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1567784 tn?1327058223 I have heard it can make you ovulate later and that in turn would cause your cycle to be longer. I do hope however that not only does this help but that your AF doesn't show her face for another ohh..9 months?? ;) Take care!! Lots of SSBD!
Avatar f tn i wouldn't worry too much if it's just a few days different. sometimes your cycle changes or you o later in cycle than usual.
Avatar n tn I'm 28 and I came off the pill in August 2016 and since then my cycle is getting longer, but I generally only get a light bleed for 5 days max, originally at 28 days they were averaging 35 days in january but the last cycle was 43 days and I'm now on day 46 and no period yet though discharge had a hint of pink yesterday but not very noticeable. I came off the pill because of problems with dryness and recurring yeast infections which has all stopped since coming off.
1632323 tn?1425013883 i think my cycle has changed to a shorter cycle (21-27days) and my periods are now longer, about 10-11day including spotting. my period is very light most of the time. however i am ttc and i am wondering when would i actually ovulate if i ovulate. i have pcos and all this changes occured after my doctor gave me injectables (menopur). pls advise me and share whatever similar experience u had with me. I am really concernd and getting sick of ttc.
Avatar n tn My period came again in January however i have not gone off yet. I get this brown discharge before my period and when i am getting ready to go off. usually it only last a few days before my cycle starts, but now it seems to last longer and so does my cycle. I have been experiencing this for about a month now should i be concerned.
Avatar n tn hi everyone, just got my first period after my m/c. can i start trying again?? when is the best time? i dont know when i am ovulating as i hardly get my period on the first place. i just hope everything will be ok. the doctor told me not to worry, i am still young(30y) but i cant stop worry as i have had 2 surgery in the last year(PO, and endometriosis)everybody eround me is pregnant and that doesnt help!god help me.
Avatar f tn When should i have my period I had a baby 3 months ago last time I had sex was maybe a couple weeks ago he didn't ejaculate in me after that I took 2 pregnancy test came out negative but I'm stressing because I'm not nursing and wondering when my cycle would start.
Avatar f tn You should be getting your period every month. Not everyone gets their period every 28 days...some have longer cycles which is completely normal. You should chart your periods ( is a great site). This way you will know what is normal for you. If you aren't getting your period every month, i'd go talk to a doctor.
Avatar f tn Ive had my period for about two weeks now, at first it was brown blood, now its kinda a mixture of both brown and red. I also took two emergency contraceptive pills within one week because I had unprotected sex twice, and not too long after i took the second pill I got my period. Im starting to get worried because ive had my period for so long.
Avatar f tn I'm just wondering because a younger woman often times has a more irregular period cycle than an older woman. An irregular cycle can also be a result of a hormone imbalance, so if this "unsual" cycle (for you) continues, you may want to check with a doctor about getting your hormone levels checked - it's a simple blood test. Try not to worry - I think you're fine.
Avatar f tn so my period only lasts 5 days and around the 4th day its really light and like a brown-ish color the color of dried blood . however this month i have noticed a foul odour and besides that i am in day four of my period and im still bleeding heavily a bright red discharge.
Avatar n tn im unsure of how long my cycle was just know my last period was 24th april, ok if it hasnt come il retest, yes i know we are very useless in some ways, thanks for your help
1105753 tn?1374290948 Things did get back on track, although after my 4th loss my cycle changed from 28 to 25 days. Now, post partum cycles are longer again. Hormones do such weird things to our bodies, but they do tend to straighten themselves out. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn Your cycle is the time between periods. So by cycle you mean that your *period* is lasting a shorter and shorter amount of time? If that is the case, YES it is normal! You can have a period for ONE day and it's still normal.
1152782 tn?1451105026 Period was fine without, however by the 3rd month I noticed my cycles were getting longer. By Jan 31 my period was 10 days late, in which I had to start Yasmin again. However, my period problem was due to weight gain...about 13 lbs for me. So it could be that the cysts are coming back, because when you have cysts sometimes your periods don't come because the cysts block it. The only true way to find out is to go for an ultrasound...and see from there. Are you sure your not pregnant?
Avatar n tn I have a doctor appointment tommorrow that I really need to go to and I think that I'm coming on my menstrual cycle had can I stop it for a day? Please help me because I had an bad irration down there and I had been waiting on this doctor appointment 4ever and been dealing with this pain and itching!! So HELP ME a.S>A<P!!
1289552 tn?1272075279 For most people, you ovulate 14 days after the day you start your period. But it depends on how many days are in your cycle. Which is, I believe, the first day of your period until the 1st day of your next period. Do you know the days you started your period for the last few months?
318181 tn?1336447096 Who knows, maybe I'll be one of those women who end up getting pregnant the cycle before they move on to IVF.......I wish! OK, girls, let's see if we can get the list updated... ------------------- spoc: 14 dpo Cill: 12 dpiui, metformin/clomid, testing tomorrow!!! Lisa: in the 2WW, not sure when O took place bfromthed: 10 dpiui, clomid/gonal-f/menopur, testing Jan. 6 Sexykeme: In the 2WW wannahaveababy: 6 dpo, natural cycle, testing Jan.
Avatar n tn I retested on 15DPO still BFN at that point I stoped prog. AF arrived only on CD34, which is longer than my normal cycle. So I think progesterone does prolong the cycle. Next time I see the doctor, I'll ask. For now I'm taking a break this month.
Avatar n tn i'm getting some weird fiberous stuff during my period (it's just reddish black and small fibers). I've never seen this before and my doctor appointment isn't for 2 weeks. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar n tn I have low back pain before and during the 1st part of my menst cycle which cycles are extrem heavy and irreg (previously, I did not get a period for 5 years due to an elevated prolactin lvl (drug side effect) Intercourse is painful as is most any physical activity (for example, I was doing a fall cleanup in the yard and began to exp severe pain and then nausea and vomitting). The pain with activity is always there, the n and v only happens once in a awhile.
Avatar n tn Hi, one of my siblings had a bby in june 2010 and her period didnt come on until last month which was October and she was also breastfeeding. She once told me that the longer you breastfeed your menstrual cycle would be absent. So maybe that's your case plus you are taking birth control pills, maybe it won't be long before you would get your s.
Avatar f tn The surgery is based around my period because of the fibroid shaving procedure, apparently it's important for her to be able to see properly because they fill my uterus up with saline for it and she doesn't want a bunch of menstrual blood floating around in there obscuring things. My last period started May 10th, and it is now June 22nd. My cycle is usually longer, about 34 days at the most, sometimes it's less.
Avatar n tn No.
Avatar f tn With my first i didn't get one until 4 weeks after i weaned. I've gone longer with this baby, and just got my first period when she was 8 months old.
Avatar f tn This can be very inconvenient, because you don't have any idea when you could be ovulating, or getting your period. I would recommend making an appointment with your gynecologist. If you have not had your first appointment yet, now is a good time. It is especially important if you are thinking about becoming sexually active. Make sure you are in good health and learn about ways to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. The doctor may also be able to help you to regulate your period.
Avatar n tn My husband and I are trying to have our 2nd child. Just wondering how long it will take..... I had no problem getting pregnant with the first one who is now almost 4 years old. I had a period about a week after the mirena was removed but i haven't had one in july. We have been trying and i havent had a period this month but took 2 pregnancy test and both came back neg. Could I be pregnant???? My breast are tender, im cramping, tired could but just be late and getting ready to start????
1696352 tn?1318535967 If you lost both ovaries or fallopian tubes, you would be infertile and no longer getting your periods, but as you didnt mention anything about menopause or loosing parts, I reckon that isnt the case.