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Avatar f tn Of corse we all want healthy bubs but I want to know is there any signs before going for an ultrasound that your having a boy or girl? Is all this ovulation and when to have sex all a myth? I want a healthy bub but I do like the bigger brother figure for my first.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if there are any tell tail signs/symptoms for having a boy? I already have a 1yr old girl and during that pregnancy I was always sick & cried a lot and was very small. I really would like a boy this time. Won't findout for sure until Feb24th.
Avatar f tn they say about the heartbeat....lower boy higher girl...if u carry low then its a boy...higher girl iv felt great lower heartbeat and carrying lower....and its boy so who knows!
Avatar n tn There is no medically proven symptoms/signs for having a boy or a girl, unfortunately.. There is a 50/50 chance of a method being correct that is why there are some people who said 'it worked for me' with odds like those half the people are gonna think it worked.
Avatar f tn I know its to early for the ultrasound to tell if I'm having a girl or boy since I'm only 11 weeks but I wanted to know if there were any signs or symptoms that could give me a hunt to whether I'm having a girl or boy...
Avatar n tn Pregnant for my 2nd baby. I am hoping for a baby girl. What is the most common signs that u are having a baby girl?
Avatar f tn I honestly don't think there are different symptom for boy or girl. Though some people swear by it. I have both & the symptoms are the same.
Avatar n tn Can you tell if it is a boy or girl by the heartbeat? My babys heartbeat was 171 bpm. Is it true that it is probably a girl?
Avatar f tn I have two girls and cant wait to find out if its gonna be another girl or a boy ill be happy either way. I was suppose to find out today but dr had to reschedule so ill find out friday super excited!!
Avatar n tn The heartbeat doesn't really give any signs of boy or girl. Interesting that someone mentioned the Chinese Gender Prediction Calculator. I did it for entertainment and it was correct both times.
Avatar f tn ) im currently 15+2 weeks. But if u google about the baking soda gender test u could give that a go lol:) i tryed it and it fizzed so that meant im having a boy but i dont believe in them lol goodluck!!!
Avatar f tn This is my first and I think im showing quite alot for 15 Weeks. Is that what out front means? And as for high or low I have no idea. Lol.
Avatar n tn anyone have any "its a boy" or "its a girl" tips/signs for while your pregnant.
Avatar n tn after implantation you will start to produce hormones that are detectable on a hpt for pregnancy. but it may not show until you are late for your period. there are a few that get positives before, but waiting till you are late is the best. good luck and hopefully i havent made your head spin, and if i said something crazy forgive me im tired!! lol. get a book, or google the heck out of this stuff. you will find everything you need to know.
Avatar n tn I have heard of the shettles method, where if you BD several days before, it will be a girl, and either day of or day after, it will be a boy. Something about the Y sperm is faster but doesn't live as long as the X sperm. It's still a theory and not proven, but it's fun to think you had any say in the gender.
Avatar f tn Having a boy or girl? My self? Having a girl! Getting induced @ 5 am 11/16!!! But my due date is 11/24! What are you ladies having? & your estimate due date? Or your c-cection / or induced date?
Avatar n tn With both of my boys I had NO morning sickness at all. And i craved alot of salty foods, I honestly felt great. With this pregnacy im 5 weeks and I have a little bit of nausea I crave a lot of donuts and icy. I really want a girl but I don't want to get my hopes up.
Avatar f tn EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT, there's absolutely no tell-tale signs that it's a specific gender except an ultrasound.
Avatar n tn candle girl! It could be a pregnancy symptom! When i had my first transfer i was so worried because of the cramping, i though it was an early af! THe dr told me it could be my ovaries cramping because they had be stimulated so much and were quite a bit bigger than they usually are because of all the drugs! GOOD LUCK I HOPE IT'S AN EARLY PREGNANCY SIGN! I go for my second transfer in feb!
200957 tn?1236140523 Don't get me wrong I love my boys they are my inspiration. We were wishig to have a girl in the family. We well more like I was wishing for a girl. My husband isn't picky. This time when I tried to concieve I learned of this method called "shettes" or something like that. Anyway this method says to concieve a girl you should have sex 2-3 days before you ovualte. Because the girl sperm is slower. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has tried this method or any other method and it worked.
Avatar n tn but i was just wondering if it was possible to get pregnancy symtoms because i didn't really won't him to get fixed i wanted at least one more girl (we have a girl and boy and he thinks that's prefect) could it all be in my head because i wanted one more but i can't. cheyenene pls, pls help!?
1819066 tn?1317086166 She has a baby already that's why I went to her. She also said you can kind of tell if your going to have a boy or a girl because she didn't have morning sickness and had a boy. But I just need to know some of the symptoms and see if I can relate to any of them. Truely I just need someone's help with this.
Avatar f tn My first signs of pregnancy was missed period and my boobs was very sore and sensitive, like never before! Rather do a test ASAP first thing in the morning because you worrying if ur pregnant or not is not good for you if u are pregnant. Good luck!