Pregnancy symptoms how many weeks

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700722 tn?1429663648 An early ultrasound is probably the most accurate but even those can be off by a week or so. Congratulations!
Avatar f tn I would like to know how many weeks should I wait since last period to take a pregnancy test? My first day of last period was Oct. 3 & lasted until Oct. 10 My husband & i werent intamite until this past week because he was gone for a month to work. But before he left we were trying to get pregnant but I got my period on the 3rd.
Avatar f tn Then they will take measurements of the baby and confirm for you then exactly how many weeks/days you ACTUALLY are and give you a due date!!! It's SUCH an amazing time in any woman's life. Congrats and prayers for a happy, healthy pregnancy!!
Avatar f tn For all of you that have had kids at how many weeks or months were you able to see your baby's gender ?
Avatar f tn How many weeks were you when you found out the gender? Who found out at 15 weeks and was it correct?
Avatar f tn I'm 19 weeks today with second baby. Lately, when I'm laying or sleeping I get really bad back pain. How many of you experience this early in pregnancy. With my first son I didn't go thru this?
2074425 tn?1339178443 How many weeks were you ladies when you felt your baby move for the first time?
Avatar f tn I found out when I was 16 weeks my cousin found out when she was 14 weeks (:
1961938 tn?1398718101 How many ultrasounds does one have during a typical pregnancy? Around what weeks?