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Avatar f tn How many days after a period does ovulation begin. I ask because I end yesterday and I had sex yesterday wondering the chances of getting pregnant.
Avatar f tn I am moat deffently not under weight and I don't over exersise do I don't know why my period is 3 weeks late. I have had it befor this was just after having my period for a year were It was 2 months late I'm gonna say I think I'm a medium sized bone structer. I just hate my stumic and want a flat stumic if you were to go and read my journal on here you will better understand why I want to lose weight.
Avatar f tn It burned I think since the wound was fresh and hot water burned inside as the inside flesh is still exposed.. Very pink and wet.. Still no chance to get hiv or might be a low risk?
420315 tn?1203072028 hello , my problem is i have been having excessive saliva for about 18 years, spit about 300 times a day, been diagnosed with, sinusitis,chronic bronchitis,asthma,since 1991, then went back to the doctor in 2001 then 2-4-08 and he told me (different doctor) i have acid reflux,sinusitis again,diabetes type 2 , went to a ENT on 2-14-08 he said there is no cure for excessive saliva, also put camera down my nose and said everthing looked fine except my nose is crooked inside, thats why i can't breat
Avatar n tn this anxiety stuff gives us no rest and if so its in moderation =) i have a clock inside me which is my anxiety clock..this one wakes me between 3 and 4 am on the dot every night..what i do is try my best right when my eyes open to change my thought process..thnk positive things..start not read the medical symptoms stuff it makes you feel worse and gives you more worry...what helps me alot is to read the positive forums about people recovering or overcoming the bad stuff...
Avatar n tn i went to a SPA and had a massage but including the massage 1- the girl suck my dick and she was using baby oil , the worth part is there was many people on that day so the girls sucked many dicks before me i don't know the period between me and any other customer but if she sucked for a customer and still has some sperm indie her mouse then she sucked mine what is the risk. 2- and also i play with her breast with my mouse.
585414 tn?1288944902 We took a cab to the tow pound and we discussed what was the best thing to do from there. After a reasonable period of time they found the car. I had to sit with the owner of another car. I was very polite to the woman but in explaining what I had done today (and asking about her life but keeping a respectful emotional distance) I was treated as rational. I had a sense of inner freedom. What is defined on paper is one thing. Or on internet dialogue.
Avatar m tn Hey my exposure was around 14 weeks ago it was with a columbian female unknown status I received a blowjob from her and while we were dry humping both nude I dipped the head of my penis inside of her vagina a few times. Since then I had a 3rd gen antibody test at 7 weeks and 11 weeks both negative I am in Canada do they test for HIV 2 as well? Are my test conclusive, and when is 6 month testing required?
Avatar m tn 2 days later i started to fee a slight stinging around my uthera which then spread over the head of my penis and down the shaft and testicles and to my thighs front and back, this all took place over a 7 day period, i also had headaches for about 10 days and crawling sensations all over my body including face, i had no blisters of anything and no redness anywhere, over this las 15 weeks ive had headaches and burning feelings in feet and tingers and like ice burning feelings on different parts o
Avatar f tn c is necessary BC of the risk of infection) I know when I had my second trimester loss they told me I could wait 4 days but I didn't want too.. it was already traumatizing enough I didn't want to have my dead baby inside of me.. it was just an awful reminder. I really hope things work out for you.. and if a d&c is best its really not bad.. I've had it done before.. yes there is a chance you could get an incompetent cervix but its not likely. I have incompetent cervix..
Avatar m tn here is the link to the second article if anyone wants to read it
Avatar n tn My husband and I have been trying for over 2 years and to top it off I just got my period today! Call around tomorrow and get some insurance quotes. Once you figure it out get that HSG and find out whats going on so you can have some piece of mind. If you want to know about the procedures please feel free to ask! I have been through many and so has a bunch of other ladies on this site. Good luck to you and believe me it will work its self out:) hang in there girl-I'm praying for you.
Avatar f tn I think you got SVR for sure. The study Jim quotes lately says 100% SVR if UND at 3 months post and no cirrhosis.
Avatar m tn Pain in middle of shoulder blades – feels inside my chest – on both sides, worse on right shoulder. Very stiff neck – on one side - right. Occasional pain on balls of feet. Constant fatigue. Cannot sleep every night. Occasional swollen glands. Occasional Increased heart rate, palpitations. Frequent night sweats. Constant exhaustion. Forgetfulness, not thinking straight – only recently. Hearing issues – ringing, ‘popping sensation’. Swollen Eye this morning - both eyes sticky this morning.
