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463897 tn?1468013750 // Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 http://www.medhelp.
5582071 tn?1370335997 So far my pregnancy has been good. My first trimester I had morning sickness. I hated that so much. I had to urinate alot. I craved different and weird types of food. My second trimester, my morning sickness went away. I didn't really have morning sickness. My second trimester was actually fine. I didn't really have any symptoms except for urinating alot. My third trimester was ok. Im in my third trimester right now.
1580318 tn?1550254481 So I'm past the 14 week mark of my pregnancy, but I'm confused why it still says first trimester.... Shouldn't that be second trimester?
Avatar f tn Dates and numbers: There are 261 days until your due date on September 08, 2011. You are 19 days pregnant. You are 0.6 months pregnant. You are in your 1st month of pregnancy. Your 1st trimester: December 02, 2010 to March 02, 2011. (0 - 12 weeks) Your 2nd trimester: March 03, 2011 to June 15, 2011. (13 - 27 weeks) Your 3rd trimester: June 16, 2011 to September 08, 2011.
1525332 tn?1315845477 I went to the dr this morning. I am finally into the second trimester! Yeah!! Both babies are well. 13 weeks 2 days I gained 1 pound this week. SO EXCITED!
7558356 tn?1410715309 First Trimester: Month 1 : 1-4 Month 2: 5-8 Month 3: 9-13 Second Trimester: Month 4: 14-17 Month 5: 18-21 Month 6: 22-26 Third Trimester: Month 7: 27-30 Month 8: 31-35 Month 9: 36-40
Avatar f tn * 1st Trimester * Weeks 1-4: 1 Month Weeks 5-8: 2 Months Weeks 9-13: 3 Months * 2nd Trimester * Weeks 14-17: 4 Months Weeks 18-21: 5 Months Weeks 22-26: 6 Months * 3rd Trimester * Weeks 27-30: 7 Months Weeks 31-35: 8 Months Weeks 36-40: 9 Months
9442948 tn?1406816451 First trimester: Month 1 week 1-4 Month 2 week 5-8 Month 3 week 9-13 Second Trimester: Month 4 week 14-17 Month 5 week 18-21 Month 6 week 22-26 Third Trimester: Month 7 week 27-30 Month 8 week 31-35 Month 9 week 36-40
Avatar f tn I cannot sleep at night! As I write this it's 1:30am. I've always been a nightowl and have been able to go off of very little sleep, but now I'm in my first trimester of my second pregnancy and am SO tired during the day, so my sleepless or almost-sleepless nights are really destroying my schedule. Suggestions?
Avatar f tn 2nd trimester is more bad for me the golden period of pregnancy don't seems to be golden for me
1166767 tn?1315427171 I am 7 weeks into my pregnancy and I know the first trimester is very crucial and you have to be very safe. My question is at my job I work different shifts. Sometimes in the morning, evening and even overnights so weekly my schedule is something like this Sun and Mon- 11pm-7am Tues -off Wed- 7am-3pm Thurs-3-11pm Fri-either 7am-3pm or 3pm -11pm Every week it isnt the same exact as to what days and times but every week I work something like that.
Avatar f tn From my doctor pregnancy calendar she goes 24-28 wks is 6 months n 3 trimester starts at 27 wks but u will see some ppl goes by a different schedule I go by wat my doctor tells me
Avatar f tn Pregnancy Summary *Date of Fertilization (2w1d): 12/15/10 *Anatomy Scan (19-20 weeks): 04/12/11 - 04/19/11 *Fetal heart beat should be seen (7w0d): 01/18/11 *Fetus starts moving (18-20 weeks): 04/05/11 - 04/20/11 *Ultrasound Screen (11w+2 - 13w+6): 02/17/11 - 03/09/11 2-28-11 *Fetus becomes viable (24w0d): 05/17/11 *Triple Screen (15-18 weeks): 03/15/11 - 04/06/11 *Glucose Screen (24-28 weeks): 05/17/11 - 06/15/11 Amniocentesis (17-18 weeks): 03/29/11 - 04/06/11 Term delivery (37-42 weeks):
Avatar f tn has anyone ever got bronchitis in the first trimester.? This is my 4 pregnancy and have no kids I'm really scared is there any suggestions or advice on what I can do? Already went to urgent care doctor said schedule appointment with my OB/GYN because he refuses to give me any medication.
