How long can your period cycle be

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Avatar n tn your doc can prescribe provera for you to bring on your period once it is confirmed you aren't pregnant. other than that, I'm not sure. but you are right, b/c pills would defeat the purpose if you are ttc. best of luck and baby dust to you.
Avatar f tn Hello, A woman ovulates every month. Our body is ready for conceiving every month. Ovulation usually occurs halfway through your menstrual cycle but there’s a wide range of normal anywhere from 23 to 35 days, and your own cycle may vary slightly from month to month. Around the time of ovulation, the cervical mucus becomes clearer and more slippery than at other times of the month. Egg white cervical discharge is one of the indicators of ovulation and you can try around this time.
Avatar f tn im tryna fiigure out how far along i am, but i dont know how 2 tell how long my cycle is. i kno my periods were only 4 days at the most. and when i ovulated i would ovulate a week. so how do i know how long my cycle is based on that info? and what is a luteal phase?
Avatar n tn Hi just to let u know i breatfed my 2nd daughter for 18 months and i did not get my first period until she was 10 months old. They say that breas feeding can be used as a method of contraception (although not a reliable one) as the mother does not ususally ovulate for a while after giving birth when she breast feed. I dont think it is anything to worry about the will soon appear.
Avatar n tn I used Clomid 100mg and prochieve 8% this month and I am on my 30th day and still no period. I've read that prochieve ( progesterone suppository) can delay your period. How long does is the delay? I'm thinking of stopping using it since my pg test was negative. Should I stop? Please help as I am very concern about prolonged use of prochieve.
Avatar m tn Now it is September and I got it a few days later then normal but nothing to bad and now its the eighth day of my period and I am worried something is wrong because I keep having very long periods. Can anyone give me any advice? S.N. I am only eighteen and been having periods since I was eleven I think.
769851 tn?1235089908 My mom was waiting to take me to the doctor after it stopped (who knows how long that would be) but she did tell me that the doctor would put me on birth control It really helps me 2 kno Im not the only person this has ever happened to because the first thing I thought was Im only 16 what is going on.
Avatar n tn you should take a test if you miss your period
Avatar f tn If your miscarriage was natural you count the first day of your miscarriage as the first day of your cycle, so when your period comes depends on how quickly your hcg levels drop to under 10, once it does that you will ovulate and either get pregnant or have your period
376148 tn?1309903177 I may need some back-up on this one, but your new cycle starts the first day of your period. So from that day, till you start your next period would be your full cycle. Mine was usually 32 days or so with a due date calculator, that would put my EDD in Jan. Doctors' offices use that little wheel chart and that goes by the "average" 28 day cycle ... so it could be "off" for most women. According to my doc and her wheel chart, my EDD is 12/31 ...
Avatar n tn Okay, my question is this, how long should a cycle be before I should begin to worry? As of today, my cycle is 44 days long, with no signs of menstruation. I have swollen breasts, frequent urination, bloating, heaviness in lower abdomen, nausea, fatigue, and heartburn. I have taken HPT, BFN. I am TTC, and my cycles for the past 4 months have been 32 to 34 days. And what is considered excessive weight gain? I have steady gained 10 the past 4 months, would that be why?
333144 tn?1314274978 would the new year be two soon if i have a period before christmas they have not started yet
Avatar n tn My cycle is an average of 51 days long and my period lasts an average of 10 days. Does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone like this gotten pregnant? What could be causing this?
Avatar f tn Once you O, you enter the luteal phase (LP) of your cycle. The LP is supposed to be between 12-16 days (with 14 being avg). I have heard of short LP defects, but not of long ones. Are you sure that you are not O'ing later than what you think? Have you asked your dr?
1679244 tn?1375245159 First off, sorry about the m/c. I know how hard they are. After a natural m/c, my doc told me to wait one cycle and then I should start TTC. After a D&C, my doc told me to wait 3 cycles. So I would say that if your m/c was natural, then you're probably good to go! Good luck and wishing you get that BFP really soon!!
