Pancreatitis and type 2 diabetes

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1300526 tn?1275775221 Not sure if this is related, but it is definelty somthing to consider) He was a Type I diabetic from the age of 2. He is now 63 yrs old and has been off insulin for over 10 years! Hope this info is helpful.
Avatar f tn I too have Type 2 diabetes and smoke. I have been having URQ pain and also been having elevated alk phos levels. I have been having this for sometime. I just had my EGD which showed a very inflamed stomach lining and they did a biopsy, it was normal. I also had a MRCP on Thursday, I am still waiting on my results. If I remember I will try to let you know what I find out. What was your mothers symtoms? We really should not be smoking, but it is hard to quit.
1341894 tn?1276129380 I don't know anything about Agent Orange and diabetes. Perhaps you can do a search on it. I also belong to a website with 15,000 members and if you send me a private message I'll give you that site as there are many more diabetics (and the people they may know) that might have some information. As for your type> Type 2 diabetes does not " turn into" Type 1.
Avatar f tn F-48, overweight most of my and developed Type II Diabetes in 1999. That same year an internist noted that I had "fatty liver". Last year, I came down with incredible pain, lost my appetite completely, had nausea and absolutely no energy. In July of 2008, my gastroenterologist did a test for gastroparesis and the test came back negative.
902019 tn?1249865014 My sister has colitis, a niece has type 1 diabetes, a cousin has colitis, an aunt has rheumatoid arthritis and my mother had pulmonary fibrosis all thought to be autoimmune problems. When given my input the doctors seem to nod in recognition but the stats confirming this are more suggestive than conclusive.
Avatar n tn I have been doing research off and on for the past 9 and 1/2 months since having an acute pancreatitis attack and having my gallbladder removed. My liver and pancreas enzymes have pretty much returned to normal. My liver enzymes ocassionally run over the high end of the scale, but not by much (a few points) and my surgeon explained that it may be that I am just one of the people who fall outside the standard scale.
Avatar n tn I am on daily medication to control my stomach acid levels, and need to take digestive enzymes with every meal. I never had pancreatitis and my pancreas is totally normal otherwise. the reason why it stopped working is unknown, but it all started with my type-1 diabetes. Once this happens, its a mission to control your sugar levels, I used to go from hypo to hyper like 5 times a day. Now its under much better control, but still not in the way that it was when I was just a diabetic.
1469903 tn?1286650297 Of all the patients with diabetes, only approximately 10% of the patients have type 1 diabetes and the remaining 90% have type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes was also referred to as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), or adult onset diabetes mellitus (AODM). In type 2 diabetes, patients can still produce insulin, but do so relatively inadequately for their body's needs, particularly in the face of insulin resistance as discussed above.
Avatar n tn I do know that in a few studies with pine bark, or pycongenol, that it will lower your glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. It might be worth a try. Pycogenol also protects the liver. The study was based on taking 200 to 400mg a day. It's best to break the dose to twice a day.
1519223 tn?1500816586 Janumet Januvia and Janumet are prescription drugs that belong to a group of Type 2 diabetes drugs called incretin therapies. Studies link these drugs to an increased risk of pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. Januvia (sitagliptin) is an oral medication manufactured by Merck & Co. The drug was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006 and is one of the most popular Type 2 diabetes drugs on the market.
Avatar f tn I've been hospitalized with pancreatitis twice in the last 2 years. I have type2 diabetes, I'm overweight. I am a 60 year old African American female. DIAGNOSIS: My gastroenterologist came up with nothing Murilax and Amitiza. Not very effective. After doing research on my own, I discovered digestive enzymes. I've purchased some from Enzymedica that have helped tremendously, but not totally--because I don't know enough about my needs.
Avatar f tn Ask what is happening and is this from gallstones and do you have pancreatitis and if so, what can you do and what can you expect. I hope this finds you already seen by your endocrinologist and feeling better.
Avatar n tn My sister was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 9, she is now 20, and she has been to hell and back the past few years with pancreatitis, adhesions, and numerous other difficulties. She was recently blessed with a new pancreas and although the pancreas is working beautifully, she is still having difficulty with nausea and pain. I'm sure that many people face these difficulties when they have as much surgery as she has had (from her adhesions, pancreatitis, and gastroparesis (spelling?).
Avatar m tn I know that pancreatitis can lead to diabetes and she was given Lactulose laxative for the constipation. She was on that last time when she had this problem and honestly, the Lactulose does not work on her. She was getting 3 doses per day and the vet said we would come home to a mess, but it never happened. I was also giving her canned pumpkin with the Lactulose, and a lot more than the 2 tbsp per day that they recommend, and still nothing. I finally got results by walking her.
Avatar f tn // And this one I searched and found nothing on diabetes causing elevated triglycerides. Sorry, I can't assist you with Nuvaring nor birth control for they are beyond my diabetes scope. Hopefully someone will come along that can answer these questions.
