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Avatar f tn Has anyone had a young cat diagnosed with Pancreatitis and diabetes? Have you found the problem associated with any particular cat food.
Avatar m tn Our cat, Sammy, was diagnosed with diabetes more than 2 years ago through a blood test. When he was diagnosed, he had lost quite a lot of weight and the vet couldn't understand why Sammy was losing so much weight. I would definitely bring your cat back to your vet and ask for a blood test. You could also ask for a fructosamine test to see how much sugar is in your cat's blood. I wish you and you cat well. I would get your kitty to his vet asap.
Avatar n tn I was hospitalized on Dec 10th 2013 with Pancreatitis and was in there until January 5th 2014. I am home and was released with a Picc line with TPN (nutrition supplement) because I needed complete gut rest. I am now off the TPN, but I still don't feel complete. I wear out real fast when I do things around the house and I just don't feel good sometimes. I am still experiencing some swelling of the pancreas area, but nothing painful. Is this normal???
Avatar n tn Wellness Simple (salmon, not lamb) and Wellness Stews are what I feed my dog with pancreatitis. He has chronic smoldering pancreatitis and is 15 1/2 years old. He is a terrier mix but it's obvious there is schnauzer mixed in his bloodline. His lipase level was >6000 today but renal function is normal except BUN a tiny bit above normal. Creatinine was 1.7 (high end of normal). He is having normal stools and has a great appetite and is not vomiting.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry to hear this!!! Are they *sure* this is pancreatitis? I agree with Karla, would be interested to see what the other blood work shows. Tick borne disease is a possibility and they can run blood tests for those but, at this stage, maybe trying the Doxy would be worth a shot, but then I'd be worrying about kidney/liver function. Did you even ask your Vet to call one of the University clinics for a consult? Feel bad for you. Never easy decisions. hugs and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn In November of last year I had an ERCP where they didn't find any stones in the bile duct or anything but ended up with Pancreatitis and hospitalized for 4 days and out of work several weeks. Then the pains subsided and other than having terrible Acid Reflux I didn't appear to have any problems. Then out of the blue last Friday around noon time I started getting terribly nausiated. I thought that I might be coming down with the flu.
1300526 tn?1275775221 When I say this to my doctor he just says make sure all of the food you eat is good food, sure I did that and for a long time I waited for my pains to get less and it never did happen, possibly because I had neuropathy years before I was diagnosed with diabetes, so who even knows if it is diabetes that caused it but I am sure it is not helping it any, I worked on heavy machines out in cold weather in steal toed rubber boots for 11 years on a midnight shift and I am hearing now that this kind o
Avatar n tn Hello I had pancreatitis nearly 2 years ago associated with gallstones. Can pancreatitis make it more likely to develop type 2 diabetes due to damage to the pancreas.
902019 tn?1249865014 Hope you are all keeping well and if you have any advice where I could ask for people with AIP, Crohns and Diabetes with similar symptoms would be appreciated and insulin to control it. They are now taking her other symptoms a bit more seriously as they always put them down to her meds but she has been off most steroids and morphine type drugs for a good while now. They are doing some bloods as she has developed twitching in her fingers and started to have severe headaches.
Avatar n tn One thing I should mention, pancreatitis can be a precursor to diabetes. A year later, max developed diabetes. (We manage it very well with diet and Vetsulin but it takes dedication, a rigid feeding schedule and 2 shots a day.) Keep an eye out for the symptoms once your pal is well. Early symptoms include increased drinking, iurinating more (accidents may be a sign), weight loss, increased appetite, dehydration and sudden cataract formation.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with mild pancreatitis over 4 years ago it is on going. I currently still am experiencing slight pain on my right side. I have been seen by a GI doctor and a CT Scan, Ultra sound, MRCP have been performed. No issues have been found, I asked if it could be cancer and was told no tumors or cist we found wehn reviewing the xrays. We then tried to stop my BP meds thinking they could be the cause, but I could not stay off of them long enough to make a determination.
Avatar f tn How long can someone live (approx) with Chronic Pancreatitis when they are a heavy drinker? I have a family member that was Diagnosed with this and continues to drink heavy! He has had many attacks! This last time they wanted to place him in ICU but he checked him self out against Medical advise! If he continues to drink like this what will happen to him? Worried!!!
Avatar n tn My 25-yr old daughter was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when she was 11 mos old. Because her blood sugars have been out of control since she was a teenager, she now has developed retinopathy and has begun a series of surgeries. And, she was hospitalized for 5 days last week for pancreatitis. She keeps saying she just wants to give up. I along with close family and friends are trying to be very supportive, but she is not willing to make any changes to her lifestyle. We do not know what to do.
Avatar f tn There are many diseases that cause this condition, Lyme disease being one of them.Others are Diabetes,Thyroid disease, with an auto immune condition that causes the bodies T Cells do not recognize and attacks the nerves, causing damage to the coating. Anytime you have a condition in the body that is inflamatory, and the bodies defense (Immune System) is activated to fight it, the bodies temperature rises during this battle.