149184 tn?1235622505 This is my first clomid cycle, days 2-6. Can it be taken with epo?
Avatar f tn There are ovulation apps on your phone that can track your periods and the soonest pregnancy would show on a sensitive test. I used first response which measures very low hcg and was able to get a positive at 3 weeks 2 days so about 9 days after I ovulated and over a week before my period. I had it confirmed at a clinic 2 days later.
Avatar f tn They say to wait one cycle... But you can start trying right away if you want to.. It all really depends on your body and your emotions.. After a loss like that you might want to wait.. You might not.. It depends.. Just be in tune with your body.. i just went through a m/c 2 week's ago... And I am already gearing up to try again..... It really depends on your body and if you passed it naturally..
1181031 tn?1286633149 I've had a MC n my partner n I want to try again.... How long should we wait and how long has it takin sum of u ladies TC... THANKS...
562874 tn?1221014759 One of the reasons why they say to wait three months is so your body has time to adjust back to normal and they can date your pregnancy better if you have a period in between miscarriages but a friend of mine had a miscarriage and she then fell pregnant straight away again with no period in between and she has a healthy and beautiful baby boy. Good luck.
1815473 tn?1336174800 If it has lasted two weeks, then they need to see a Dr. Much depends on how far along you were and how easily your body handled it. In very early loss, the bleeding is usually like a late and heavy period, lasting about the same time. It is important after a loss to be seen by the Dr. to ensure that there are no complications. It is important to be followed up with. If it was a first trimester miscarriage, conceiving again quickly shouldn't be a big issue.
1181031 tn?1286633149 I am so sorry for what you are going through and your loss. I would at least wait until you get your period after the miscarriage has completed. That way you know your body has gotten back to it's normal routine, and if you do get pregnant again right away they can determine your due date easily. I waited 4 months after my miscarriage more so for emotional healing. I had to have a d&c procedure, so the doctor recommended waiting 3 months.
Avatar f tn your cyle is taken from the day your period starts, thats day one, so when tracking ovulation depending on how long your cycle is its usually around day 14 for a 28 day cycle, but this can vary from women to women. In pregnancy they also clculate your cycle/bubs age from the first day of your last menstral cycle, this can confuse alot of people as you are told you are 8wks pregnant when bub is only 6wk, this is just they way they do it.
Avatar n tn Depending on your age, if you are young, it can also be normal to be irregular. You are having long cycles and if you are heavier than you feel you should be, perhaps your thyroid is slow or you are hypothyroid. You can have this checked by your doctor. To regular a period, they may need to put you on birth control pills during this time. However, I suspect if you get to your goal weight and stay there a bit, you may begin to have more regular periods.
Avatar m tn Hello and welcome to MedHelp, I am very sorry to learn of your Dad’s condition. I know it can be very difficult watching one of our loved ones go through this. These high ammonia levels are the direct result of a condition called hepatic encephalopathy (HE). As you probably already know this is the primary explanation for his behavior.
Avatar f tn This might be a dumb question but.. Can you be pregnant if you had a "short" period? Last cycle was 3 days late. I took a pg test, it was neg, period started that afternoon. BUT it only lasted until the afternoon the next day. Nothing the day after that, then very light spotting the next, then completely gone. Then I had a lot of cm day 8, but have been wondering if possible that early or something else...
Avatar f tn this is my 1 time getting depo and my period has ben on for all most a 10 days...i have look up how long it pose to be on but no help...also i got my shot when i was on my period dose that have any thing to do with it....
371498 tn?1198948640 i am curious for girls/women, i guess can only answer... how long has your longest period been and how short has your shortest period lasted? with and without sex or whenever...curious about the ranges for dates. my normal longest one was about 7 days my shortest one is about the one i described earlier with it being 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 days, with sex on the period possibly being a factor. and before that it was 2 1/2 to like 4 days maybe with it being the shortest normal one.