Avatar f tn I did really well for 4months after having gastric bypass to control my diabetes (Type 2 insulin dependent for over 33 years, diagnosed in early 20's). Starting having severe abdominal pain that lasted for 5 mos. Finally found out I had gall stones, liver enzymes were through the roof, from blood work & CT scan. I was jaundice. Eating intensified the pain. Eventually started vomiting & fever. They did surgery immediately after transporting me to Vanderbilt.
Avatar f tn The doctor told me I have type 2 diabetes and chronic pancreatitis. Which is a crap combination since I overly avoid eating anymore in fear of the potential consequence. Idk what to do, where to go, how to gain some semblance of normalcy back, and it's destroying me. Any insights would be appreciated and welcomed..
Avatar f tn Thus this condition can be easily confused with type 2 or even type 1 diabetes, but it does not fit the entire clinical profile of either of these diseases.
946578 tn?1258666887 Other times they think it's diabetes. They say that it's hypoglycemia and my pancreas is shutting down, and I will have diabetes soon. But they have not evidence for that other than my blood glucose being out of wack. And I know with SOD your bile can end up in your pancreas and cause problems. So I am wondering if maybe that is what is causing it? Any ideas? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/235311'>Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction Questions</a>.
Avatar f tn My gastroenterologist performed some blood tests and found that my pancreas tests were quite elevated and she diagnosed me with pancreatitis. I was put on a total liquid diet, no fats especially, but unfortunately that did not work. The pain in my upper abdomen (and middle to lower back was excruciating) so I went back to my gastroenterologist and she had me meet with one of her partners that is well known for his work performing ERCPs.
Avatar n tn I am a 51 year old diabetic that has been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, diabetes -- type 2 and gastroparesis. I have had diarrhea for the past two years. My present weight is 80.3 lbs. (Before diarrhea 170lbs. Everything I eat, or even drinking a glass of water causes diarrhea. The physicians I have seen performed 2 colonoscopies, 1 endoscopy with a biopsy and gastri emptying. I have been prescribed Viokase, Sandostatin, Cymbalta, etc. Nothing seems to help.
Avatar n tn Certain medications Gastric bypass surgery High cholesterol High levels of triglycerides in the blood Malnutrition Metabolic syndrome Obesity Rapid weight loss Toxins and chemicals, such as pesticides Type 2 diabetes Wilson's disease The main focus of this forum is hep c, hep c treatment and the problems associated with hep c induced liver problems, you might try following the link below http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn Anyway, there is a great book that I found out about from that site on all these diseases, Diabetes/Cushing's/Pancreatitis/Thyroid as they are all related and when you have one chances are greater to have another. It's called " Dogs, Diet, and Disease" by Caroline D. Levin, fantastic book, it helped me a TON with my baby and understanding. I just looked and Amazon has it along with some other sites. It's $30 but well worth it.
10704596 tn?1412131346 normalization of beta cell function in association with decrease pancreas and liver triglycerides, was exquisitely done. The bottom line: A dramatic diet change (protein shake, low glycemic load, plant-based low-calorie diet but no exercise) in diabetics reversed most features of diabetes within one week and all features by eight weeks. That’s right, diabetes was reversed in one week. That’s more powerful than any drug known to modern science.
Avatar f tn My hubby has the following things wrong type 2 diabetes hypertension(11yrs) erectile dysfunction(5yrs) chronic pancreatitis and gastroparisi(4yrs) the meds he is using for the gasto and pancreas are not working any more nor is the B/P medicine for his hypertension ...the hospital stays have gotten mor frequent and longer...he really is not feling well...i want to know if he can be helped any more...yea he had stints put in the pancreas yes he is seeing a good gastro dr...
Avatar n tn My daughter is 25 with Type I diabetes. She has had chronic abdominal pain which radiates to her back for close to 10 years. She is on narcotic pain meds, which have not been totally effective in mitigating the pain. A CT scan taken last month revealed: no evidence of masses or pancreatitis, the absence of the pancreatic body and tail, no pancreatic ductal dilation, difficulty in visualizing the pancreatic duct, and hypodense areas in both lobes of the liver.
Avatar f tn Keep in mind, too, that you may be more likely to develop Hashimoto's if you have one of these other conditions. Type 1 diabetes Pernicious Anaemia Addison's Disease Vitiligo Celiac Disease Alopecia Areta Systematic Lupus Erthematosus (SLE) Rheumatoid Arthritis Sjogren's Syndrome Inflammatory Bowel Disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS)" I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, autoimmune pernicious anaemia (was my first autoimmune disease), vitiligo, and alopecia areta.
147426 tn?1317269232 The skin thinned and became shiny and loose. People developed Type II Diabetes. Cataracts were common. Very high doses could cause beeding ulcers in the stomach. Sudden gastric bleeds could happen within just a few days of using very high doses of steroids.
Avatar f tn My hubby has the following things wrong type 2 diabetes hypertension(11yrs) erectile dysfunction(5yrs) chronic pancreatitis and gastroparisi(4yrs) the meds he is using for the gasto and pancreas are not working any more nor is the B/P medicine for his hypertension ...the hospital stays have gotten mor frequent and longer...he really is not feling well...i want to know if he can be helped any more...yea he had stints put in the pancreas yes he is seeing a good gastro dr...