symptoms. I am having a boy. Don't get your hopes up on one gender because they are all old wives tales!
Avatar f tn well today we found out we are having another girl yay!!! we are going to name her Makayla Alana!
Avatar f tn So confused bout what's going on here lately I been having signs that I'm pregnant but I had my tubes cut,tied, and burned 6 years ago. I have milk coming out of my left boob when I squzee the nipple. Went to the er blood work was fine.
1455020 tn?1481737191 Still can't believe it. Thank God the tech had to take so many measurements bc them baby wasn't cooperating at first. It was the best thing when the tech said there was 3 lines. Dh had just stepped out to pee when the tech seen it. The hart looks great and all vital organ are counted for and look great. She measures 6wks 4 dys and forgot the weight I was told. The Dr.
1702652 tn?1384793527 Found out today that we are having a girl!!! I'm so excited!!!!
466376 tn?1228094077 Found out today we are having another boy. I knew all along it was a boy. I have had three boys and one girl and this pregnancy has been just like the boys. We are very happy to see he is growing great and is healthy.
Avatar f tn according to the chinese calendar I should be having a boy. BUT I am so sick and everyone tells me that is a sign I am having a girl. So...who knows! I don't really feel one way or the other I guess. I would LOVE to have either one so I guess that is good. (Because it will be either one or the other!
962471 tn?1260204235 Yay, just got home from the doctors and we are having a little girl!! So excited!!
Avatar f tn Idk if I'm craving it but a lot of people said they can't eat it a lot and I have no problem with spice most of the time but I also crave Chinese and tuna sammich lol.
535235 tn?1227592071 Found out today, we are having a little girl. She was about 9 ozs. Everything looked good.
Avatar n tn I'm 21 weeks, I found out what i was having yesterday & its a boy!
Avatar n tn I was so so sure it was a girl, but we are having a BOY! It was a BIG Surprise! We already had a girl name picked out, but struggle with boy names. Not sure if we like Corgan, Corban, or Copper. The middle name is Lucas or Luke. Boy names are hard! The babies heartrate has been in the 150's. Which name sounds better Corgan, Corban, or Copper? Thanks for your input!
1110659 tn?1272163134 Moods are better & I am coping better with stresses.Not as Compulsive as usual either.Im having a nice break now.Focused on getting a job.
Avatar f tn just found out earlier this morining we having a little GIRL!!!! Oh I am so over joyed cant tell you! We have 3 boys, now we having a little GIRL! Baby Chaldé - thank you all for your support.
Avatar f tn m preg with #4 and was absolutely convinced it was a girl bc my symptoms were SO much like my pregnancy with my daughter. Identical. Only difference was my nausea lasted well into my 17th week. Turns out...BOY. I'm still shocked. So, don't count on your symptoms as a gender compass!
Avatar f tn Ok so I have a lot of signs of pregnancy. I haven't had my period in two months, but the test come back negative. I have a pain in between the middle and left side right below my stomach every now and then. I'm always exhausted and tired. I constantly want to sleep. I have this milky discharge that smells. My breast are bigger than usual but I don't have any pains. My jeans are slowly getting tighter. I may just be gaining weight but I'm not sure.
593810 tn?1251223030 BABY GIRL!!!! Yay!!! I"m so excited! I had a feeling it was a girl, and now it's confirmed. We now have a 2 1/2 year old boy, and a little girl on the way. We are so happy to have our family so complete. Just wanted to share my great news with everyone. Thank you to all that gave me there support during my last miscarriage, and the beginning weeks of this pregnancy when i was a total worry wart, i'm sure i was annoying. lol. Hope everyone is doing well.
287827 tn?1357560483 Its really just an old wives tale about how you are carrying meaning what you are having. I was worried about it too (because everyone thought I was really having a boy) that I made them re-check at 38 weeks!
Avatar f tn Today I was working on milk weights and wondering about "signs" again. The song "I Hope You Dance" came on...then a little later in the day the song "Anyway" came on!!! I have the lyrics for both of these songs saved to put in a baby memory book!! Coincidence?? Maybe!! Still feeling a little nauseous off and on. I've noticed that my gums are bleeding a bit lately also. Things seem to smell stronger, too.
1285651 tn?1319642429 The doctors are concerned still that the twins are measuring a week apart. The High Risk doctor ordered me a Trisomy test for Downs. I am sad to think that one of them may have Down Syndrome but either way we will love them the same and treat them no differently. I am praying to hear good test results. I hope all is well with you ladies out there. To the woman still TTC - trust me it is harder than people think! We have hit every bump in the road but look where we are today.