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Avatar f tn Hence this difference could come up between the two methods. In the second trimester this difference can be of plus minus 8-9 days (at times 2 weeks). In third trimester the difference can be up to plus minus 2 weeks. Hence the difference depends on when the scan was taken. I would not panic too much for a difference of 2 weeks in second trimester. However, please consult your gynecologist. Take care!
1166767 tn?1315427171 I am 7 weeks into my pregnancy and I know the first trimester is very crucial and you have to be very safe. My question is at my job I work different shifts. Sometimes in the morning, evening and even overnights so weekly my schedule is something like this Sun and Mon- 11pm-7am Tues -off Wed- 7am-3pm Thurs-3-11pm Fri-either 7am-3pm or 3pm -11pm Every week it isnt the same exact as to what days and times but every week I work something like that.
Avatar f tn My obgyn prescribed me with prometrium because there was a possibilty that a hormone in my body was low. The same day he prescribed the meds, he ordered some labs and put me on bed rest and had me schedule a follow up in a week. I got the medicine filled at the pharmacy but wasn't exactly comfortable with taking them because my doctor informed me that prometrium is not fda approved. I decided not to take the medication.
Avatar f tn Prometrium, a progesterone supplement, is sometimes prescribed during the first trimester of pregnancy in women who have had a history of miscarriages caused by low progesterone levels. The addition of prometruim during pregnancy helps ensure that the women will carry the fetus to full-term. It works by helping ensure that a placenta is fully formed thus providing the necessary lifeline for the developing fetus.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 6 weeks and this is my first pregnancy..... I'm not sure what to expect and I'm MAJOR nervous and anxious.... what should I expect? What tips do you have? What can I do or buy now to prepare for the baby? Btw...My name is Erica....
Avatar f tn From my doctor pregnancy calendar she goes 24-28 wks is 6 months n 3 trimester starts at 27 wks but u will see some ppl goes by a different schedule I go by wat my doctor tells me
Avatar f tn I just entered my 2nd trimester & all I wanna do is sleep my life away. I go to sleep around 10ish & still won't want to wake up until about 1 pm the next day. I'll wake up but just go right back to sleep. I'm to tired to do my hair or make up, I never wanna go anywhere because I'm to tired to get ready & don't want to look like a bum in public. what can motivate me to stay awake when I wake up the first time in the morning?
Avatar f tn I'm 14w&3 days I haven't had many symptoms that seen to be common like my breasts haven't been sore I only got real sick for weeks 9 and 10 but I have been so tired its unreal and they say it gets better your 2nd trimester but it hadn't let up at all! I can't get motivated to do anything. The constipation hasn't gotten any better either.
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy and we're super excited! My sleep schedule has changed A LOT and I'd like to know if it's normal to wake up every 45 mins or so feeling super nauseous? However, I never end up actually throwing up. 8 weeks and I haven't gotten "morning" sickness... it's only when I'm trying to sleep... is that weird?
Avatar f tn a final ultrasound towards the end of the pregnancy, or is it only done at 18-20 weeks, unless problems arise later? My daughter and I were talking the other day and wondering if one is done later in the third trimester to possibly determine position, etc. She is currently 30w1d and she is thinking about doing the 3D/4D if a routine u/s isn't going to be done. Thanks.
2066536 tn?1354241604 What is the BEST exercise for pregnant women in their 2nd trimester? I heard it was best to exercise while pregnant but don't know what will help my baby and NOT hurt it, so I've just been trying to walk ALOT to help circulate my blood flow, but is there anything else I can do? Are there any good programs or websites I should check out? Any help on this issue would be great, thank you!
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy. with my first born the pregnancy was a breeze but this time around had been tough.
Avatar f tn My doctor says im due july 1st, but I think it will be sooner, she told me to register now and im 29 weeks 2 days
8617041 tn?1409634201 Is it too early to get maternity photos taken when I'm 26 weeks pregnant? This is my first pregnancy and I work in retail so it's really hard to schedule a date to have the photos taken. Should I try to schedule them later in my second trimester? What week do you suggest?
Avatar f tn Had no appetite 2nd trimester and lost weight. I'm 32 weeks now and I'm hungry non-stop! Doc says I'm healthy and loss of appetite can be common.
Avatar n tn Great company, good benefits, flexible schedule/you can make your schedule (days, nights, 8-10-or 12hr shifts, you pick the days you want to work and they will staff you, they fully train you on the kiddo your working with before sending you to a home) Taking care of these precious babies one on one and seeing their progress is very rewarding, and it's not so stressful since you are one and one. I make more money than working at a facility or hospital and I'm not so burnt out.
Avatar f tn ( I was the same way threw the first trimester the second trimester gets better and then it hit me again in the third trimester but luckily I only have 27 days left to go !!
Avatar f tn Will be having a csection for this pregnancy to & wanted to know when they schedule it? Do u get advanced notice or just last minute?
Avatar n tn ok. like I said, each pregnancy is different so maybe this is how your body is responding to the second pregnancy. If it concerns you too much, take a look at your diet and daily schedule as well - are you doing a lot of physical work that tires you out?
Avatar f tn In the first trimester I just couldn't stay awake. Then in the 2nd trimester I started to wake up once or twice a night with no reason. And now at the end of the pregnancy I started sleeping very little: if it's not the bathroom trip waking me up, then it's the baby kick-boxing in my belly or me having all kinds of weird thoughts, worries, etc.
Avatar f tn Yes, my daughter did that in my first pregnancy and that was the schedule she followed once she was born too!
Avatar f tn ( my advice is to keep taking naps, but try to cut them a little shorter...then you're not losing sleep and eventually your body might get used to sleeping when it's supposed to. As you enter your second trimester your sleep pattern will probably change again (hopefully for the better).....pregnancy is all about waiting, and sometimes that's all you can do...
Avatar f tn The spotting was most likely implantation bleeding. You should schedule an spot withyour OB to confirm!