Can your period cycle change

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Avatar f tn You should start using the kit 11 days after the FIRST day of your period. The first day of your period is cycle day 1 and ovulation usually occurs around cycle day 11-16. If you ovulate, your period will come exactly 14 days afterwards. Ovulation can vary from cycle to cycle, so the periods may vary too. IF you are not ovulating, you should consult with your doctor, and soon. Good luck!
389393 tn?1207445958 Kindly confirm when your menstrual cycle would go back to a normal 28 day cycle? I've been confusing this with an actual pregnancy and end up disappointed when not. Please advise soonest?
Avatar n tn Can clonazepam change my menstrual cycle? Or can prescribed medication change it?
Avatar f tn The pill is like a big bandaid that doesn't truly even give you a natural period, they are just synthetic hormones that fool your body.
Avatar f tn I think it's awesome that you want to change for the new person in your life, but whats most important, critical even, is you need to want to quit for you! In my case, I wanted to change because of someone who has been in my life for the last 20 years.... and looking at that fact I realized that I really wanted to quit for me. Change was important for me because I wasn't satisfied with what I had become and the baggage I was carrying around.
Avatar m tn progesterone phase/luteal phase this is the what we all call the 2 weeks waiting (2ww) cause on day 28 (for most women) you get your period again and start your cycle again, or you test and find out you are pregnant.
Avatar f tn In all probability all the stress you went through has brought about some hormonal changes that delayed your cycle. An unusually long period can also cause temporary anemia which can also affect your cycle. However, take a pregnancy test to confirm, as women often conceive in the first month after a miscarriage. If the pregnancy test is negative, repeat after a week if you do not get your periods. If it is still negative, do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar f tn Hi, i'm 35 and have had a regular 28 day cycle lasting exactly 5 days since my very first period at 12. In the past 6 months my period has been coming between 5-7 days early and lasts between 3-7 days and being light from the start date to the finish date. Does anyone know what can cause this kind of change? fyi i do not use bc.
Avatar f tn That seems very long. Are you able to see a doctor or even a specialist about this? Also, Depo Provera can stay in your system for quite a while. Not sure exactly how long, but a friend of mine didn't have a period for over 2 years from it. Sorry if I'm not much help, but good luck!!
Avatar n tn I'm on the NUVORING and my cycle with it makes me on my period during the week I see him. Can I take out the ring half way through my cycle to "restart" my cycle so I have my period at another time of the month? Aside from using back up contraception; is there any concerns with me doing this? Any other suggestions to adjust my cycle?
Avatar n tn Your period can be a little crazy for awhile after having a baby. Mine took a few cycles to go back to normal, and even then it was months before I was back on every 28 days. Your body has been through so much, it takes a little time. Congrats on baby! I had mine on March 30th, not looking forward to getting my period back though. I also noticed more cramping earlier and throughout my period after my first baby.
Avatar f tn Anytime you take a high dosage of hormones like a morning after pill, you can mess with your cycle.
149184 tn?1235622505 so i was wondering if a higher dose of clomid can actually make the cycle longer..... i haven't tested yet, im planning to do it later today... the reason im not excited is because i dont have any pms type pains and sore bbs just like everyone else is noticing when they get their BFP...
Avatar f tn Honestly, everything your describing that has been going on with your period, i have been going through the same thing. You completely described what my period has been doing for the past year and a half.
Avatar f tn My question is in regards to the long-term effects of oral contraceptives on the menstrual cycle. Does anyone know if taking oral contraceptives (The Pill) can permanently change your menstrual cycle, even after you stop taking them? I used to always have really regular (28ish day long) cycles, but my last few have been almost a week longer than normal. I stopped taking The Pill about 3 months ago, and I know sometimes it takes a while to have a period again.
Avatar m tn I had informed a young lady that thinking can cause your body to become irregular. The best thing for you to do is to relax. The more you think, or stress yourself in anyway will cause your periods to go haywire. If after a few months your periods are not regular go to your doctor and suggest if contraceptive pills may be helpful to regulate your periods once again.
Avatar n tn Soy milk is overall a great beverage and should not affect your menstrual cycle. But it does contain week plant estrogens that are called phytoestrogens. Isoflavones are the phytoestrogens that are typically listed on soy milk products. Look at the box and see how many isoflavones are in each box of soy milk and try to limit your intake to less than 100 mg daily or ideally about 50 mg of isoflavones daily. Typically, a few glasses daily is a good amount to consume.
Avatar n tn Could coming off an anti-depressant like Effexor cause a change in your menstrual cycle? I have been lightly spotting for four days, but never fully started. I completely weened off Effexor two weeks ago.
Avatar n tn Alot of Different factors can affect your cycle. Its really hard to say, but if you are concerned i would see your docter. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Remember that every month doesnt have 31 days so it can cause your menstrual cycle to come sooner or later than its scheduled ! It can also be caused do to a change in diet ,sleeping or eating habit or stress! Try to relax, get your rest and eat healthy! Keep us updated if anything chances!
Avatar n tn But if this is a persistent, new, and unusual change in your cycle, you should see your doctor for advice.
643623 tn?1224038104 it depends what cycle is normal for you but i would do as catie207 said to check. If youve recently changed your pill you can experience spotting too, as well as having a coil change etc. Just be careful if you not intending to get pregnant and get tested asap. If your still concerned visit your GP.
Avatar f tn Anyway, after a few months you will see a pattern of cycle length and the time between ovulation and the start of your period so you can predict the best time to conceive. I actually also used that method to NOT conceive plus condoms and it worked for a decade.
Avatar n tn shampoos, shower gels, sperm, water, saliva, lube, period blood can be high pH and can cause it. You need to use something to kill off the anaerobic bacteria. (go to clinic or doctor or pharmacy.
Avatar f tn If the whole menstrual cycle stays light from start to finish, there are many reasons why a period may suddenly change. A light period can be from a hormonal imbalance; if your body is low on iron; eating and drinking unhealthily; contraception devices; a threatened miscarriage if you have been sexually active when ovulating; polycystic ovaries and other uterus problems. Keep a written diary of your moods and your menstrual cycles over a period of 3 months.