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Avatar f tn I wish I'd been offered the Tamoxifen before my cancer and I DO have a family history of breast cancer. I'd have taken the ounce of prevention over the 'cure' ... double mastectomies and chemo.
Avatar n tn Iam a 42 yr old female who 10 years ago had 4 fibro tumors removed from her right breast. In the past two years I had 3 moles removed and all were PRE-cancerous. I have been anemic for as many years as I can remember. I just went for my physical and my doctor found a lump on my thryoid. I went and had a sonogram and was told it was a 3mm nodule, my chest x-rays came up clear with no indication of lung or heart disease.
Avatar n tn My recent open excisional biopsy results are as follows: Atypical lobular hyperplasia Atypical ductual hyperplasia Fibrocystic changes, including radial scar, florid epithelial hypersplsia and fibroadenoma mutitple levels examined. An E-Cadherin stain shows variable reactivity I am a 59 women who has been given different answers to the question "What are my risk of Breast Cancer"? I am being checked every six months, and now am going to have an MRI with contrast next month.
Avatar n tn It is usually offered when there are more than 2 first degree relatives with breast cancer whose situations meet criteria suggesting that the cancer may be inherited. Usually, the person WITH the cancer is tested first. If that person carries the gene, then her family members have the option to be tested. Before testing, it is usually advisable to discuss all aspects of the testing, cost, results, insurance isssues, etc. with a genetic counselor.
Avatar n tn i'm a chilean decent and I read that the leading cause of cancer in Chilean women (more than breast cancer) is gallbladder, . It is strange that Chilean also suffer of very high percentage of ICP that affect the liver and create gallstones.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I had hormone responsive early stage breast cancer. I did chemo, rads, and hormone therapy (Tamoxifen and Lupron). I am pre-menopausal. Any advice on supplements that may help me?
Avatar f tn I had an u/s and mammo done three months ago and they found a 4x2x4 mm.possible dialted duct with debris. Last week I had to follow up with another u/s. They found that it is now 8x8x4 mm. and I'm scheduled for a needle aspiration under u/s guidance. Is this something I need to be concerned about? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/hypoechoic-structure/show/629802">hypoechoic structure</a>.
Avatar f tn No other treatment needed Now post menopausal but had episode of bleeding vag ultrasound endometrial thickening with biopsy showing proliferative endometrium, repeat ultrasound showed increase in thickening and hazy looking ovaries my gyn wants me to take provera 10mg for 12 days every 2 months x3 He said it was ok with my history of breast cancer, I am nervous about doing this I thought hormone replacement was not recommended for breast cancer survivors
Avatar n tn You can verify this staging and visit the National Comprehensive Cancer Network on Breast cancer treatment in the following website: I also suggest that you discuss with her oncologist regarding radiation treatment since this could lessen the chance of the cancer recurring. Hoping for an uneventful treatment course... Regards.
1222635 tn?1366399886 i have no fever, and my boob is not warm to the touch/red other than on the nipple. im so scared this could be breast cancer. i dont have any lumps or anything like that. but what could this be? i am going to see the doctor but my health insurance is not effective until the first of this month, so i can't go yet or it will be classified as a pre existing condition. any suggestions? also from time to time ive popped my montgomery glands and i heard that can cause infection.
Avatar n tn I am afraid I don't know much about male breast cancer but you may get some help on the Brtish breast cancer site where there is a forum for men with bc. The URL is: I have learned so much from the people who post there. I am sure there will be a man, or men, who are using tamoxifen and can properly advise you of their experience. I am taking Arimidex which has a better prognosis than tamoxifen in preventing a recurrence, but I don't know if it can be used for men.
Avatar n tn My mom is 80 and has osteoporosis so she is taking Tamoxifen after having treatment for breast cancer. I took Tamoxifen for 5 years and am now on Femara (much like Arimidex). I'm also now on Fosamax due to some loss in bone density which I'm sure is partly due to the Fosamax, but also probably partly due to age as well. If you do take Tamoxifen and have problems with leg cramps and muscle/joint aches, I found that exercise helps immensely to eliminate the cramps and greatly reduce the aches.
