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Avatar m tn s my child but am still confused. is it possible for a child to be born in the 10th month? how do i count the pregnancy stages/months? do i include the first two months or exclude to get 9 months? Besides has she gone with someone else after me? Pls explain the fertility period. i don't want to go for DNA Tests coz i really want to understand the menstruation and pregnancy stages/phases. i am extremely depressed and this could lead to a divorce.
342988 tn?1299782356 hi, I can say u better see the doctor, and get everything tested,,go for a scan better,, This question of u made me bother,,,as i like u answering most of my questions,,,, At this moment, i pray for u,,,, And one more thing HCG levels vary between the stages of pregnancy,,go check with the doctor,,if anything is down,,ur dr may advice for HCG shots,,on alternative days,,be ready for that,,, I can understand ur feel after 2 MCs, ,,keep us updated,,my prayers for u,,,,,,
Avatar f tn What Are The Stages Of Labor .. Do You Just Wake Up One Day With Contractions ? Or Do You Have Pain For About 2 Days Or So ? .. im 37 Weeks & I Dont Feel Nothing , Ill Have Little Pains here & There But I Think Its Because Of Her Being So Low & Kicking .. Because It'll Only Last A second & Its Only When Im In A weird Position.. No Mucus Plug .. No Cramping , Like im Wondering When Things Are Gonna Start Happening & When Should I Stop Working !?
620923 tn?1452915648 With a DX of Chiari we all go thru stages and to get to Acceptance we first go thru denial, then anger, grief and last acceptance....and then the process starts all over post it is a slow journey and until we get there we have no idea what we will face....continual pains, nerve damage or set backs with more surgery.
Avatar f tn I have in plans to go and take some pregnancy pic, but my bf is acting like an ******* lately. Idk what to do , go and take them alone or with this *******?
Avatar n tn They are not grouped together but are spread out as you can see in the pic. These spots are not elevated or raised and do not have a rough cauliflower shape but are smooth to touch. Is there any possibility that this could be the early stages of genital warts or are these brown spots simply freckles/moles that have appeared over the past few months? Your help would be much appreciated.
741741 tn?1294284010 Sorry its so fuzzy, I took that pic with my phone, there is also a pic of the digi I took on my profile!!
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have spotting and cramps and be pregnant, In the real early stages?
Avatar f tn My first born I took a pic of the pregnancy test and sent it out to everyone saying " what does this mean?" Then I personally called my little sister to tell her she was going to be an aunt (I found out on her Birthday and I was already 3 months ). On this one I found out only because my sister in law forced me to take a test. And everyone already thought I was anyway. Then I confirmed it was positive with my son holding a sign that said " I'm going to be a big brother!
1370323 tn?1309994146 Oh ok. I was just wondering, i was reading reviews & it would appear that during the low energy stages of wd's, it would come in handy! Thank's for the comment about my baby Sadie, I just lost her Tues after 12 years, so it's been especially difficult. Unlike a pain I have ever felt, she was my heart.
Avatar f tn I'd schedule an appointment at a drs office or planned parenthood if you have one near you.. and just tell them you need to take a pregnancy test. From there they'll give you your confirmation that you'll need.
Avatar f tn They usually do only one ultrasound during the whole pregnancy unless you have some medical issues or postdate pregnancy.
Avatar f tn yeah please post a pic for me the bite usually looks like a bullseye in later stages nausea and other things send me a pic and il tell ya 4 sure.
Avatar f tn I know this has nothing to do with pregnancy, obviously, but how do I upload a profile pic?
5891248 tn?1406410864 Ok weird thing tonight my child dad put a pic up and the way he was turned in the pic he looks just like my ex. The one I had a miscarriage by and the doctor said I`d never be able to have kids again. How freaking weird is that ? Do you believe in reincarnating with another person and signs that say this was ment to happen.
Avatar f tn As soon as i found out I send a pic of the preg test to my parents and in laws knowing they'll b happy for us.
Avatar n tn Just pictures of his gender . And I always see everyone else with really good ones, even at early stages. Do you have to pay extra for those or ask him ? Please help, hes our first child and we want good ones to show to our families.
1052633 tn?1311872678 hi everyone! today was my transfer! the dr. came in and gave me a pic of my babies and one was much bigger than the other!? i was wondering if anybody else's embies were like that? the dr said it's nothing to worry about that it just means one is more advanced by a couple of hours than the other. does anybody know if that's normal or not?
Avatar n tn im early stages of pregnancy im a bit worried when i wipe i got like clear slime is this normal
Avatar n tn What are the stages and how are they defined? I have no idea what stage I'm in. Tx 8 yrs ago. Quit at about 19 or 20 weeks. It's back now. I've had it for over 30 years most likely over 35.