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Avatar n tn I was supposed too start My period on March 20th But it never came So he came inside me agian...And Today is the 22nd and i still havent got my period could i be pregnant?
372726 tn?1236111994 And why when anyone on this thread uses a comma or makes a word plural w the letter S or quotation marks.... There's a bunch of numbers placed directly afterward that we did not do. It's weird and needs fixed by this pages administrator immediately.
1701959 tn?1488555141 Kenyon would probably be pleased if he received credit for the long posts above, which were actually full quotes, minus quotation marks, taken from his discussion of PVCs at this site: kenyon forums/backup/topic-24286.
186166 tn?1385262982 "for someone, who is following so closely behind every word i say, you should have been able to realize that that post was not my style of writing. it was a copy and paste...i forgot the quotation marks." you are correct...if that was my is TOTALLY ok for me to feel that way.
Avatar n tn I was having regular heartbeats also. Two years ago, I found myself in intensive care because of this. My heart was also racing at 170 beats per minute. I was sweating, had pain in my throat and not my chest. I remained calm, but had two heart catheters. One in my chest and leg. I had no blockages. I was finally "diagnosed" (notice the quotation marks)with right ventricular dysplasia and ventricular tachycardia. I was assigned a new Dr. in town and this eager beaver of a Dr.
Avatar m tn If the cream is helping, I don't know that I'd take the Valtrex, but I can't advise you on treatments. Keep it in case you need it later if you decide not to take it. Here are some STD clinics in Texas (definitely call before you go as I have no idea how often they update these sites):
Avatar f tn I don't think Huckabee is the first one to ever think of quarantine but it is disturbing when anyone goes the risk of sounding like a space alien myself, there were some facilities built for quarantine during both the Sr. Bush and the Clinton years that were alarming to more than a few of those who watch for these things. I think they were built due to the advance knowledge of an anthrax/human strain threat....
1647691 tn?1363727302 He believes everything is ok but he just wants to be sure. So long story short, I will be starting BCP after my next period (which should be around August 13th). Then everything starts again. The only difference is if I do PGD, I will have my retrieval than they will examine the cells they extract while the embies will be frozen than a couple of weeks later I will have a FET. So we will see what happens. @Karol1968 - I am so so sorry. It broke my heart to read your post.