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Avatar f tn a final ultrasound towards the end of the pregnancy, or is it only done at 18-20 weeks, unless problems arise later? My daughter and I were talking the other day and wondering if one is done later in the third trimester to possibly determine position, etc. She is currently 30w1d and she is thinking about doing the 3D/4D if a routine u/s isn't going to be done. Thanks.
Avatar f tn 3 days I haven't had many symptoms that seen to be common like my breasts haven't been sore I only got real sick for weeks 9 and 10 but I have been so tired its unreal and they say it gets better your 2nd trimester but it hadn't let up at all! I can't get motivated to do anything. The constipation hasn't gotten any better either.
1419501 tn?1320209910 Anyone else in their 3rd trimester... what shouls we be doing when we are so close. I havnt even packed my bags yet !!
Avatar f tn First trimester is up until week 14 of pregnancy. Feel free to discuss all of your 1st trimester questions and discussions here!
129291 tn?1205780063 Hello ladies, just a quick couple of questions. I have just entered 3rd trimester and was wondering if your little one is still jumping around like a gymnast? Not that I mind, (except the middle of night) but I was wondering when did your little once slowed down? According to my 20 weeks US, she measured 2 weeks ahead, so it is not like I have a small baby. At first, I though that I would cut the one or maybe two cups of coffee I have in the mornings to decaf, but she is still jumping!
7094011 tn?1405459486 For my entire pregnancy I've been on this really strange sleep schedule, I go to sleep at 11:30-12ish, wake up at 3-3:30 for at least 1.5-3 hours, go back to sleep, up at 7am for 1hour, and back to sleep until 10am. I'm wondering if my body has been on this weird schedule because this will be when the baby wants to get up. Have any moms had this strange sleeping issue? Have any moms noticed that once the baby was born that this was their sleeping schedule? Helppppp!
Avatar f tn Hence this difference could come up between the two methods. In the second trimester this difference can be of plus minus 8-9 days (at times 2 weeks). In third trimester the difference can be up to plus minus 2 weeks. Hence the difference depends on when the scan was taken. I would not panic too much for a difference of 2 weeks in second trimester. However, please consult your gynecologist. Take care!
Avatar f tn I've read that it is recommended for pregnant women to have their flu shots, but do you really think it's safe in the first trimester? I am very concerned about the affects on my pregnancy but want to do the right thing.
Avatar n tn She has no symptoms of bleeding, discharge, cramps etc. Everything is normal pregnancy symptoms. She has been crying all night and day and I keep telling her to try and calm down and go for a second opinion. Please help us.......
Avatar n tn Hey There, Alot of women have first trimester bleeding and everything turned out fine.. The only time I would worry is if the bleeding gets any heavier and turns to bright red in color or if you start to have bad cramps and pains.. Take care and keep us updated on your pregnancy!
Avatar f tn I would just recommend taking to your doctor about a taper schedule, relax and enjoy your pregnancy and not worry if you can. What is always recommended in pregnancy is you only take medication that is absolutely needed. Which in your case for now it's safer to continue the norco and continue to taper off as the doctor says. Also know just because you have taken norco durning your pregnancy doesn't mean anything will be wrong with your baby either.
2066536 tn?1354245204 What is the BEST exercise for pregnant women in their 2nd trimester? I heard it was best to exercise while pregnant but don't know what will help my baby and NOT hurt it, so I've just been trying to walk ALOT to help circulate my blood flow, but is there anything else I can do? Are there any good programs or websites I should check out? Any help on this issue would be great, thank you!
Avatar f tn Has anyone else worried about their pregnancy now?! I'm not sure why but I'm super nervous and such idk if it's cus idk exactly how baby is or anything like that or what! How can I ease my anxiousness and nervousness?!!! I go to the doctor on April 1st if I ask him to check on baby cus I'm so nervouse and such and been having dreams something bad will happen do u think he will?!
16045 tn?1340291533 My question is......would it be unsafe to ride a roller coaster being in the 6th week of pregnancy? If I don't ride, then I'll have to think of an excuse not to ride, without letting them know the news yet. And we are taking off work and stuff for this trip, as it's not around where we live. Thanks for ANY advice!
