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Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy. but I took some Chinese quiz thing and it said im having a boy?!
Avatar f tn does spitting usually indicates a girl or a boy?? of course i know that spitting is JUST another symptom of pregnancy but im curious to know how many mothers actually had girls & spit a lot during their pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Has any one else noticed the boy or girl quiz add with the two babies? The way it is set up the little boy looks like he is holding the girls shirt and raring back to punch her.
2025714 tn?1407923697 Anyway you just pee on the stick and it is able to tell you if your having a boy or a girl, when it shows either blue or pink in the test window. (Very cool lol, ino i will definatley buy one of these when i hopefully get my bfp). But for know all you ladies desperate to know what your having give this a try, its very cheap to buy aswell =D Here is the link :
689265 tn?1251130087 When I took it with my current pregnancy it said I was having a girl and we are certain this one is a boy. There are some quizzes on that are pretty fun to take. Good luck.
486679 tn?1234575929 oh my god..i am absolutely dying to find out the sex of this baby.its so odd that with my first pregnancy i wanted to know but i wasnt as crazed with finding out as i am having dreams nightly about it..i keep searching different old wives tales to try and figure it anyone else making themselves this crazy???lol..honestly i know it doesnt even matter one way or the other so i dont know why i care so much but i really do just wanna know already.
773214 tn?1295135069 ) Last time I did something where you tie a piece of thread to a needle and hold it over your wrist and depending on which way the needle spins meant either boy or girl. Funny thing is it was actually right last time and I kept having different people do it because I thought for sure it was a!
Avatar f tn I didnt have morning sickness or acne and I am having a girl. The chinese gender chart told me boy....
Avatar f tn Mine said boy for last pregnancy and I had a girl... Says girl.for this pregnancy but I don't know the gender until another two weeks. It's just a bit of fun...nothing scientific.
Avatar f tn Hmmm that's a cool website.
Avatar f tn Yeah, I looked up ways to tell if it's a girl an every sign pointed to a girl then I have a ultrasound done and it's a boy.
1794093 tn?1357930759 I did the baking soda test too, and it was right I AM HAVING A BOY. But the chineese calander said im having a girl...
4105678 tn?1356545271 Bump means so my question will get posted at the top...
Avatar f tn So i took almost all the online quiz. They all say a girl even the chinese chart. Have these quizes actually worked for any one???
1209036 tn?1299178657 Mine said 67% chance of girl and 33% chance of boy and we are having a boy!
Avatar f tn I did the Chinese and baking soda and it said boy, and i never had morning sickness and in the beginning craved salty and sour. But I'm having a girl! !! And super excited!
1794093 tn?1357930759 So i just did 8 online gender quizzes/tests... my resullts so far are Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy! im starting to see a pattern! lol so when i started to "predict" the gender all signs were leading to boy, and then it started to lean towards girl... and now its about 50/50! lol too funny! with my daughter about 90% of the tests did say girl so i was interested in what it would say for this one....maybe there is 2 babies and one is just a really good hider! lol joking!!!
467493 tn?1229895239 I can't stop thinking about it now! I REALLY want to know, but I have to wait another month. Dave has convinced himself it is a boy, and that is what I have been thinking too, but now I can't help but wonder girl? All of this is killing me! Oh well, at least everything is going good this time around!
331213 tn?1217164831 Are you having a BOY or a GIRL?? As everyone has noticed, there has been an abundance of people joinging the blue team! So, I decided to post a poll and see who's having who. Just click on the link below and vote!! Thanks! (Blue team member)
143123 tn?1274300825 I talked to Baby Rushing all day today telling h/her that we were going to be looking at h/her later today and to please cooperate. Well, I should have known since this is mine and DH's child that h/she would be stubborn...Baby Rushing was moving so much, we couldn't see the "goods". Sonographer said he'd lean towards a girl, but wouldn't say definite.
231441 tn?1333892766 I'm now 20-21 weeks! Tummy is unmistakable now. Haven't felt any obvious movements yet. I will feel relieved when I do. Weight is all over the place. Hate hate hate this. Fluid retention has something to do with the fluctuations, but of course the overall pattern these days is to gain. Need to be more disciplined with food and exercise (of course!). Work attention and motivation also fluctates dramatically. Will find out if it is a boy or girl on Saturday.
262365 tn?1268508268 IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn today we found out we are having a girl!! Everything seems to be going as planed- Dr. is very happy.
Avatar f tn tomorrow i find out what my baby is and i am so excited! oh yeah i also felt the baby kick today!!