Signs of pregnancy first week

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Avatar f tn t know if these might be signs of pregnancy? My boyfriend has ejaculated in me plenty of times before ,but at the end of the month i get my monthly visit..I've never had these symptoms though. I've been so busy lately to go get checked, but I would like to know are these often a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn how soon after ovulation do the first signs of pregnancy tend to show up and what are some of those earliest signs?
Avatar f tn m like you, I was the same and tool test and pregnant, I had the coil and I have loads of pregnancy signs And I have not told anyone apart from doctors, partner don't know as Not sure how to tell him as I had coil inserted. I am not one for abortions so will just wait for them right moment is their best idea I think.
Avatar f tn I know i need to take a home test but wanted to know if these are early signs of pregnancy or is this my body bouncing back from the BC? also i forgot to mention that while on reclipsen i had two "periods" which consisted of no more than two days of barely spotting (not enough to wear a pad or tampon). Since ive been off of reclipsen now for two weeks when should i expect my period and what are these spasms??? im just trying to figure out whats going on with my body!!
Avatar m tn i already took a pregnancy test a week after the expected date of my menstruation but it is negative,,, but still my menstruation doesn't occur. I didnt even experience a delayed menstruation it always happened on time.. what really the causes of this i got worried do i am pregnant or something else....
1086721 tn?1256570098 There are no early symptoms of pregnancy, AF and early pregnancy are to much a like. in all honesty i would until you have missed AF by at least 3 days and then test. Best of luck!!
Avatar f tn Ok so i have been experiencing weird things i have been on an emotional roller coaster, i have these blue veins on my breasts and they grew almost a whole cup size i am also experiencing some bloating and cramps. I am not due for almost a week i think like 5 days are these signs of being pregnant???
Avatar f tn t made a doctors appointment yet but I am going to. I know that people experience different symptoms or signs during pregnancy. I have been experiencing some cramps as is my period is about to start but it still hasn't. Has anyone experienced this feeling before, or am I the only one?
Avatar n tn I never got morning sickness just nauseous. Everyone is different. So don't worry. As long as you are feeling the other signs of pregnancy your good. At least that's what I was told.
Avatar f tn just wanted to get an idea on what some of your first signs of pregnancy was and how soon you noticed? I'm still in my first week after ovulation, so too soon to take a test. I've been experiencing slight cramps the last few days, then last night I was hit with a horrible migraine and vomiting, as well as urinating every half hour and diarrhea.
Avatar f tn me and my boyfriend had been trying for awhile with no luck & every test I took was a let I gave up on period was 2 weeks late but I hesitated to take a back started to hurt, my breast were super sore, and I was tired a lot. I took a test and it came up positive..I was thrilled. now I'm 20 weeks + 6 days and we are expecting a baby girl! :) good luck!!
Avatar f tn a miscarriage and have a good relationship with your doctor. You are almost out of your first trimester and almost in the clear. Try not to stress too much you don't want to stress out baby.
Avatar f tn Well with my first pregnancy i tested too early. I waited a few days after my missed period an i had two negative tests which upset me cos we were trying. After another week i did another test and it was positive. This time i just knew i was pregnant i gave it two weeks til i tested. I think it varys really. Some tests are better than others. Generally u feel crampy anyway an u mite start feeling a bit sick or off certain foods. Or u mite have sore breasts. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn libido, mood swings, highly emotional, lower back aches, change in BMs, sore breasts (not too bad), heartburn, mild headaches every once in a while. Then about a week ago, I started feeling a tugging in my abdomen, sort of like a gas bubble, but no pain or flatulence associated with it. I have gained about 10 pounds in the last month as well. I have take a couple of pregnancy tests each time my period came and went, all with negative result. Could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and I have had really bad back pain all day and the last few days I have had hip pain, I've had constipation the last few weeks but today I had very loose bowel movement and have been extremely moody which is very unlike me even in pregnancy, my partner was reaserching it a bit and found that these could be signs of labour coming soon but I don't really trust the Internet have any other mums experienced this???
Avatar f tn Hello! I'm 25 and I believe I am pregnant for the first time. I'm almost a week late for my period, I'm nauseous, tired, I'm peeing all the time, my breasts are tender and I'm never late for my period. But now I've had some spotting also. I took a test last week which was negative. Very confused... Are these all normal signs??