11677651 tn?1421471149 So i finally found a site that tells weeks to months in an understandable way. Here it is!
Avatar f tn Hence this difference could come up between the two methods. In the second trimester this difference can be of plus minus 8-9 days (at times 2 weeks). In third trimester the difference can be up to plus minus 2 weeks. Hence the difference depends on when the scan was taken. I would not panic too much for a difference of 2 weeks in second trimester. However, please consult your gynecologist. Take care!
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 6 weeks and this is my first pregnancy..... I'm not sure what to expect and I'm MAJOR nervous and anxious.... what should I expect? What tips do you have? What can I do or buy now to prepare for the baby? Btw...My name is Erica....
1580318 tn?1550254481 So I'm almost out of my first trimester!! YAY!! I thought my nausea was gone, cause it was gone for about a week. I was glad to see it go. But unfortunately it's come back! Darn! I was hoping it was gone for good, but no such luck! My nausea was gone by this time with my first pregnancy. I only had it for about 6 weeks at around 6 weeks. But I've had nausea right from the beginning of this one at 4 weeks. Not sure if that's a sign that this one will be a girl or not.
579074 tn?1254498172 headaches seem to have stabilized... 2nd trimester should be bearable... headaches may worsen last month of pregnancy...
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy and we're super excited! My sleep schedule has changed A LOT and I'd like to know if it's normal to wake up every 45 mins or so feeling super nauseous? However, I never end up actually throwing up. 8 weeks and I haven't gotten "morning" sickness... it's only when I'm trying to sleep... is that weird?
Avatar f tn My obgyn prescribed me with prometrium because there was a possibilty that a hormone in my body was low. The same day he prescribed the meds, he ordered some labs and put me on bed rest and had me schedule a follow up in a week. I got the medicine filled at the pharmacy but wasn't exactly comfortable with taking them because my doctor informed me that prometrium is not fda approved. I decided not to take the medication.
Avatar f tn Prometrium, a progesterone supplement, is sometimes prescribed during the first trimester of pregnancy in women who have had a history of miscarriages caused by low progesterone levels. The addition of prometruim during pregnancy helps ensure that the women will carry the fetus to full-term. It works by helping ensure that a placenta is fully formed thus providing the necessary lifeline for the developing fetus.
1068793 tn?1301487476 I was hopeing would get lucky this time, but I guess not. I am doomed to get sick with every pregnancy. bring on the second trimester!
16045 tn?1340287933 I just found out that I'm pregnant. :) We (my husband, my parents and my kids) had planned a family trip to Sea World next weekend, where I will be into my 6th week. That is too early for me to tell my parents and kids the news, and they know I love roller coasters. My question is......would it be unsafe to ride a roller coaster being in the 6th week of pregnancy? If I don't ride, then I'll have to think of an excuse not to ride, without letting them know the news yet.
1339395 tn?1317263821 I'm now getting super tired... I feel drugged I'm so tired.. It's hard to keep my eyes open. I get hot flashes I have a general feeling of "sickly" and achey, Drained and no energy. Bb's kinda throb and feel tingly... I'm always hungry now..
Avatar f tn I just entered my 2nd trimester & all I wanna do is sleep my life away. I go to sleep around 10ish & still won't want to wake up until about 1 pm the next day. I'll wake up but just go right back to sleep. I'm to tired to do my hair or make up, I never wanna go anywhere because I'm to tired to get ready & don't want to look like a bum in public. what can motivate me to stay awake when I wake up the first time in the morning?
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy. with my first born the pregnancy was a breeze but this time around had been tough.