How long can your period cycle be

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Avatar n tn you should take a test if you miss your period
1181031 tn?1286629549 ve had a MC n my partner n I want to try again.... How long should we wait and how long has it takin sum of u ladies TC... THANKS...
Avatar f tn not likely if your on your period your not ovulating and your new ovulation cycle starts two weeks after the start of your period so even if you had unprotected sex that day its very unlikely that your pregnant wait and see if you start if you don't take a pregnancy test
Avatar f tn Sperm can live up to 5 days inside of the vagina. So depending how long your cycle is and when you ovulated will say if you can get pregnant or not. Since ovulation will usually happen in the middle of your cycle (give or take a few days) I am going to say that it is a very slim chance that you will get pregnant this time around.
750981 tn?1301583682 Its day 29 and no period to scared to take another preg test I heard Clomid delays your period. I guess ill wait a few more days and take another test.
1679244 tn?1375241559 First off, sorry about the m/c. I know how hard they are. After a natural m/c, my doc told me to wait one cycle and then I should start TTC. After a D&C, my doc told me to wait 3 cycles. So I would say that if your m/c was natural, then you're probably good to go! Good luck and wishing you get that BFP really soon!!
Avatar f tn I took 1 june 17 and it came out negative. I'm 8weeks pregnant now. I just tested to early. Wait for your next cycle and if it comes of course your ok if not test again.
3165258 tn?1343922263 retest within a week if no period, then if nothing see a doc, something could be wrong with your cycle or you could be prego but not showing up on the test yet.
1625997 tn?1315153425 if your period has not come def retest in a week, try not to stress as that can delay your period as well, if it is still neg after your next test and still no sign of your period then you could go to your doc and have some blood tests done.
Avatar f tn just remember that after stopping birth control your cycle can be abit off, so dont be discouraged if when you test its negative, it might just be too early.
Avatar f tn depends on when your ovlating and how long long your cycle is
562874 tn?1221011159 One of the reasons why they say to wait three months is so your body has time to adjust back to normal and they can date your pregnancy better if you have a period in between miscarriages but a friend of mine had a miscarriage and she then fell pregnant straight away again with no period in between and she has a healthy and beautiful baby boy. Good luck.
Avatar f tn If your miscarriage was natural you count the first day of your miscarriage as the first day of your cycle, so when your period comes depends on how quickly your hcg levels drop to under 10, once it does that you will ovulate and either get pregnant or have your period
Avatar f tn There are ovulation apps on your phone that can track your periods and the soonest pregnancy would show on a sensitive test. I used first response which measures very low hcg and was able to get a positive at 3 weeks 2 days so about 9 days after I ovulated and over a week before my period. I had it confirmed at a clinic 2 days later.
Avatar n tn Yes, you could be pregnant. A light period a week before your period is due could be from implantation spotting. Or you could be just having an off cycle. Only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test.
Avatar f tn My cycle is between 57 to 60 days. I am 18, and yes, I seem young to be concerned about fertility. I'm wondering if this means I'm not ovulating and could be infertile.
700722 tn?1429663648 The doctors go off the first day of your last period. So say May 25th was the first day of your first period and your menstrual cycle is a 28 day cycle you would be about 5 weeks pregnant and your due date would be March 1st. Of course a early ultrasound would better tell you exactly how far along you are so make and appointment! Congrats!
Avatar n tn 13 giving me a due date of January 28 2014 putting me at 10 wks 6 days. How can this be. I made mistake and kinda cheated on my boyfriend on may 7 2013 but no sperm was ever expelled because he was in me for about a minute..can the guy from may 7 be the father ? And could the ultrasound tech be wrong about my due date ?
Avatar m tn or should i wait until the next month and see if my period comes to start worrying? How long does a sperm take to enter an egg and stop your menstrual cycle?
Avatar f tn thank you I know around what days I ovulate...
Avatar m tn Now it is September and I got it a few days later then normal but nothing to bad and now its the eighth day of my period and I am worried something is wrong because I keep having very long periods. Can anyone give me any advice? S.N. I am only eighteen and been having periods since I was eleven I think.
Avatar n tn there is a chance of her being pregnant depending on her ovulation schedule and cycle days cause if she was on a 30 day cycle then she would be very fertile on June 6th. you will have to wait and see if she gets her period or not and then test.
Avatar f tn On your period and the week after your period is when your most likely to get pregnant because you have fresh eggs
769851 tn?1235086308 My mom was waiting to take me to the doctor after it stopped (who knows how long that would be) but she did tell me that the doctor would put me on birth control It really helps me 2 kno Im not the only person this has ever happened to because the first thing I thought was Im only 16 what is going on.
1815473 tn?1336171200 If it has lasted two weeks, then they need to see a Dr. Much depends on how far along you were and how easily your body handled it. In very early loss, the bleeding is usually like a late and heavy period, lasting about the same time. It is important after a loss to be seen by the Dr. to ensure that there are no complications. It is important to be followed up with. If it was a first trimester miscarriage, conceiving again quickly shouldn't be a big issue.