Pregnancy signs you are having a girl

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Avatar n tn re wives tales, not fact. Everyone said I was having a boy because of all the signs but I felt like I was having a girl. Sure enough. Its a girl.
Avatar n tn m having a girl ?? I had morning sickness with my first son but not my second. Yet here I am with MS again. I also have bad acne something I never got before during a pregnancy I usually glow.
Avatar f tn I would have bet my life that we were having a boy, but we found out earlier this week we are having a girl!
Avatar f tn I am carrying high (sign of a girl), had extreme nausea (sign of a girl), craved sweets (sign of a girl), got some acne that I have never had before (sign of a girl), and a few other girl symptoms. I am having a boy. Don't get your hopes up on one gender because they are all old wives tales!
Avatar f tn according to the chinese calendar I should be having a boy. BUT I am so sick and everyone tells me that is a sign I am having a girl. So...who knows! I don't really feel one way or the other I guess. I would LOVE to have either one so I guess that is good. (Because it will be either one or the other!
Avatar f tn just found out earlier this morining we having a little GIRL!!!! Oh I am so over joyed cant tell you! We have 3 boys, now we having a little GIRL! Baby Chaldé - thank you all for your support.
Avatar n tn I'm 21 weeks, I found out what i was having yesterday & its a boy!
Avatar f tn m preg with #4 and was absolutely convinced it was a girl bc my symptoms were SO much like my pregnancy with my daughter. Identical. Only difference was my nausea lasted well into my 17th week. Turns out...BOY. I'm still shocked. So, don't count on your symptoms as a gender compass!
Avatar f tn i have 2 girls and i will find out the sex of my baby in a few weeks, im dying to have a boy, just wondering what you craved, how you felt , was the heart beat slower than a girl , did you have sex a certain position ? lol LET ME KNOW!
287827 tn?1357560483 Its really just an old wives tale about how you are carrying meaning what you are having. I was worried about it too (because everyone thought I was really having a boy) that I made them re-check at 38 weeks!
Avatar f tn Idk if I'm craving it but a lot of people said they can't eat it a lot and I have no problem with spice most of the time but I also crave Chinese and tuna sammich lol.
593810 tn?1251223030 BABY GIRL!!!! Yay!!! I"m so excited! I had a feeling it was a girl, and now it's confirmed. We now have a 2 1/2 year old boy, and a little girl on the way. We are so happy to have our family so complete. Just wanted to share my great news with everyone. Thank you to all that gave me there support during my last miscarriage, and the beginning weeks of this pregnancy when i was a total worry wart, i'm sure i was annoying. lol. Hope everyone is doing well.
1251143 tn?1271178280 deep deep deep deep deep down...Im pretty sure it is a boy? What do you all think you are having?
Avatar f tn Hi ladies, to those ladies who are having a girl- what kind of symptoms did you notice? Did you breakout more than usually, or did your skin actually become better? Did you vomit a lot or not? Any other symptoms? I'm just wondering if there are any patterns and if maybe some of the old wives gender predictions have some truth in it... :) Thanks for sharing!
Avatar n tn theirs really no signs your just gunna have to wait till your ultrasound to find out i found out at 18 weeks
Avatar m tn I really thought i would be having a boy this time but i was wrong. I thought if i found out i was having another girl i would be disappointed but i was very happy and i went out to shop for a my first few baby items.