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Avatar f tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/Biospy-showed-Hyperplasia-pre-cells-not-caner/show/2738565">Biospy showed Hyperplasia pre cells not caner</a> was started.
Avatar n tn Gallen Consensus meeting on the management of early breast cancer recommends EITHER tamoxifen alone or tamoxifen plus ovarian suppression (with a gonadotropin releasing hormone [GnRH] agonist) as appropriate treatment for pre-menopausal women with early breast cancer after surgery.
Avatar m tn I am a 56 year male in the US that was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 in which my right breast was removed. It was insitu pre-stage 1. Recently I had a CT scan of my torso that noted 1.1cm ill-defined hypodensity masses on my liver on the right lobe. I'm trying to understand the level of concern I should have regarding this issue. I'm due for a follow up CT scan in 3 months per my Oncologist request. A recent gene test noted heterozygous c.1564G>C (p.
Avatar f tn Is it possible that the Pre-Ovarian Cancer is the cause of the Breast Cancer? I will be undergoing a double Mastectomy and immediate Breast reconstruction surgery. I am Estrogen Positive and HER2 Negative. Thank You for your time.
Avatar n tn I am one of those lucky patients that developed a rare form of ovarian cancer, and was diagnosed 7yrs later with breast cancer, I am 8yrs out and am now facing an ovarian recurrence. Breast and ovarian cancer are definitely linked! Your Dr should absolutely be able to address all of your questions!
Avatar f tn s not only helpful for your desicion making, but can help tell all the other females in the family thier risk of acquiring heridity breast cancer. If your positive and they get the test, then thier insurance will cover a bilateral masectomy with reconstruction using thier own belly fat. Being post menalpausal and post menopausal are good factors on your side, so is bring a II. Feel free to ask whatever you want.
Avatar n tn That radiation has been given since 1997 and is a very normal part of treatment for breast cancer. It's not so special and it's very normal. It can be done either external beam for up to 7 weeks or so or can be seeded for 5 days internally. APBI: Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation 55 or 85 I'd opt for radiation rather than not if I had breast cancer. Why do you think it's excessive? She has a will to live, yes? She has a will for treatment, yes?
Avatar n tn ) Also, is there any connection between having these pre-mentrual lumps and getting breast cancer later in life? Lastly, could these symptoms be related to the Mirena IUD I have had for three years?
Avatar f tn My mom is 65. She has a breast cancer. She had a “pre-operative”chemotherapy (3 AC, followed by 3 herceptin+cisplatinum +paclitaxel). During the last paclitaxel administration, she was taken to an intensive care unit. She was diagnosed with a myocardial infarction. I wonder if she still has a chance for a surgical treatment of breast cancer after recovery. How long could it take before she can be eligible for a breast cancer surgery? Thanks.
Avatar f tn The way I understand it is that ADH is one stage from DCIS (which is still considered pre cancer) and two stages or steps from Cancer. It gets quite confusing but I am hanging in there and hope you will keep looking for your answers also.
Avatar n tn Now she was detetected with cancer again and has undergone Masectomy in august 2008, the cancer was a recuurent cancer, and the pathologyy report shows T4N2M0 IDC GRADE 3 TRIPLE NEGATIVE breast cancer, i do not understand now what line of treatment should be followed. the Metastases was on all fifteen auxillary lymph nodes with pre-nodal spread.
Avatar f tn Ihad to go back to my doctor today bc of an abnormal pap. Well I found out I have a mild case of pre cancer. Cancer runs in my family a lot. I'm just wondering how I could have gotten this my doctor told me that it was sexually transmitted. But I have been with only my husband. I had a pap after my son was born and it was normal. That was a year ago now. Does that mean my husband would have had to of slept with someone else for me to get it?
Avatar n tn Having one intraductal papilloma does not increase your risk for breast cancer, unless they are composed of other conditions, such as atypical hyperplasia. If you have multiple papillomas or papillomatosis, your risk for developing breast cancer is slightly increased.
Avatar f tn Hi, My wife was recently diagnosed with ADH breast pre-cancer in her right breast. Today after an excisional biopsy last week, we learned she "has" LCIS. We realize this is stage 0 cancer and that specific "treatments" are to be discussed with our Doctor. What might be a good plan? My wife is 49 YO and her Mom was diagnosed with breat cancer and been in remission for the last 20 years.
Avatar n tn ADH is often referred to as pre-cancerous but in fact it does increase your risk of developing breast cancer in the future. ADH isn't usually found by a lump but rather by microcalcifications seen on mammogram. I'm not sure how to advise you as this is quite a problem. From what you say you only had the excisional biopsies and not a lumpectomy with clean margins and any other treatment.
Avatar f tn I am 55 years old and have family history of cancer (my mother had breast and colon cancer). My annual ultrasound result shows a solid mass on my right breast and I was sent for a biopsy. But the dr. in the hospital refused to proceed because he said it was a poor target for biopsy and suggested MRI. My surgeon insisted and another biopsy appointment was arranged for me a few weeks later with another dr.
Avatar n tn I'm 43 and have been diagnosed with DCIS with Pleomorphic Calcifications. Unfortunately since my breast are so large and have so many calification we chose a simple mastectomy with reconstruction. I wish it was just a lumpectomy. But my mind is crowded with thoughts in the morning. I wish I could stop this procedure from renting space in my head!!
Avatar f tn I have had a mammogram, MRI and second look ultrasound and the doctor is still unable to determine if an "irregular" finding is cancer or pre-cancer. She showed me what she believes to be a benign nodule, with a straight "line" of cell or tissue formation following around the ductal area right beneath the nodule (hope that makes sense lol). She said it's not a cyst or nodule...
Avatar n tn They then claimed that a premature delivery before 32 weeks doubles the risk of breast cancer because it leaves more places in the breast for cancer to start. They said abortion also stops the progression of breast lobule development and prevents the development of Type 4 and subsequently Type 3 cancer resistant lobules.
Avatar n tn t see any connection to breast cancer. As a rule breast cancer would present as a lump in the breast itself and 12 is pretty young to be thinking BC anyway. When family history is mentioned it usually applies to1st degree relatives .... mother, sister. Regards ....
Avatar n tn Hi All, My 35 years old mother of 2small kids sister was diagnosed with DCIS on April1st and Mastectomy had performed on April21st with DCIS on her right breast. Her pathology report shows as follows.. Lymph Node, Breast, Right-Sentinal Lymphnode Biopsy --> NEGATIVE FOR TUMAR (0/1) Breast, Right-Modifief Radical Msstactomy -DUCTAL CARCINOMA IN SITE Invasive Component : Negative. Lobular Carcenoma in-situ : Negative.
Avatar n tn t recieved my period since september 2008, and its now april 2009. i have a large lump right under my nipple and i think i just found another lump under my breast that is small but kinda sore. i was told that i am slightly amnemic, but i've been trying to be as healthy as possible... im just really worried and i want to know whats going on with me.. does anyone have any ideas or advice?
Avatar f tn It is common for many young women to have a breast lesion similar to the one you describe. In medical parlance, it is called a fibroadenoma. It is sometimes called a "breast mouse" because of its mobility. Please dont worry about it. However, this should be a good opportunity for you to learn about breast health. Please surf the internet to access sites that describe the correct way to perform a breast self examination. Perform this every month.