Avatar f tn You might also ask why he thinks it's not cancer. Is it a clear cysts (not cancer) or a solid lump (could be cancer). You might also ask if this spot is pre-cancerous? Could it turn into cancer? Do you need other tests, PET scan is a good but expensive tests that shows hot spots (cancer or infections) that might also help in understanding your body. Be prepared with questions and talk with both groups that you seen. Good luck.
Avatar n tn What you have to ask is what percentage do I have of this going to cancer. I have an 90% of breast cancer and I have learned to not worry about it. Besides if it goes into cancer they will catch it early. With me I went to the doctor for 6 years and no one listened to me until I was full of cancer. At least that will not happen to you.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed last year with stage IIIB breast cancer. I have already gone through the chemo treatments - bilateral masectomy, radiation - finishing up in a few months with Herceptin. I started to take Tamoxifen a couple of months ago - I've been experiencing bad headaches - hot flashes (these are to be expected).
Avatar f tn Hi to all.Can someone please tell me the exact stage of breast cancer my mom is right now having? She is 51 yrs old, diagnosed with an infiltrating ductal carcinoma of her right breast.Initially there were no palpable lymph nodes( thatz the word the doctors used). She underwent a right sided modified radical mastectomy and 13 lymph nodes were removed of which 11 had metastatic cancer deposits with extracapsular spread( pathologist report).
1487230 tn?1288725375 I am 29 yrs old and have stage III breast cancer. I had a left modified radical mastectomy. The lump in my breast was 3.5cm and I had 6 out of 15 lymph nodes affected by cancer. My mother also had inflammatory breast cancer when she was 32 but we both tested negative for the BRCA1 and BRCA2. I am currently on chemotherapy with Adriomycin and Cytoxin, then I will be on Herceptin and Taxol, and will also have 6 wks of radiation worked in there.
Avatar f tn I had grade 3 dcis &idc, er and pr postive breast cancer last year. I have tried Arimidex, Tamoxifen, and Femera with no luck. Now the dr would like to do a total hysterectomy. I am 45 and stopped having periods 3 years ago. Is this beneficial or not?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with T2N0M0 breast cancer and went for mastectomy followed by 4 sessions of Taxotere. Now my doctor prescribed Aromasin alone for 5 years. He did not give me Tamoxifen first followed by Aromasin, but just Aromasin for 5 years. Is this acceptable ? I am 57 years old, mother of 4 children. Please advise.
Avatar f tn I hate posting a question such as this, but I have doubts about a recent claim of breast cancer & I'm hoping to get more info. My mom died from breast cancer at 51, my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, & a very close friend is a survivor so this has really struck a nerve for me. I'm skeptical bc this person has motive to make a false claim & I've never known anyone with breast cancer to be able to get away with such little (& frankly benign) treatment.
Avatar f tn What are the issues for women who have breast surgery for cancer? How are partners of women who have breast surgery affected? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Post surgery counseling</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi, The pathophysiology of breast cancer accepted at present is that it is n o more local pathology but a systemic disease. Hence there is no point in just addressing the local management, and systemic burden should also be addressed. The surgery plays a role in eliminating the local tumour load. The systemic ones require chemotherapy or the hormonal therapy. Various factors decide the role of further management 1. the hormone receptor status 2 tumour histology and the grade 3.
517119 tn?1285874992 However I do think it is wrong of you to start nit picking at someone else's positive comments when the focus should be on trying to support a fellow sufferor of breast cancer and help her get through the treatment over the coming months. I wish you a long life and happiness and pray that you remain BC free like all of us hope.
Avatar n tn Hi All, what is the probability of getting the lung cancer after the breast cancer? Is DICS with Stage 0,non-invasive ER –ve and PR-ve will have a chance to get the lung cancer? Please provide me the information.
Avatar n tn I am one of those lucky patients that developed a rare form of ovarian cancer, and was diagnosed 7yrs later with breast cancer, I am 8yrs out and am now facing an ovarian recurrence. Breast and ovarian cancer are definitely linked! Your Dr should absolutely be able to address all of your questions!