Avatar n tn It can also increase the effect of hypoglycemic medication and pose a risk for pancreatitis associated with worsening diabetes and hence is best avoided in patients with diabetes. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn My dtr was dx with ulcerative colitis with reoccurring pancreatitis that was brought on by the medications for the colitis. She was recently dx with gastritis as well. Symptoms have been moderately controlled with Remicade IV every 6 weeks. However, persistent left flank pain with mid back pain have been chronic. All doctors suggest this is related to her fibromyalgia/Raynauds background.
1124204 tn?1292229577 I am a 28 year old pack a day smoker I used to binge drink a lot from 19-27 years old and recently have cut down tremendously I have never been diagnosed with pancreatitis but I do suspect from my symptoms this is what the cause of my problems recent lab tests showed everything normal except triglycerides at 277 which was really low for me I have been dieting the last year..............
Avatar f tn My mom was recently diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. She is in the process of follow up tests including an MRCP. They say that they are 90% sure that the narrowing she has is from the pancreatitis. She is diabetic and a smoker. They seem to think this will confirm her diagnosis but I cam still really scared (obviously of cancer) They will be looking for any blockages through the MRCP andher MRI looked fine other than the narrowing. My question is has anyone else here been through this.
Avatar f tn I am 30 and was diagnosed with chronic/ acute recurrent pancreatitis about 4 and a half years ago. The doctors believe mine is related to CF, because I also have some lung issues. I was put on a morphine pain pump 2+ years ago. After MANY discussions with my doctors: Pain, GI, Pulmonary and High risk OB, the doctors still were not sure...they said they had never dealt with a pregnancy with someone this severe, but that I could try it and we would find out. I am now 5 months pregnant.
Avatar n tn It may be possible in the early stages of chronic pancreatitis to treat the diabetes with tablets, but in the late stage of chronic pancreatitis, insulin injections are usually needed. Diarrhoea occurs in just under half of patients. Normally, all the fat in food is broken down by enzymes from the pancreas and small intestine, and the fat is then absorbed in the small bowel. With a reduced level of digestive enzymes the fat is not absorbed.
Avatar m tn If this is confirmed, then autoimmune kidney disease can co-exist with high amounts of IgA. There is usually blood in urine in this IgA nephropathy—with red/brown/wine colored urine. If urine microalbumins are high then there is possibility that kidney involvement is due to diabetes. Take care!
Avatar f tn This causes the enzymes to irritate the cells of your pancreas, causing inflammation and the signs and symptoms associated with pancreatitis. With repeated bouts of acute pancreatitis, damage to the pancreas can occur and lead to chronic pancreatitis. Scar tissue may form in the pancreas, causing loss of function. A poorly functioning pancreas can cause digestion problems and diabetes.
Avatar n tn However, over the last couple of weeks, I have had a recurring pain which is reminiscent of the pain I suffered with the pancreatitis - although a lot milder in its form. It's a sort of crampy, central pain which feels like it's more in my chest than anywhere (sort of around and behind my boobs is the best, but crude, explanation!). It feels as if it's radiating down into my shoulders sometimes too. This is exactly where the pain of the pancreatitis was.
Avatar n tn That said, from the information I've read, Pancreatic cancer is often hard to diagnosis and small tumors can be missed on CT scans. I'm just looking for advice from anyone familiar with the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis, or PC, who might be able to offer any advice. I've got an appt w/a gastro. in December but that's pretty far away, and in the meantime, I feel kind of helpless as the abdominal/back pain, floating stools, and fatigue aren't going anywhere.
Avatar n tn e,fbc were normal, bloodtest also neg for all hepititis viruses and autoimmune blood test A friends father had somthing wrong with his pancreas, inflamation i believe and he would drink milk to ease the symptoms of pain, also alcohol and sour drink would make his condition worse. does it it sound like im suffering from some form of pancrease issue inflamation? can it be cancer thats affecting my liver too? what tests should i do?
Avatar n tn 1) Glucose intolerance occurs with some frequency in chronic pancreatitis, but overt diabetes mellitus usually only occurs late in the course of disease. 2) Chronic pancreatitis may be associated with a variety of complications.
Avatar n tn I am surprised the Dr did not do xrays, catscan or something more than just talk to him and put him on medicine. Reality of all this is just now hitting me tonight. After years of living with an alcoholic you think you are ok, I am not. He has lost 22lbs now in under 2 wks. Here is the list I gave to the Dr. My husband is sill not right, he is hearing things and says it is the medication the Dr. put him on. He gave him antidepressants, a pill to help him sleep (anehistimean sp?
Avatar n tn My 10 year old schnoodle was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis. Tests showed many of her organs were swollen and inflamed and her heart was not beating properly. This was only a about 10 days ago. She is still recovering, but to my alarm, I find her vision has also suddenly deteriorated. What could possibly have caused all of these things to go so wrong so fast? She has been a very healthy dog all of her life, until this. I can't imagine why everything has gone wrong at once. Please help.
Avatar n tn endocrinologist is the specialty dealing with diabetes, the gastro, preferably a hepatologist deals with the liver disease. hopefully her leukemia is under remission and her liver condition can be stabilized.