685623 tn?1283485207 I have seen rubber bands on tails in attempt to dock the tail, bloody ears from someone using pinking shears and/or a meat cleaver to do an ear trim and the mess inside a dog’s throat from a breeder using a sharpened PVC pipe to “de-bark” his breeding stock. While I heartily agree with Banfield’s decision to avoid these types of surgery, the policy does not help resolve the overall situation of cosmetic surgeries in general.
1701959 tn?1488555141 Your Holter monitor findings are very ordinary, and 65 PVCs in a 24 hour period amount to an average of less than three per hour, which is actually infrequent, although in most cases they occur in random patterns, so some could be closer together than others.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately I have a terrible, disgusting habit of biting my nails, and I had a few open cuts on my fingers that were inserted inside of her. The cuts were of significant size and were opened due to the physical activity that was taking place during the massage. Normally I would not worry about this, but when I got home I noticed there was dried menstrual blood on my fingers, and it was dried over the cuts.
1785438 tn?1314991535 One of my coworkers was able to bring to me and from work for that period of time, but it was still even difficult for me to even be in a car. After being on meds, going to therapy and eventually getting myself back in the drivers seat, I was starting to somewhat feel a little more comfortable with driving again. However, I had missed so much work and just couldn't make it up, so I ended up losing my job.
Avatar m tn 79 days ago I had a sexual intercourse -unprotected anal sex- with a 17 years old guy unkown status, I think he is promiscous. It just was for 3 or less minutes but he came inside. I tried to remove his cum but perhaps it didn´t work. At the 8 weeks I got a Elisa Test 4 Generation HIV1 - HIV2 & P24 Antigen and fortunately it came Non Reactive. I Know that only at 3 months is a conclusive Test. But I have 3 Questions cause im too worried! Questions: 1.
5209814 tn?1365172716 It does sound like your two year period of abx didn't fully address the needs of your whole body. Perhaps trying another doc as Jackie suggested would be worthwhile. It's possible the antibiotics you took didn't work well because you had mold, toxic metal overload, and/or yeast. All are believe to interfere with the effectiveness of antibiotics. A LLMD who takes an integrative approach would address this. A LLND would, too.
Avatar f tn Usually twice (Over a period of time) will take care of the problem.....Oral Antibiotics MUST be used for abcesses..... Any dog with this disease needs to have their sacs manually expressed every 4 weeks like clockwork....A groomer will do it for $5....You don't have to go to the Vet every time and pay their fees.... Food & nutrition plays a big part here & Science Diet is #1 (A joke) & #2 (Has no nutrition in it!).
Avatar f tn I had to STOP being so compulsive on wanting all my work inside and out to be done right now or yesterday. That was my worst triggers of all. It took me awhile to just know it all will get done in it's own time. Also I had about 18months in and lost both my parents and father-in-law and my boy dog. I then had big cravings because of what life had just handed me in a 90 day period. This is when I kept close to this site and Journal-ed all the way.
Avatar m tn After 3-4 days all the symptoms vanished, but in date 21 February 2009 that single swollen lymph node on the neck appeared without any other sign. Certainly I have gone sick in a very cold period in winter, that it can be normal,but I has been sick. Now let's come to the point. I'm scared to death.
Avatar f tn but then i thought well maybe it just hurts more because i'm spose to get my period soon....but here i am and no period then i jumped back to my other conclusion of pregnancy...but then i was online and i read that cysts might cause irregularities in your period (which my period is irregular anyways) so i was like ok that's good news...i guess...but i was still concerned about the belly getting bigger thing...
Avatar n tn So I'll be w/out a computer for about a week but will chk in later. now for some GREAT QUOTES BY GREAT LADIES: ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out. But I can usually shut her up with cookies. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Inside every older person is a younger person -- wondering what the hell happened. -Cora Harvey Armstrong- ++++++++++++++++++++++++ The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy.
Avatar n tn Today I have pain radiating from the right side (near my buttocks) down my back and inside of my right leg, as well as burning. I have been belching non stop all day. This is crazy. It's odd to me, when I look back in my journal from June...I had symptoms of a UTI, but none was present after examination. I have had the lower pelvic discomfort/tingling/pressure/fullness off and on since then, as well as digestive issues (gas, belching and recently, bloating that has lasted for 3 weeks).
Avatar n tn Hi, I can relate to your wife. It is frustrating not to be able to get a definite diagnosis. I started to have symptoms mid January of this year. First, my right leg and foot went "numb" all the way up to my hip (reason I put "numb" in quotes is because my ortho doctor and neuro doctor both said my reflexes were intact, so I couldn't be numb, although I feel that way) Then, about a week later my left leg had the same symptoms.