Avatar f tn If its brownish that means the blood is old. What happens with some pregnancies is the embryo attaches quite late in your cycle and blood ( from your usual period) gets trapped between the newly forming amniotic sack and your cervix and it slowly leaks out. As long as it isn't bright pink or red and more then a tablespoon, have a foul odor, burn or itch you should be quite fine.
325477 tn?1250554909 I read that overall in the pregnnacy is better to gain few pounds in the first trimester bc the last trimesters are killer and is when you really hate steppping on the scale. Anyways, I think we all girls are beautiful and our babies are doing great. I have a doc app. this afternoon so I will let you know what did it go later. Also I am going to get couple more belly pics as soon as I get my 20 weeks u/s. Love to all.
Avatar n tn To tell u the truth hardly anything is that great for u in the first trimester. Because this is when all organs start developing. I understand you panic attacks. I used to be on A LOT of xanax in the past and i had panic attacks constantly. When I found out how xanax worked I immediately stopped taking it and never took it again. Do some research on xanax in the first trimester. Good luck. if u need someone to talk to i'm a sahm so im around the pc a lot.
1026926 tn?1292117415 Look right under this box as you are typing your comment and it says "show ticker". Click on that and then click the pull down menu that says "add one of your tickers to the bottom of this post" and select "pregnancy tracker" or what ever you named your pregnancy tracker.
Avatar f tn I won't have my first appointment until I am 13 weeks.
Avatar n tn Also, extreme tiredness is very common during the first trimester due to your body adjusting to HCG and gets better for most people once they hit the 2nd trimester. Of course, at the moment your busy schedule and trouble sleeping are exasperating the situation. Its important you take care of yourself while pregnant and dont overdo it. You may need to rethink things (work situation) if they continue the way they are.
377493 tn?1356505749 So many of you know that my first trimester screen came back with a higher then comfortable chance of Down's Syndrome (1:13). Being that there were absolutely no physical markers (nasal bone was visible and present, nucheal fold was in normal range), I have been trying to understand what gave me such a high possibility. They told me it was the ratio between my free HCG and PAPP (I think that's right). 1 number was really high, the other low. I have opted for amnio to know for certain.
Avatar n tn Great company, good benefits, flexible schedule/you can make your schedule (days, nights, 8-10-or 12hr shifts, you pick the days you want to work and they will staff you, they fully train you on the kiddo your working with before sending you to a home) Taking care of these precious babies one on one and seeing their progress is very rewarding, and it's not so stressful since you are one and one. I make more money than working at a facility or hospital and I'm not so burnt out. Weekly pay.
Avatar f tn Apparantly no one gains much weight on their first trimester. While ive gained 10. This is seriously not good i should probably take up prenatal yoga. Has anyone tried it and helped with weight loss?
Avatar f tn anyone familiar or heard, know, experienced taking subutex while pregnant? i am now on 1mg per day and there is limited studies. please help.
231441 tn?1333896366 Don't know if it's normal or if I should contact my dr (I'm due to see her end of next week anyway). My first trimester morning sickness stopped after I had my appendix out and haven't had any since then until this past week.
Avatar f tn I just started my last week of my first trimester! ughhh its been the longest trimester and I still have two more to go! I really hope it goes by fast like ive heard ladies say!
Avatar f tn I am 12 weeks today and went in for my detailed u/s and to receive the results from my first trimester blood work. I am hoping someone can help me decipher these results??? The NT measurement was 1.4. The PAPP-A MoM was 0.58. (This is what is scaring me to death.) The HCG was around -.56 (I THINK...can't remember because at the time they brushed off the #).
129291 tn?1205780063 Here's another third trimester gal!! I'll be 34 weeks friday, yay!!!! How are you feeling besides your sore throat? I had one of those last week, it lasted about four days. Hope you feel better.
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage then a successful healthy pregnancy another miscarriage and then another successful healthy pregnancy. Its rough the last miscarriage devastated me horribly and my then 3 yr old. When I found out I wss pregnant this last time(baby is 1month old) I kept telling myself everything's fine and I bought a doppler so I could hear her heartbeat whenever I wanted for reassurance. It helped but I still worried my entire pregnancy.